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EastWest Bank Customer Service Fail @East_West_Bank

 Sometimes you just have a bad experience and you have to say something about it. In this case I share it with friends and blog about it. Which I encourage others to do as well. About two weeks ago I received two messages from someone…

Lending Club – Why Should the Banks Have All the Fun?

 Are you sick of watching the news reports and seeing yet another banking conglomerate post record quarterly profits? Billions of dollars a year are made in investment opportunities that Joe and Jill public can’t every hope to be involved in…..or can they?   Lending Club is different….

The Lending Club – Diversify Your Investments

 The image of my rather short and stout college economics professor at the front of the lecture hall and bellowing out his mantra on wise investments, face turning three shades of red… it’s a vivid picture indelibly engraved in my memory. Funny looking little man…