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Jan 31 2010
Eco-Panda Fashion Show

After making a showing at the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles Jan 22-24, 2010, Eco-Panda is holding a Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

Our new 2010 Swimwear Collection will grace the runway on 03.12.2010 at Chic Little Devil Style House in LA at our Fashion Bash!

What a Fantastic group of models we had @ our casting call yesterday for the 03.12.2010 Spring Fashion Show! Thanks to everyone who attended

Thank you to all the AMAZING Models who attended our casting call yesterday! We have some great candidates for our…

We are casting our Spring Fashion Show Models today!

One more day until our model casting for our Spring Fashion event! Very Exciting!

Get on the list! Our Spring Fashion Show is on its way….03.12.10 from 6-9pm at Chic Little Devil Stye House in LA…RSVP details soon…

We are casting our runway models for our Spring/Summer Fashion Show this week! Mark your calendars: 03.12.10, 6-9pm…

Jan 31 2010
Ventura County Wineries


At the Ventura County Winery Association, our mission is to promote the production and appreciation of fine wines from Ventura County and to represent a unified industry with common marketing, governmental and educational goals.

Our current membership is comprised of producing wineries located in Ventura County. Our members produce over 200 different white, rose, and red wines using grapes grown in Ventura County and throughout California. They range in size producing less than 1000 cases annually to over 200,000 cases, with most members producing between 1500 to 5000 cases. They are typically family owned and operated businesses.

The association holds regular meetings on the first Monday of each month. Please contact any member winery for more information about attending our next meeting.

We look forward to your visit to Ventura County, and invite you to visit each member’s Tasting Room for a unique and memorable experience.

Please download our map to each member’s tasting room and follow the web site links below.

Plan a relaxing day of local wine tasting, shopping, dining in Ventura County Wine Country!

Download a Map to VCWA Member Wineries

Follow the links below to visit the web site for each member winery.

Bella Victorian Vineyard and Winery

Camarillo Custom Crush

Cantara Cellars

Casa Baranca Winery

Channel Islands Winery

Four Brix Winery

Herzog Wine Cellars

Malibu Family Wines

Magnavino Cellars

Old Creek Ranch Winery

Rancho Ventavo Cellars

Rosenthal Estate Wines

Jan 31 2010
Jackie Newgent, RD author of – Big Green Cookbook
Hundreds of Planet-Pleasing – Recipes & Tips for a Luscious, Low-Carbon Lifestyle. Jackie Newgent, RD
130_1131 by you.
Jackie Newgent, RD author of “Big Green Cookbook” at the Go Green Expo Los Angeles 2010.
130_1124 by you.
Big Green Cookbook – Jackie Newgent, RD
Simple Ways to Go Green Right Now ( and save money, too!):
– Go ecotarian at least one day a week: An ecotarian is someone who eats foods based on environmental sustainability. Try meatless Mondays for instance.
– Plant three fresh herb plants. Do this outside or on a windowsill inside, Try basil, mint, and rosemary. They’ll add fresh deliciousness to your green cuisine.
– Unplug all small kitchen appliances, Resolve to keep them unplugged when not in use to avoid “phantom” energy drain. Or buy a smart strip if you prefer.
– Keep meat petite. If you choose to eat meat, green-size it. Enjoy 3 ounces or less per day. Go organic when you can. And pound it with a kitchen mallet to make it look larger – and cook faster.
Big Green Cookbook is available wherever books are sold.
WILEY – Now you know
Reduce your carbon foodprint deliciously…with Big Green Cookbook by Jackie Newgent, RD. It’s like a “Prius” of cookbooks. Follow Jackie @ Visit and
Jan 31 2010
Big 5 Sporting Goods Discount

Big 5 Sporting Goods Discount

Join the e-team and save 10% off your next purchase.

Details at:

Be rewarded instantly!

Jan 31 2010
How to Cancel Indentity Lookout Services

Thank you for your email. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry within 72 hours.

For immediate assistance, please call Member Services at 1-866-960-6943. Our Member Services center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Sincerely, Member Services Team Identity Theft Protection
How do I get my Experian® Credit Report and monitoring alerts?
Your membership includes one Experian Credit Report. Your credit report will be available online, in seconds, once your identity has been verified. You can also purchase additional Experian credit products at your convenience online and as a member, receive special members-only offers.

As a member, you will also receive credit monitoring, internet scan, and National Change of Address (NCOALink®) alerts. When changes are detected, you will receive an email and, if you choose, SMS Mobile Text messaging alerts. Mail delivery of alerts is also available. Requests for mail delivery is only available by calling us when you initially order your membership.

How do I enroll for SMS Text Messaging alerts?
Alerts are always sent through email. As a member, you also have the option to receive alerts via SMS Mobile Text messaging. There are two alert emails that are also available may receive through SMS Mobile Text Messaging:

  1. Monitoring Alert — This will inform you when a key change is detected on any of your three national credit reports, your personal credentials are found on the internet, or a change of address request was made through the United States Postal Service®.
  2. Monthly All Clear Alert — This will inform you when no key changes have been posted to any of your three national credit reports in the past month.

To begin receiving SMS Text Messaging alerts, simply log in to and click on “Edit Profile,” then click on “Alert Settings.”

How do I cancel my membership?
If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime to discontinue your membership to and stop your monthly/annual billing. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of your current monthly/annual paid membership fee. To cancel, please contact Customer Care at 1-866-960-6943 or

What if I see something on my Experian Credit Report that requires me to contact my creditors?
Your Experian credit report contains creditor contact information, specifically phone number and address. If you ever need to contact your creditors directly, the information is at your fingertips in the Account History section of your Experian credit report.

How do I change the information on my report?
Items in your Report will not be changed unless the information is proven to be inaccurate. If you find an item you deem inaccurate, you may initiate the dispute process that could result in updated information. To access online disputes with Experian, go to a current online copy of your credit report and click on the “Dispute Information” button located at the top of the page. If you do not have a current copy of your credit report, you can choose to purchase a new credit report.

Your Experian credit report contains creditor contact information, specifically phone number and address. If you ever need to contact your creditors directly, the information is at your fingertips in the Account History section of your Experian credit report.

What is the $1 Million Product Guarantee?
Information regarding the $1 Million Product Guarantee can be found by clicking here.

Jan 31 2010
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Jan 31 2010
Grammy Awards 2010

Grammy Awards
Lady Gaga big winner on Grammy Carpet

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry all made fashion moves as the night started.

That was Stephen Colbert with an Apple iPad. The newly released iPad.

Jan 31 2010
Thomas Coyne Winery Winter Open House

Thomas Coyne Winery Historical Tasting Room
51 East Vallecitos Rd.
Livermore, CA, USA 94550
Open Saturday and Sundays from Noon to 5 pm.
Please join us for our Winter Open House Feb 13, 14 & 15. We will be open from noon to 5 p.m. at the historical tasting room at 51 E. Vallecitos Road Livermore, CA. We plan to release four exciting new wines and will serve a selection of fine fruits and cheeses.
Once again it’s time for “Bottle Your Own Wine” We will be selling Vino Tinto Barato at the Open House. Bring your clean bottle, we will fill, cork and label it for you for $5.50 per bottle. Use our bottle for $6.00. Or you may bottle label and cork it yourself. Only 100 cases available and only available to bottle on Feb 13 and 14.
Bring your Valentine and bottle wine together.
Watch the video
10% off of any six bottles of wine and 15% off
of any 12 or more bottles of wine. Except already discounted wine.
Forward this to your wine loving friends!
To subscribe to this quarterly newsletter please send email to
~New Releases~
2003 Syrah, Livermore Valley Detjen’s Farms – $14.00 Silver Medal – El Dorado Fair, Bronze Medal – Best of Bay Wine Competition
This Syrah, grown on Detjen’s Farms, was crushed, pressed and barrel-aged for eighteen months in French and American oak, producing a wine with big blackberry, earthy features.
2006 Chateau Bellevue Syrah Estate Reserve – $28.00
This Syrah was grown on Detjen’s Farms and after crush and barrel in new American and Hungarian oak barrels. The wine denotes beautiful flavors of berry and vanilla. Limited Production.
~Current Releases~
2008 Viognier, California – $18.50
2008 La Petite Quest, California – $12.00
2003 Quest, California Red Table Wine – $12.50
2006 Grenache, Livermore – $18.00
2006 Mourvédre, Contra Costa – $20.00
2008 Pinot Blanc, Livermore Valley, Detjen’s Farm – $20.00
2006 Malbec, Lodi- $18.00
2002 Merlot, Livermore, Detjen’s Farms – $20.00
2002 Merlot, Eldorado – $12.50
2004 Merlot, California – $12.50
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Livermore Valley – $20.00
2006 Confluence, California Red Table Wine – $20.00
2005 Cabernet Franc, Livermore Valley – $18.00
2006 Petit Verdot, Lodi – $18.00
2007 Graciano, Lodi – $18.00
2006 Vino Tinto Reserva, Lodi – $18.00
2005 Petite Sirah, California – $18.00
2005 Petite Sirah, Livermore Valley – $20.00
2005 Petite Sirah, El Dorado – $20.00
2006 Tannat – Lodi – $20.00
2007 Late Harvest Viognier – $18.00
2005 Port, California – $14.00 (375 ml bottles)
2008 Chardonnay Port “Sweet Emilie”, Livermore Valley – $14.00 (375 ml bottles)
~Winery News~
Our New (2nd) Location
Please visit our new tasting room at Blacksmith Square,
25 South Livermore Avenue in downtown Livermore.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Noon – 5:30 p.m.
We proudly support our troops!
Army, Navy, Air Force,
Marines, Coast Guard
Active military who present valid ID
can get a deep discount.
Our favorite sites on the Web.
From East Bay / Contra Costa
Take 580 East to Livermore
Exit Portola Avenue
Right at stop light onto Murrieta Blvd.
Follow into town.
Right onto Holmes Avenue
Continue south on Holmes Avenue
Holmes Avenue becomes East Vallecitos Road
Cross Vineyard Avenue and look for entrance lane
on left just past vineyard.
From South Bay / Fremont
Take 680 North to Route 84 / Livermore Exit
Route 84 is Vallecitos Road
Proceed East
Fenestra Winery will be on the left.
Look for the entrance lane on right just before the
From Central Valley / Tracy
Take 580 West.
Exit First Street
Follow First Street into town.
First Street becomes Holmes Avenue and then
Vallecitos Road.
Cross Vineyard Avenue and look for entrance lane
on left just past the vineyard.

Jan 31 2010
Beyonce on 60 minutes

Watching Beyonce on 60 minutes.

Many bus touring trucks and over $1 million in costs per week.

Custodian of her own image

Control content for own

Jay-Z is her husband.

Most important person in her life is her.

Beyonce is competitive with herself.

Egos are not attractive

Blues classic like “at last” and made it her own. Performed for the Obamas for their big dance.

Cadillac Records – Edna James –

Idol is Barbara Striesand

Beyonce is striving for an Academy Award.

Ambition comes from, where is , she wants to do it all the way.

Jan 31 2010
The perfect art of cooking- SousVide Supreme

What is Sous Vide?
First developed in France, sous vide (pronouncedsoo–veed) is a culinary technique long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality. It’s an easy, safe and virtually foolproof way to prepare delicious, healthful and perfectly-prepared meals. This technique has been perfected in SousVide Supreme.

Lets us see how its is different from a typical microwave. t’s the biggest thing to happen to home kitchens since the microwave! The SousVide Supreme™ is the world’s first water oven designed specifically for use in the home kitchen. Developed by Eades Appliance Technology LLC, the SousVide Supremefinally provides the everyday cook with easy access to the beneficial culinary style of sous vide.

Cooking for dozens or hundreds of guests a night in a restaurant requires large (and expensive) sous vide equipment, and until now nothing else was available. The SousVide Supreme makes the technology and techniques of sous vide available to the home chef.

What’s exciting about sous vide is that it is not simply another way of doing the same thing. It is a new and unique way of cooking that yields different and better results. Foods cooked sous vide take on tastes and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other method—not braising, not roasting, not poaching.

One of the reasons almost every professional chef is talking about sous vide these days is because it represents a creative opportunity that rarely comes along. Sous vide is a chance to not just modify old recipes, but create entirely new realms of gastronomy.

Much remains to be discovered, and that’s a big part of the buzz. Professional and home chefs are constantly experimenting with this new cooking method, exploring its many dimensions, and expanding its possibilities.
With the SousVide Supreme, you will be part of this discovery process.

Each SousVide Supreme™ ships with gourmet seasonings, recipes, a How-to-DVD and easy-to-follow cooking charts. The SousVide Supreme retails for US $449.
UNITS ARE IN STOCK! And, generally ship out the next business day.

Visit the website :Click This


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