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Dec 31 2007
iPhone that works on T-Mobile

There have been people to claim that their iPhone works on T-mobile. I am going to soon be trying it out as I am with T-mobile for two more years as part of my contract.

Figured it might be a good experiment. I’ll report back what I find.

Dec 31 2007
Signatures Custom Wine Bottles

Every wonder how to get that custom bottle of wine to give to friends and family as a gift?

Now you too can create your own bottle of wine with Signatures.

Create your own bottle of wine

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Get started now! Create professional looking labels for gifts, holiday parties and events and much more. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Create your own bottle of wine

Dec 31 2007
Chef’s Corner

Chef’s Corner is a leading online retail website offering a wide range of cooking, dining and entertaining products. The site carries cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools and accessories, as well as tableware, appliances and more. caters to consumers looking to take their food preparation and presentation to the next level.

Shop Chefs Corner for Kitchen Tools and Save

Dec 31 2007
Vinturi Wine Aerator – review and info

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Includes: Vinturi, no-drip stand, and carry pouch.

Wine Needs to Breathe Wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient. Vinturi’s patent pending design speeds up this process with ease and convenience. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. All the taste with none of the wait. Simply hold vinturi over a glass and pour wine through. vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You’ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. It’s that fast. It’s that easy. When wine is poured in the vinturi, its design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air, which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration. What really matters is vinturi’s affect on wine. Better Bouquet Sample the nose. You’ll appreciate the subtle aeromatic differences and the full aroma of the wine. Vinturi allows wine to display its intended aromas. Enhanced Flavors Go ahead, take a sip. Vinturi’s wine tastes better. It is more flavorful and has better mouthfeel. It tastes like a richer, more expensive wine. It tastes like it was intended to and is more enjoyable. Smoother Finish Ahh. Vinturi’s aeration is very effective at softening tannins which results in a much more pleasant finish. Any bitterness or bad aftertaste is reduced or eliminated.

Approx. Price: $39.89

Dec 31 2007
VOIP ebook from AVAYA

Avaya is offering a free VOIP for dummies, limited edition.

You can get your copy here.

click here

eBook: VoIP for Dummies
This Avaya limited edition of VoIP For Dummies shows how converging your traditional voice and data networks can save money and increase efficiency and productivity throughout your organization—just what it takes to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Sans-Serif; TEXT-DECORATION: none” href=”, 3p24,1,1vx1,g395,1pyx,ljot” target=_blank>eBook: VoIP For DummiesSponsored by AvayaThis Avaya limited edition of “VoIP For Dummies” shows how converging your traditional voice and data networks can save money and increase efficiency and productivity throughout your organizationb?just what it takes to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Get your copy now. Click here.

Dec 31 2007
Google Print Ads – in newspapers

Google has announced Print Ads, print adwords. There is no competitors bidding and each newspaper apparently will review the ads and communicate with you directly.

Dec 31 2007
Prosper for Lending and Borrowing money

I’ve been on for about a year. Recently I have started to use it more actively.

Right now you can earn $25 when you signup as a lender.

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.

In addition to those who want to lend money and earn good returns, you may want to borrow money.

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.

Dec 31 2007
Rose Parade Audio

A more direct link:
This is an audio tour of the floats featured in the 2008 Rose Parade. It begins with details about the making of a float and continues to provide interesting details about each of the 46 floats featured in the 119th Rose Parade.
2008 Rose Parade Floats.m4a

Dec 31 2007
Pasadena Rose Parade 2008

We are going to the Rose Parade in Pasadena tomorrow we have seats in pretty much the same location as last year, near the Norton Simon Museum.

I’ll be taking lots of pictures to share with you.

I was very interested to learn that this year the parade will feature audio tour of the floats. This is a good addition for those that want to learn more about the floats as the go by. Especially since those at the parade are not able to hear what those at home are hearing, unless then bring a radio or tv.


Devon Gebhart
(316) 371-1500
Brianne Lunzmann
(949) 280-5513–>
Audio for walking tour available for free download
PASADENA, Calif. (December 26, 2007) – The Pasadena Tournament of Roses® announced plans for an audio tour of the floats featured in the 119th Rose Parade today. The audio files, which were created to enhance the viewing experiences of visitors at Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats, are available for download on iTunes® and Amazon MP3.
The free audio tour is the first-ever produced by the Tournament of Roses. It begins with details about the making of a float and continues to provide interesting details about each of the 46 floats featured in the 2008 Rose Parade in the order that they appear in the Parade. Tracks on the tour are matched to float numbers, which are displayed on the floats at Post Parade and are available in advance from the Tournament of Roses website at
The entire tour is approximately two hours long and is the perfect companion for the Rose Parade fan who wishes to learn more about each float while watching the Parade, visiting the float Decorating Places, or while taking the self-guided walking tour at Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats.
“We are very excited about this new way for our guests to enjoy Post Parade and the entire Rose Parade experience. We often hear that guests want to know more information about the floats and our audio tour provides an easy way to do just that,” said Pam McNeely, Chairman of the Post-Parade committee.
The script for the tour was written by Alfonso Robert Guerrero of Red Fish Productions, narrated by TJ Jones, and recorded and edited by Henry Correa of Dailey & Associates Advertising, West Hollywood. Studio and recording equipment was donated by Dailey & Associates Advertising, West Hollywood. The audio tour can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon MP3.
Direct links to download the Audio Tour:
iTunes (can be found in the iTunes podcast directory): wa/viewPodcast?id=270401288 (can be found in the miscellaneous/spoken word category): B0011TTC5I/ref=sr_f2_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic& qid=1198265498&sr=102-1
The 119th Rose Parade themed Passport to the World’s Celebrations will take place Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008 at 8 a.m. (PST) featuring majestic floral floats, high-stepping equestrian units and spirited marching bands from throughout the nation. Following the Rose Parade, at 2 p.m. (PST), the 94th Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi will feature an exciting match-up between two championship teams, showcasing the best of collegiate football. For additional information, please call (626) 449-ROSE, the 24-hour hotline, or visit

Dec 31 2007
Lithium Batteries on airplanes

There’s new regulations going into effect tomorrow for those traveling with batteries, in particular lithium ion batteries.

The Wall Street Journal has a good summary of the new law.

Most travelers will not be affected.

Dec 31 2007
Outlook and IE Error

Today I finally spent a few minutes and resolved this issue. It appears to happen when you install and set another browser as the default.

This is from the Microsoft site:

The Locate Link Browser dialog box appears when you open a Web link in an e-mail message in Outlook 2003
View products that this article applies to.
function loadTOCNode(){}
Article ID
Last Review

June 22, 2007


When you click a Web link in an e-mail message in Outlook 2003, the Web site opens in a browser window and the Locate Link Browser dialog box appears.
Back to the top

This problem occurs on a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer that has a third-party browser that does not support Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), such as Netscape Navigator and Mozilla.
Back to the top
loadTOCNode(1, ‘resolution’);
To resolve this problem change the registered file type for the URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol file type to use Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps:
On the desktop, double-click My Computer.
On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the File Types tab.
In the Registered File Types list, click URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol, click Advanced, and then click Edit.
In the Actions box, type open.
In the Application used to perform action box, locate Internet Explorer (Iexplore.exe), and then click Open.
In the Application box, type IExplore, and then click OK.

Dec 31 2007
Thankfully the grave site situation is resolved

Upon our return to the Prairie Cemetery we found that the dirt and mess was removed from our aunt’s grave site, and we were able to pay proper respects and say a prayer together as a family. It was unfortunate to have had this experience but we will be returning in years to come.

Dec 28 2007
free virtual radio on your mobile.

Now get a free virtual radio on your mobile.

VirtualRadio brings Web radio stations to your phone. Listen to Internet radio stations from all over the world on your mobile phone with VirtualRadio software on your phone. VirtualRadio connects to the Internet through your mobile phone operator’s network and links to more than 800 radio stations from all over the world. If you have a modern phone, you can directly connect to the Internet by using Wi-fi (WLAN or hotspots) and you can hear radio without being charged by your mobile phone operator. Just type in the browser of your mobile phone and download the software to your phone. Enjoy and tell your friends! Please make sure you have either a S60 3rd edition or a UIQ 3 phone. Some Nokia S60 2nd editon are supported too. For mor information, visit the official website.
Labels: Mobiles, Software

Dec 28 2007
Tillamook Air Museum

Tillamook Air Museum
Tillamook air Museum, See one of America’s finest collection of over 30 War Birds including our P-38 Lightning, F4U-Corsair, P51-Mustang, PBY Catalina and …
6030 Hangar Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141
Map of 6030 Hangar Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141 – 20k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this
Craft List
How to Get Here
Gift Shop
Kids like the Air Museum too
More results from »

Dec 28 2007
Blue Heron Cheese and Wine Tasting

Tomorrow we hope to go visit the Blue Heron Cheese Factory.

This is the site:

Open 7 Days a Week, All Year!Summer Hours: 8am to 8pm (by Memorial Day)Winter Hours; 9am to 6pm
Blue Heron Cheese & Wine Company2001 Blue Heron DriveTillamook, Oregon 97141
[email protected]
Tel – 1.503.842.8281Tel – 1.800.275.0639Fax – 1.503.842.8530

Dec 28 2007
Live Help Kasamba

Kasamba is the place for expert advice online, with thousands of experts in over 600 categories. Kasamba provides a user-friendly platform for expert advice in real-time via email, phone and chat.

Customer in the Spirituality, Counseling, Coaching, Computers and Tutoring categories.

Live Help With PHP. Chat With Our Online PHP Experts & Get Expert Help.

Dec 28 2007
Funeral Home and Cemetary Situation

My wife Jennifer Caballero and I are in Astoria, OR visiting my Uncle Felix who recently lost his wife Eileen Caballero. So today we decided to take some flowers to the grave site where Eileen was buried. She was buried last month at the Prairie Cemetery in Knappa, Oregon, which is located between Astoria and and Clastskanie. It’s a small cemetery with less than 100 plots. There really isn’t even parking.

At about 12noon we drove out and to our shock and dismay the grave site was covered with about 5′ of dirt from a grave site next to the one for our family member. To top things off the tombstone had about 4′ of sod stacked on top.

To say we were a little upset is an understatement. There is no contact info at the cemetery or office, nothing. There is a private road next to the cemetery where people drive to get to a private residence.

So we decided to stop by the funeral home, Caldwell Funeral Homes in Astoria. Owned and operated by Renee Caldwell.

Caldwell’s Luce-Layton Mortuary & North Coast Crematory
1165 Franklin Ave. • Astoria, Oregon 97103 Phone (503) 325-1811 • Fax (503) 325-2275 The Caldwell family has owned and operated the funeral home since 1976.

As a principal of the business, Renee acted very unprofessionally in my opinion, basically handing the phone to my wife to leave a message for the “manager” of the cemetery. Renee, get with the program on customer service and being proactive. We brought pictures and video of the situation. Why Renee didn’t take control of the situation and have an immediate resolution is beyond me. I decided to confront Renee and speak up, asking her to take control and resolve the situation, and yes I was a little angry and emotional about it. She basically walked away and said that she would call the police if I didn’t stop demanding her to take action.

Wow was my blood boiling when she walked away. What kind of coward is Renee, more importantly, what kind of business is she running? Where when a customer who is still grieving brings a situation like this to her attention and she reacts as she did? Basically walking away from the situation trying to wash her hands of the situation and passing the buck to someone else.

Later in the day my wife did speak with the wife of the gentleman who runs the cemetery where Eileen is buried. We received assurances that the situation was being resolved tonight. We are going back Saturday to pay our proper respects.

Apparently the they have no backhoe and did the plots by shovel(hand) and stack the sod on top of the tombstones, to keep them from getting muddy. That’s at least the answer we received.

I don’t know much about cemetery regulations and what is allowed and not allowed, but this whole approach seems wrong. You don’t pile a heap of dirt on a plot that has just been closed less than two months ago. And why in the world is the only way to keep dirt or mud off a tombstone to stack sod on top?

Here’s the text from the Caldwell Web Site:
The Care That Our Family Can Offer Yours, Simply Knows No Bounds”
Our Business
We pride ourselves on doing the best job for you possible. We advise and educate our customers so that they know their options and make the best and most meaningful arrangements for them, no matter how complex or how simple. We are adaptable to meet the wishes of all.
Why are we the best choice for you and your family?
I feel that is a question best answered by a trusted friend, medical professional, minister, or just the neighbor next door. After serving this community for 30 years I have the pleasure of letting my name and reputation speak for me. I accept the challenge of letting others give you the information that you are seeking about me, rather than me printing it for you to read here.
Renee’ Caldwell
Who We Are
Funeral Directors
Renee’ Caldwell
Brian Dutton
Devon Skelton

Our staff are all dedicated to the profession of caring for families in need of kindness, compassion, and advice at any time. These are caring people in a caring profession, available at a moments notice to offer their assistance.

Renee, please read your own site and take a refresher course on how to address these types situations. Remember the customer is always right! In this case the FAMILY is #1 anything you need to do, do it!

I hope to have closure to this in the next day.

More to follow.

Dec 27 2007
Columbia River Maritime Museum

Tomorrow we are going to the:

Welcome to the Columbia River Maritime Museum
Columbia River Maritime Museum 1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon 97103 Telephone: 503.325.2323 Fax: 503.325.2331. Open Daily 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Admission …
1792 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103
Map of 1792 Marine Dr, Astoria, OR 97103

Victor Caballero

Dec 27 2007
Tillamook Air Museum

We are going to try to make it to this museum in Tillamook.
Tillamook Air Museum
Museum is located in Tillamook, Oregon in a WWII blimp hangar. The museum showcases combat aircraft

Dec 27 2007
Tilamook Cheese Factory

Today we went to the Tilamook Cheese Factory. A pretty popular place right off the 101 in the town of Tilamook.

We got to sample some cheeses, including a new Garlic Cheddar and Pepper Cheddar.

I’ll post some video of the factory later.

There are people that find it interesting to see the kiosks at facilities with errors or crashed. Well I report that one of the kiosks at the Tilamook Cheese visitor area had an error and dumped out to Windows. I’ll post the screen picture later.


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