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Nov 30 2008
Cigarette Butt Pollution

I read with great interest the story by David Lazarus in the LA Times Nov 30, 2008.
The column titled “Fuming over cigarette butts” presents some very interesting facts.

1. Cigarette butts account for 1/3 of all litter in the US!
2. Los Angeles County Dept of Public Works estimates 600, 000 butts are dropped on the ground every month in the LA County area, which translates to over 7 million butts in a year!
3. Cigarette butts are the number 1 item picked up at beach cleanups.
4. 370 billion filtered cigarrettes are smoked every year in the US.
5. #4 results in about 135 million pounds of butts polluting
6. Worldwide 5 trillion cigarettes consumed equal about 2 billion pounds of butts.

Two ideas presented which I would support.
1. Charge a deposit on cigarettes, $1 per pack which would be returned upon returning the used butts.
2. Eliminate the filters which would solve the problem, and as a side benefit probably help get some smokers to stop, because of how strong cigarettes can be without the filter.

You can read the column here:,0,679460.column
Be sure to vote too, here’s the results of the voting so far:
Would you support a $1 deposit fee for cigarette butts?
76.8 %
Absolutely. Anything to encourage smokers to clean up after themselves.

7.4 %
Perhaps, or maybe just placing more ashtrays around town.

15.9 %
No. Leave smokers alone.

637 total responses

Email David at [email protected]

Nov 29 2008
Circuit City

Circuit City 3-Day Sale (234x60)

I am looking for the WII charging station.

Nov 29 2008
Cell-phone service ratings

Consumer reports issue for Jan 2009 is out and the ratings for cell phone companies are not surprising.

Overall for customer service(best to worse).
1. Verizon
2. AllTel
3. T-Mobile
4. AT&T
5. Sprint

In terms of service availability in the Los Angeles area(best to worse)
1. Verizon
2. T-Mobile
3. AT&T
4. Sprint
Ranked by reader service score.

When ranked by connectivity:
1. Verizon
2. Sprint
3. AT&T
4. T-Mobile

Note: T-Mobile had the worse service availability, which I can attest to personally, I can drive for miles on the 134 and not get service in the Eagle Rock and Glendale area, between the 2 and the 210.
AT&T had the worse static on the line, which I have experienced.

These reports are not surprising based on the everyday complaints we hear.

Nov 29 2008
Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Are you looking for lavender gifts this holiday season? Then come and see
me at Sauvie Island Holidays located at Kruger’s Farm Market on Sauvie
Island. Sauvie Island Lavender Farm is proud to be a part of this new
Christmas tradition. Come and buy a fresh cut Christmas tree, come inside
and sip some hot chocolate, have a slice of gourmet cheesecake, and of
course shop for our high quality lavender products made right here on
Sauvie Island. Kruger’s is located just 1.5 miles from the Sauvie Island
bridge. Just follow the red and white “Fresh Christmas Trees” signs.
Hope to see you soon! Remember, you can shop our online store 24/7!!

Julie Cleveland
Sauvie Island Lavender Farm
20230 NW Sauvie Island Road
Portland, Oregon 97231

Nov 29 2008
Pharos Trips and Pics

Make and log any journey! Pharos Trips and Pics captures your location and time automatically at any interval you set. Time your training runs. Record your child?s athletic event. Show that great bicycle trip with times and photos. Save the memories from a great vacation. Send the files to friends and family so they can see your photos and where and when you took the pictures. Add text to share even more information. Display your trips with photos on Google Earth or Microsoft Streets & Trips. Pharos Trips and Pics automatically compensates for any difference between your camera’s time and true GPS time, so the information is precise. Depending on the rate you set, the Pharos GPS logger can store from 1.5 to 45 days of times and locations. The rechargeable battery will run the unit for 24 hours. An AC adapter is included in the package.

Product features

Record trips
Geotag photos
Work with any digital camera
Results can be presented in both Google Earth and Microsoft Streets & Trips
Support KMZ format for easy archiving, transporting, and sharing
Take input from multiple sources, including data from portable GPS devices of other companies
Support GeoRSS for easy online sharing of your trips and geotagged photos
Built-in tools to allow you to calibrate your digital camera’s clock, add professional photo captions and adjust photo file times.
Support both Express and Classic user interfaces. Trips & Pics Express allows a non-tech savvy user to accomplish many tasks in one click, from connecting the receiver, getting the log data from it, generating trips, to launching and viewing the result in Google Earth and Microsoft Streets & Trips.
Integrated with Pharos Ostia
Home area shielding feature for added security when results are shared online
Sophisticated trip statistics.
Non-dedicated hardware. The receiver and dock can be used for other GPS applications.
Light-weight, portable and long-lasting battery time (24 hours between charges).

Technical specifications


Chipset: SiRFstarIII GSC3fLP
Antenna: Integrated patch antenna
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
Sensitivity: -159 dBm
Channels: 20 Channel all-in-view tracking
Acquisition time in open sky: Cold Start: 35 sec, Hot Start: 1 sec
Reacquisition: 0.1 sec
Position update: 1 Hz
Accuracy: Position: Autonomous < 10 meters, SBAS < 5m Velocity: 0.1 meter/second * Time: 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time * Datum: WGS-84 Electrical Power * Primary power: 3.3-5.5 Vdc, 50mA typical * Battery: 1100mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable/replaceable battery * Operation Time: 24 hours (typical) Protocol * Standard interface: USB 1.1 through USB dongle * NMEA-0183 (V3.1) standard * Data rate: 4800 bps * NMEA message: GGA, GSA, GSV, and RMC * WAAS/EGNOS: Enabled Physical (Receiver with battery dock) * Dimension: 2.82in (L) x 1.89in (W) x 0.89in (H) * Weight: 0.15lb (2.3 ounce) Environmental * Operation temperature: -10 degrees C to 60 degrees C (-14 degrees F to 140 degrees F) * Storage temperature: -20 degrees C to 75 degrees C (-4 degrees F to 167 degrees F) * Dynamics: Altitude < 20 km * Velocity < 1,800 km/h * Acceleration < 3g

Nov 29 2008
Britney Spears Birthday Bash

ABC Good Morning America on Tuesday Dec 2, 2008 is having a Britney Spears Birthday Bash. The Concert is being promoted on the ABC site for each video you would like to watch you get Britney talking about her Birthday bash.

Nov 29 2008
Takashi Wada – No Smoking Outdoors in Pasadena

Pasadena joins the growing number of cities banning smoking in public places.

No smoking in public spaces within 20′. I think it is a good law to pass.

I was walking down Lake Ave yesterday Black Friday and so many smokers standing outside of store doors smoking up a storm. In particular one person that I found pretty rude was smoking and tossing the ashes on the sidewalk and then threw down the filter/butt on the sidwalk.  Pretty disgusting.

Anto Kamarian who owns Chivas Cigar shop needs to get over it and encourage customers to smoke their cigars in his lounge or at home if they love the smell of cigars let them enjoy all the smoke they want, actually they should inhale all the smoke so those of us who don’t want it don’t have to breath this disgusting smoke!

Nov 29 2008
Exhibitions in Unusual Places- Pasadena

Exhibitions in Unusual Places

Join us for an opening reception.
Friday December 12, 2008 5-7pm
207 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena

The Cultural Affairs Division of the City Manager’s Office has partnered with the Pasadena Police Department for an exhibition of work by 10 Pasadena-based artists. The work will be mounted in the lobby of the Police Department Building.

Selected Artists:

Stephen Berkman, Matthew Cramer, Emily de Araujo, Bia Gayotto, Walter Impert, Brooke Kent, Ronald J. Llanos, Adia Millet, Lynne McDaniel and Mary Kay Wilson.

Learn about the Cultural, Pasadena’s 10-Year Cultural Master Plan at
or call (626) 744-7062

You can connect with other programs for Pasadena-based artists, teachers and organizations:

Nov 29 2008
Amazon Free Bon Appetit Subscription
Hello from,
Thanks to the recent purchase(s) you made in the Home & Garden store, you are eligible to receive a 1-year subscription to Bon Appétit, an $8.00 value, included with your purchase.

To receive your 1-year subscription, please click on the link below, which will direct you to a secure form at Amazon where you can sign in to your account and sign up for your subscription.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We’re happy to provide our customers with the benefits of partnering with a top magazine publisher. There is no charge for this offer, and there is no automatic renewal.

Sign up for your subscription
Nov 28 2008
Taco Ready Rosemead Closes

Taco Ready in Rosemead has closed. The closed on November 14, 2008 after 32 years.

There’s a coupon for $5 off good at the other locations, in Baldwin Park and Covina.

Nov 28 2008
Five Guys Burgers

Been hearing about Five Guys Burgers which is now moving into the Southern California area.

There are now two locations in the Southern California.

Is it worth the drive from Pasadena?

Cerritos Promenade
11461 South Street
Cerritos, CA 90703
Tel: 562-809-0055
Fax: 562-809-0066

Southbay Pavillion
20700 Avalon Blvd
Carson, CA 90746
Tel: 310-515-7700
Fax: 310-515-6300

Official Website

Nov 28 2008
Black Friday Sales Start

Here’s an Excel file from Sean:

Black Friday 2008 Master Excel Sheet – Get more Docstoc Buzz

Circuit City has some pretty good deals:

Wal-Mart Specials: USA,       LLC

Nov 27 2008
Travel Services – Discounts
Nov 27 2008
Good bye, and good riddance!

** Rachel Maddow is thankful (from MSNBC). I am, too.

** President-elect Obama’s Transition team is inviting Americans from every walk of life to share their stories, experiences, and ideas. I just shared my thoughts on an issue that’s important to me, and I thought you might like to, too: If you’re not on-board yet, join up! [Thanks, John.]

Nov 27 2008
Best Buy Specials

Nov 26 2008
Holiday Music from Oprah – FREE
Have a Thrifty Holiday
Holiday Hits 2008
Holiday Hits 2008

This year, we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in the music business to create a one-of-a-kind holiday mix. It’s our gift to you!

These eight songs can be downloaded free for the next 48 hours.

Download the CD cover PDF
Download the CD label PDF

To download songs:

  • If you’re on a PC, right-click (Mac users: Ctrl-click) on a song link. Internet Explorer users, select “Save Target As”; Firefox users select “Save Link As”.
  • Select where you wish to save the file on your computer, and then click on “Save”.
  • Once the file has been saved, go to the location where you saved the file and open the file to begin listening.
  • To learn how to burn songs onto a CD (for your personal use only) click here

Holiday Hits 2008

Faith Hill, “Joy to the World” from the album Joy to the World
© 2008 Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Tony Bennett, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” from the album A Swingin’ Christmas
© 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

Il Divo, “O Holy Night” from the album The Christmas Collection
© 2005 Simco Limited exclusively licensed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

Josh Groban, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” from the album Noel
© 2007 Reprise Records

Brian McKnight, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” from the album I’ll Be Home for Christmas
© 2008 Razor & Tie Direct, LLC

Amy Grant, “O Come All Ye Faithful” from the album The Christms Collection
© 2008 Amy Grant Productions

Harry Connick Jr., “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” from the album What a Night! A Christmas Album
© 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

Aretha Franklin, “Silent Night” from the album This Christmas
© 2008 DMI Records

Nov 25 2008
Drop Your Jeans

Drop Your Jeans Inc.
Friday 8-7pm
Saturday 9-8pm
Sunday 11-4pm
Nothing over $10
All Sizes 25″-48″
Levi’s – 501 Jean & Jackets
1600 W. San Bernardino Rd., Covina, CA
(Est of Vincent in the Former Weber Bread Bldg.)
Ebay Store: ToysandJeans
Discount Jeans

Nov 25 2008
Amazon 2008 Black Friday Specials
Nov 25 2008
Rain in Pasadena

The rain is coming down in Pasadena. We have had heard some thunder and it is really cooling off.

Nov 24 2008
Free Dr. Pepper

Get your FREE Dr. Pepper coupon. Limited time about 7 hours left.

This was part of a promotion for Free drinks if Guns N’ Roses’ album “Chinese Democracy” was released in 2008, according to a story on Fox News.

The album was on sale Sunday.

Get your free 20-ounce Dr. Pepper by downloading a coupon from the Dr. Pepper Web site. The coupon will only be on the site for 24 hours beginning Sunday at 12:01 a.m.

The coupons expire February 28, 2009.

Update: At this time there appears to be overwhelming demand. Here’s another link:


Everyone in America has until 6 PM EST on Monday, November 24 to get a free 20 oz. Dr Pepper

Update: Getting this error when I fill in and submit: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:inetpubwebsitesCodeAndTheoryfreeDrPepperaccountVML.php on line 15

On the official site getting this error:

Service Unavailable

Update 2:  The offer has been extended:

Dr Pepper Extends Free Coupon Offer Due to Consumer Demand

Everyone in America* has until 6 PM EST on Monday, November 24 to get a free 20 oz. Dr Pepper

Last update: 12:38 a.m. EST Nov. 24, 2008
PLANO, Texas, Nov 24, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Based on tremendous consumer response, Dr Pepper is extending its offer for a free Dr Pepper until 6 PM EST on Monday, November 24.
“People are passionate about Dr Pepper,” said Tony Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper. “The response has been greater than anticipated and we want to do everything we can to ensure Dr Pepper fans get their free coupon. As a result, we’ve extended the offer, increased our server capacity and added a toll-free number, 1-888-DRPEPPER, for consumers to call to request their Dr Pepper.”

1.  Go to or call 1-888-DRPEPPER (1-888-377-3773)

2.  Register your information online or by phone to receive a coupon for
one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.

3.  When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.

4.  Drink your Dr Pepper slowly to experience all 23 flavors.  Dr's
Allow 4-6 weeks for coupon to arrive. Coupons will expire on Feb. 28, 2009. Limit one coupon per person. Full terms and conditions available at
* Guitarists Slash and Buckethead are not eligible for free soda
SOURCE Dr Pepper

Copyright (C) 2008 PR Newswire. All rights reserved End of Story


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