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May 31 2010
Bolder Boulder
It’s Memorial Day and in Colorado besides honoring our veterans, many Coloradans spend the holiday running or watching the Bolder Boulder. There will be a lot of people expected running in the Bolder Boulder 2010 as the race schedule will bringing updates as well. The BolderBOULDER is one of the largest road races in the world and recently named as America’s All-Time Best 10K by Runner’s World Magazine.
More than 50000 people descended on Boulder this morning to run in today s wildly popular 10K Bolder Boulder road race. The speciality is four presidents a noted public opinion columnist and Bolder boulder 2010 recognized founder of identity open to ongoing Virtues 31 chap. Every year, the race makes donations to local charities that provide volunteers to help stage the race. The 32nd Bolder Boulder will be held on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010.
May 31 2010
iPad watch out… Asus Eee Pad Coming soon

CEO Jerry Shen unveiled the Asus Eee Pad on stage at Computex today.

Asustek Computer Inc.,

Asustek spokeswoman, said there will be Eee Pad models with 10-inch and 12-inch screen sizes, which will sell for between $399 and $449.

May 31 2010
Jay Belloli 20 year Retirement Party

Jay Belloli’s Retirement Party.

Saturday, June 26 – 5:30 to 7pm

Director of Gallery Programs Jay Belloli is retiring after 20 years of dedicated service to the Armory. We are paying tribute to Jay by having a party and creating the Jay Belloli Gallery Program Fund, supporting Armory exhibitions. Everyone please join us in honoring Jay at the Armory on Saturday, June 26th, from 5:30-7:00 PM.

RSVP and make an on-line donation in honor of Jay, or contact Sally Bickerton via email or (626) 792.5101 x141.

Kindly RSVP by June 19th. This free event is underwritten by Armory Board members and friends. Stick around afterwards for the 7pm opening of the International Mail Art Show.

May 31 2010
Apple Data Center NC

Apple is hard at work completing a huge data center infrastructure.
Here’s a picture taken of the site last year 2009.

May 31 2010
Sierra Madre Farmer’s Market Update

The Sierra Madre Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesdays, 3pm to 7pm.

Welcome to the Sierra Madre Farmers Market website! The beautiful unspoiled town of Sierra Madre is the picturesque setting for a traditional farmers market on Wednesdays starting at 3pm to 7pm.  

This food-only market provides an excellent selection of California-grown fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, natural honey, eggs, cheese and freshly caught seafood. Also offered are baked goods, specialty prepackaged foods and hot snacks, all prepared without preservatives or artificial additives.

The market is a project of the Sierra Madre Community Services Commission and is sponsored and operated by Scholastic Gardens. A primary objective of this farmers market is to provide you with the freshest and most nutritious produce possible, so you and your family can eat well and live long!

The market is located at the public parking lot on Mariposa Avenue between Memorial Park and S. Baldwin Avenue in Sierra Madre.

View Larger Map

You are invited to visit the farmers market and to enjoy the many novelty shops, craft shops and restaurants in the Sierra Madre town center.


CASTILLANO FARM – Variety of vegetables – Riverside, CA
GAYTAN FARMS – Variety of vegetables,  strawberries, melons – Miraloma, CA

JOHNA’S ORCHARD – Organic apples, Asian pears, apple juice, apple cider, vinegar and apple spread – Tehachapi, CA

KOWALKE FAMILY SPROUTS – every kind of sprouted bean, pea or seed you can think of and leafy greens baby sprouts for delicious salads.
R & L FARMS – Seasonal fruit – oranges, lemons, limes, pomelos, avocados –  Kingsbury, CA

LORES FARMS – Variety of vegetables, plus strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

RIVADENIERA FARMS – Fresh chicken and quail eggs – cage-free & hormone-free; several varieties  of mushrooms, potatoes, onions and citrus – all pesticide-free


ARIS GOURMET – Traditional Greek dips, hummus, pita bread, oils, feta cheese and olives.

BLAZING GRILL – Korean style teriyaki BBQ chicken, beef, pork, rice and vegetable dishes, spring rolls.
THE TINY PEANUT FACTORY –  Variety of nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes and hot roasted peanuts.
GOURMET TAMALE FACTORY – Jumbo sized tamales in several delicious varieties – chicken, beef, pork, Monterey Jack cheese, vegetable, pineapple or sweet corn.

BLAZIN’ J’S KETTLE CORN – Freshly popped Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn and various other flavors. A must visit when at the market!  Follow them on Facebook at
SCHREINERSTHE MEAT GUYS – Fresh quality meats since 1952.  Shreiners has a variety of traditional German and specialty sausages at the farmers market. Pre-cooked and preservative-free.  For more information, visit their website at

BEROLINA BAKERY – European Artisan bakery, freshly baked olive breads, sourdough, baguettes, muffins, European style almond cakes and many more. All baked fresh on a daily basis with the finest ingredients. Check them out at

SMART FISH CO. – Fresh caught, great-tasting fish, shrimp, oysters and clams.
ZIA SUN SALSA – Genuine traditional family recipe salsa – in mild, medium and hot.  For orders, please call Theresa at 626 831 8882.   Zia Sun Salsas can also be purchased at Bean Town restaurant in downtown Sierra Madre.

May 31 2010
Affiliate Marketing Tips & Pitfalls #3

This is the third in a series of ongoing tips and discussions on affiliate marketing.

One of the challenges in dealing with advertisers on larger networks, like CJ, LinkShare, Performics(now Google Affiliate Network), is that when you as an affiliate apply to a program, you get no response.

I have on my account at CJ several offers that have been sitting without a response since 2007, yes three years. I look at the stats on the program and it still looks active, but there is 0, no epc, etc..

No contact info.

I am not going to reveal the name of the company, but it is part of a larger financial institution.  Maybe that is why? But the site is still up and there is a number on the site. I am going to reach out via the email on the site and see what kind of response I get.

This is probably an extreme example, but there are several advertisers, who take weeks to respond to accepting an affiliate application, talk about a way to turn off an affiliate who may be eager and ready to start working on some promotions, etc..

While we are affiliate managers not responding, we can go to the other extreme, as there are many affiliate managers, that don’t really know how to handle weeding out affiliates, basically they take the shotgun approach and terminate in mass affiliate relationships.

As an affiliate if you terminate me without at least giving me a chance to work on your product service and try to send some traffic, it is going to be pretty hard for me to trust you.

As with all businesses, the affiliate marketing space is a lot about trust and building relationships, the smart affiliates work closely with affiliate managers and advertisers to enhance the company profile and complement and leverage each other as part of the relationship.

One campaign I saw recently was where the company

May 31 2010
Israeli Flotilla Attack – Israel criticized

Accused of using disproportionate force, Israel defends its raid, saying its soldiers were ambushed as they boarded an aid ship in international waters. Activists say any skirmish was self-defense.

Israel faced a diplomatic firestorm Monday over its deadly attack against a protest flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Foreign leaders and protest organizers accused Israel of using excessive force in the raid in international waters, but Israel defended its actions, saying that soldiers were ambushed with knives and metal bars, as well as handguns wrested from the commandos.

Israel’s military said nine protesters were killed in the late-night raid, which occurred about 40 miles off Israel’s coast. Protest organizers put the death toll at 16. Dozens were wounded, including seven Israeli soldiers.

Video of the attack released by the Israeli military, Turkish television and other media sources depicted a dramatic high-seas brawl in which Israeli commandos rappelled from helicopters onto a ship and immediately clashed with activists on board.

Below is the Video released by the Israeli Military as telecast on Fox News.

Responding to the brewing crisis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to Canada to return to Israel and canceled a much-anticipated White House visit with President Obama.

U.S. officials expressed regret at the loss of life but stopped short of criticizing Israel until full details of the incident were released.

May 31 2010
4 dead in attack on a Pakistan Hospital

A group of terrorists stormed into a major hospital in Lahore early Tuesday, killing at least four people before fleeing, according to the police.

Among the patients at Jinnah Hospital were 35 victims from the brazen attacks on Friday at two mosques in Lahore that killed more than 80 members of a minority Muslim sect called the Ahmadis.

Another patient at the hospital was a terrorist who was injured in Friday’s attack.

It was not known if Tuesday’s assault was an attempt to kill the 35 injured Ahmadis or a bid to rescue the injured terrorist.

The hospital’s chief executive, Dr. Javed Ikram, , said the attackers entered the emergency ward by firing indiscriminately, killing guards, policemen and possibly some visitors. Dr. Ikram’s voice was trembling as he spoke to local television stations on Tuesday morning.

The provincial Punjab police force called in large numbers of armored vans and elite forces as the firing continued, but the terrorists manged to escape. Local television reports said there appeared to be from four to six terrorists.

The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for Friday’s attacks. The Taliban, who are Sunni Muslim, have increasingly focused on attacking minority Muslim groups.

There are about 2 million Ahmadis Pakistan, where the sect has suffered severe discrimination in Pakistan for decades. Ahmadis are considered heretical by many mainstream Muslims because they believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who founded their movement in 1889, was the messiah foretold by Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

Waqar Gillani reported from Lahore, Pakistan, and Adam B. Ellick from Islamabad.

May 31 2010
FREE Bottle of Dave’s BBQ Sauce

FREE Bottle of Dave’s BBQ Sauce

famous daves bbq sauce

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Thanks to Famous Dave’s and KTLA for putting out this coupon.

May 31 2010
Indy 500 Race Accident Mike Conway

Mike Conway’s crash had to be one of the most horrific indy car crashes of all time, and he walked away almost uninjured, breaks leg.

See the video here:

Conway Suffers Leg Injury in Terrifying Indy 500 Crash-Video: Mike Conway went to the hospital after a … Sports

Incredible scenes at the end of this years Indy 500. While everyone coasting to the line upfront, Mike Conway has one of the most horrendous accidents at Indy. He made contact with Ryan hunter Reay and get’s launched into the air, flies into the catchfence. The car disintegrates and Mike Conway survives…

All the best to Mike, hopefully he will make a speedy recovery soon!

2010 Indy 500 Mike Conway Huge Airborne Crash into the Catchfence

May 31 2010
iPhone Notes not saving

For a while now my Notes app on the iPhone has stopped working. Basically I enter notes and close and the notes disappear.

I’m using an iPhone 3GS 16gig.

OS Version 3.1.3 (7E18)

Model: Apple iPhone MC135LL

May 31 2010
The Scoop on Cookies Huntington Beach

The Scoop on Cookies

Huntington Beach

Two choices of cookies
and then pick an ice cream

2 oz scoop
Chris Hix

Grand opening today!

126 Main Street

May 31 2010
Celine Dion pregnant with twins

Celine Dion pregnant with twins.
ongoing IVF procedure.

Dion’s husband and manager Rene Angelil.

recently faced a tragic miscarriage, but she never lost hope. The singer at the age of 42 underwent in-vitro fertilization which is

May 31 2010
Memorial Day Services Burbank

Memorial Day Ceremony hosted by City of Burbank and the Veterans Commemorative Committee at McCambridge Park War Memorial.
For more information call (818) 238-5300.

May 31 2010
Memorial Day Services East Los Angeles

Ruben Trivisio was interviewed on KTLA
East Los Angeles
East Los Angeles was where the #1 ranked
Obragon Memorial Day 24 hour Vigil in East Los Angeles.

10:00 a.m. 63rd Annual Memorial Day observance and Commemoration of Medal of Honor Recipient PFC Eugene Obregon USMC. The event includes a 24-hour patriotic vigil at the Mexican All Wars Memorial at Cinco Puntos (Intersection of Lorena, Indiana, and Chavez). Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to contact Hector Elizalde (323) 770-3100, Danny Hernandez (323) 881-6565 or Tony Zapata (323) 261-8533.

Read more: The Downey Patriot – Memorial Day celebrations in L A County

Some other facts:
15% of troops are women

May 31 2010
Trader Joes Eagle Rock Robbery

Trader Joes Eagle Rock Robbery
– Last night the Eagle Rock Tader Joes was robbed.

Located on Colorado.

Two men entered the store, one employee hit one of the robbers with a wine bottle and was shot in the leg.

The robbers got away with money to a getaway car.

May 30 2010
Princess Jewels Slots

Princess Jewels Slots is another fortune wheel game and is one of its kinds. The game is a bit girlish and comes up with bonus rounds too. This game is packed with sparkling gems which glitter each time you come up with right combination.

Believe it or not, now you can win ten thousand times more than what you bet. All you need to do is come up with five wild princess symbols on a dynamic play line. The game set up looks very colorful, and this is one factor that would keep you glued to the game till the end.

Get three fairy Godmother symbols and you are into the bonus round. The bonus round has three concentric fortune wheels. Each wheel has colorful gems all around it. You get three chances to spin the wheel.  Each time the arrow points at one gem, that gem appears in the “my gem” field. The value of each gem is made available in the left pane.

The amazing music that goes on at the background boosts one’s addiction to the game.  The volume level of the music rises gradually as you spin the inner wheel each time. Vegas Technology software is the brain behind the whole game. This peppy game is worth playing!

May 30 2010
Queen of Hearts Slots

Feeling bored? Then come and play the best slot game in the business. Queen of Hearts Slots is a simple online slot machine game that is powered by the Vegas technology.

This four play line slot game brings out some trouble-free graphics. The whole interface is easy to work with. All one needs to do is to get the scattered symbol in one straight line. Make sure you hold on to the clubs and spades to get a good amount of money. If you want to get eight hundred times more than what you had bet, then be prepared to get to the diamond symbol.

However, the real treat is once you get the Queen of hearts. It gets you a whopping two thousand times of your bet. Queen of hearts slots also includes options like delay spin and auto spin. Vegas technology gives you the opportunity to stop the auto spin when you win the jackpot.

This easy to play game keeps you engaged for hours and it is the best of all the slot games available online. You can take away the jackpot just by playing for a maximum of four coins. If you want to hit really big then this is the game for you!

May 30 2010
Arroyo Food Cooperative’s 2010 election results

——– 2010 CO-OP ELECTION: RESULTS —————————————-

The Arroyo Food Cooperative’s 2010 election results are in and audited.
Thanks so much to Agnes Gottschewski and Christine Frank for their help in
tallying the votes. Details of the results are in the “Results by Voter”
document but here are the highlights…
– The bylaw change: passed
– Alexandra Ferry (Berrie): won
– Ginko Lee (a write in candidate): won
– Joseph Shuldiner: won
– Kelly McCune: won
– Kristin Petherbridge: won
– Lillian Montalvo (a write in candidate): won
– Patrick Reagan: won
– Zoubeida Zajac: won*

A total of 36 ballots were returned (about 26% of the 139 mailed). Members
have been sent voter reference numbers so they can verify their votes in the
“Results by Voter” document. Two ballots were returned by the Post Office
because of addresses issues. One came back in time to offer the person a new

Thanks to everyone that participated! And thanks to all the candidates that
now are our new board. The progress we’ve made so far is exciting and the
prospects of the future are even more so!

May 30 2010
Fix at&t dead zones with micrcell

Fix AT&T dead zones with the microcell


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