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Sep 30 2010
Traveling Soon? Make It Easy With

Have you ever wondered where to travel? Or when to travel? Or maybe you just want to check out deals and wait for the perfect time to travel. Cheapflights is the perfect space for you to start if you have these very same questions. Cheapflights started in the United Kingdom but in 2003 they launched their site to the U.S. patrons. Since then Cheapflights has been hand picking flight deals for every need and budget.

Cheapflights is where you want to start your planning because this site is not just for booking but they are a space where all the best deals happen. They not only provide cheap airfare and perfect destinations for everybody but they also have hotel rental, care hire, insurance, travel tips and guides. Cheapflights has become the one stop shop for the perfect vacation. With over 500 travel guides to designations around the world you can assure yourself you will be fully prepared for your next trip. The travel guides also include useful information on passport/visa requirements, local customs and other useful insider information.

Since Cheapflights offers two ways to search for vacations (flexible travel dates or a search by date option) that allow patrons of Cheapflights the easiest way to travel and book.

You maybe thinking Cheapflights sounds like every other travel website but let me tell you, your wrong! Cheapflights is a search engine for different flights. Instead of getting only a few flight options, Cheapflights searches other sites (like Orbitz and Hotwire for example) for the best deals for you. Cheapflights on regular basis has nearly one million flight deals from traditional airlines to specialty-travel providers. Cheapflights is the one stop for your complete vacation.

If you are looking for an easy vacation planned for you, visit and you can also use their site tour that gives you step by step directions on how to use their website.

Maybe your not ready to book a flight but that’s ok! Cheapflights offers a weekly newsletter that will send you great deals for you to browse. Happy hunting!

Sep 30 2010
Adility Deal Farewell

So is the start of the fallout from all the deal sites?

Adility Deal Farewell

Effective October 1, 2010 we will no longer be offering daily deals at  We know that over the last several months you have enjoyed receiving heavily discounted offers and coupons to your favorite local merchants from us. During that time, we’ve enjoyed the process of helping you to discover your neighborhood while at the same time giving you a really good deal. So, although we are discontinuing, we will ensure that you continue to receive the same great deals that you’ve come to expect from us.  Starting tomorrow, you will receive your local daily deals from our partner DailyDealster who will continue to provide you with great customer service and even better deals. Thank you for being a valued customer and we hope to see you around the neighborhood.

The Adility Deal Team.

Sep 30 2010
Cheapflights – the lowest prices

Cheapflights is one of the most experienced travel companies in the sector. We work with over 300 trusted travel brands who send us over 4 million new flight deals each day, ensuring Cheapflights always displays the lowest prices.

Travel is the largest e-commerce retail category.

Sep 30 2010
America’s Cheapest Family

The Economides, who have been living up to their billing as “America’s Cheapest Family” since 1982, recently published the latest in their series of fun-while-frugal household tips, this time focusing on what is often a budget-buster for families: the grocery store. Their book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half — With America’s Cheapest Family,” is on bookstore shelves now.

They paid cash for their late-model cars, paid their first home off in just nine years and, most importantly, raised five healthy, happy kids while never going into debt.

Sep 30 2010
30th Anniversary Rock-n-Bowl to benefit The Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program

The 30th Anniversary Rock-n-Bowl to benefit
The Bogart Pediatric
Cancer Research Program
Nov. 17th – 7pm to 11pm
Location: Pinz in Studio City, CA
Download The Form To Register:

The Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program raises vital funds to support early stage pediatric cancer research at the Bogart laboratories located at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. These funds are matched many times over by government and private dollars to allow the maximum support for this important research

Click Here To Download A Registration Form To “Sponsor A Lane” or to Register as a “VIP Bowler”

Click Here To Download A Registration Form To “Sponsor A Lane” or to Register as a “VIP Bowler”

5900 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2600 | Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323.330.0520 | Fax: 323.330.0514 |
Sep 30 2010
Los Angeles Times Crime Database Crime LA

Los Angeles Times Crime Database Crime LA

Mapping L.A.

is the Los Angeles Times’ resource for crime, neighborhoods, demographics and schools in Los Angeles County.


Pasadena needs to provide their crime data reports to the LA Times:

Call the Pasadena Police Dept and urge them to provide the stats.

The Pasadena Police Department is not yet providing crime data to The Times; however, a limited number of L.A. County Sheriff’s Department crime reports are linked to this area and can be viewed by using the timeline above. These incidents may have taken place in unincorporated areas patrolled by the sheriff.

If you would like to see complete data for Pasadena included, contact the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4501 and urge them to make their public records available in a useable format.

Sep 30 2010
Dinner with Your Boss

Dinner with Your Boss

Sep 30 2010
NACA Mortgage Modification Event Los Angeles

Mortgage Modification Event Los Angeles
There are over 1, 000 people in line to attend a mortgage modification event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Over 7,000 people pre-registered online. 30% of the people who go for help will get help.

24 hours a day for the next 5 days! People will get help!

Foreclosure Prevention

The situation is still
Open at 9am
Neighborhood Tour

NACA’s historic Save the Dream Tour

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) offers foreclosure prevention counseling and loan modification negotiations to homeowners

– People want their loans modified, payments reduced
Los Angeles, CA
Sept 30 – Oct 4
L.A. Convention Center
Click here to sign-up reports:

1 in 4 homes sold are in foreclosure
1.2 million in foreclosure
26% discount from original sale price

4.32 % for a 30 year

America’s Best Mortgage!
One Mortgage Product – $10 Billion Committed
Fixed 30 Year (as of 9/22/2010)
No Down Payment, No Closing Costs


NACA is continuing its Save the Dream Tour in 2010. Last year the tour was an incredible success with hundreds of thousands of participants averaging over 30,000 people at each of the twelve events throughout the country. Thousands of homeowners received same day solutions with many having their interest rates permanently reduced to 4%, 3%, and 2% and in some cased having the outstanding principal reduced based on what the homeowner can afford. Homeowners saved hundreds of dollars a month and some over a thousand dollars. NACA provides the most effective long-term solutions because it has secured legally binding agreements with all the major servicers/lenders and the major investors (i.e. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) which cover 90% of the at-risk homeowners. NACA has established the national standard in providing long-term affordable solutions for at-risk homeowners – All of NACA’s services are FREE.

We are expanding the events to be a 24 hour a day Save-a-Thons over five days. This will allow thousands of additional homeowners to be assisted many who will drive and fly long distances to attend these extraordinary Save the Dream events. In previous events thousands of people had to camp out overnight in order to attend. Now they will be able to come inside to receive counseling even after sunset and before sunrise. NACA will have over 500 staff and volunteers on site and hundreds more off-site to work with all the homeowners.

The servicers and major investors will also have hundreds of staff on-site and many more off-site to provide same day affordable solutions. In addition to providing the solutions, many of the servicers will have the documents ready for homeowners to sign. The process would be completed with a resulting long-term affordable payment.

The following is the Save-a-Thon Tour Schedule. If you plan on attending you should sign-up. Once you sign-up you can do the workshop and counseling at the event and then meet with your servicer. Prior to the event you can attend the workshop, do a counseling session and have your file reviewed by your servicer. You would be able to go directly to your servicer for a solution.

  1. Complete initial information (Ten Steps at ) – click here for Ten Steps
  2. Attend a workshop. Click here for Workshop.
  3. Sign-up for a phone counseling session – click here for an appointment.
West Palm Beach, FL Aug 27 – 31 West Palm Beach Convention Center Workshop Sign-up Click Here
Los Angeles, CA Sept 30 – Oct 4 To-be-announced Click here to sign-up
Sacramento, CA Oct 8 – 12 TBD Click here to sign-up
Orlando, FL TBD TBD Click here to sign-up
Washington D.C. July 23 – 30 D.C. Convention Ctr. Workshop Sign-up Click Here
Atlanta, GA June 11 – 15 World Congress Center Workshop Sign-up Click Here
Chicago, IL May 13 – 17 McCormick Place Workshop Sign-up Click Here
Atlantic City, NJ May 21 – 25 Atlantic City Convention Ctr Workshop Sign-up Click Here
Philadelphia, PA To-be-announced To-be-announced Click here to sign-up
Minneapolis, MN To-be-announced To-be-announced Click here to sign-up
Dallas, TX To-be-announced To-be-announced Click here to sign-up
Jackson, MS To-be-announced To-be-announced Click here to sign-up
Seattle, WA To-be-announced To-be-announced Click here to sign-up

If the location is not confirmed, we are working on finalizing the locations and dates. Thus the locations and dates may change given the support we have from your political leaders. You can influence our decision by getting your Congressperson, Senator, mayor or other politicians to contact us. You can begin the process now.

  1. Complete the initial information – click here for Ten Steps
  2. Attend a workshop as the first step. Click here for Workshop.
  3. Make an appointment for a counseling session – click here for an appointment.
Sep 30 2010
Actor Tony Curtis dies at 85 in Las Vegas

Actor Tony Curtis dies at 85 in Las Vegas died Wednesday night at his Las Vegas-area home of cardiac arrest

Sep 30 2010
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