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Feb 28 2020
Mijares Mexican Restaurant East Pasadena Closes – New Restaurant Coming Soon

El Matador Restaurant – Authentic Mexican Food – Coming Soon to the recently closed location of

1806 E Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104

Mijares Mexican Restaurant East Pasadena Closes New Restaurant Coming Soon

Feb 28 2020
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) @CDCgov #covid19 – How to Prepare for a coronavirus outbreak
The US CDC has a resource page
State and local county and city governments have their own resources as well.
What is Pasadena, CA doing about informing and tracking.
The Pasadena Star News posted 

7 things you can do now to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak

Tips on personal precautions to take if there is a COVID-19 outbreak

Los Angeles County health officials said there is “no reason to panic” locally about the coronavirus.

“The current risk to L.A. County residents for getting COVID-19 is very low” said Dr. Prabhu Gounder, medical director of the county Department of Public Health’s respiratory diseases unit.

“The best things people can do to protect themselves from any respiratory virus, including COVID-19, are the simple, everyday preventative measures such as washing hands, covering your cough and avoiding going out when sick, which is leading the county’s response to the outbreak.’’

Face masks prices are incredible as a run on face masks continues.

Feb 20 2020
Security Update –What is Smishing and how to Protect Yourself

Security Update – What is Smishing and how to Protect Yourself

Text message or SMS phishing, called “smishing,” is when cybercriminals use deceptive text messages to lure people into divulging sensitive personal information that can be used to commit fraud. The cybercriminals often impersonate government agencies, banks, and credit card companies to lend legitimacy to their scam. These smishing messages create a sense of urgency by implying that an immediate action is required, or that there is a limited time to respond.  The smishing message may contain a link that will prompt the user to provide confidential information such as usernames, passwords, and credit or debit card numbers; or may place malware on your device that can be used to intercept messages or quietly collect personal data in the background.

Security experts believe that one reason smishing is so effective is that users trust text messages more than phone calls or email. With the adoption of text messages for two-step authentication, where a verification code is sent to you, people are accustomed to receiving text message that require action from companies they do business with.

Follow these tips to help protect yourself from smishing scams:

  • Do not click on links in unsolicited text messages. Clicking on the link may infect your mobile device with malware, or may lead you to a site designed to steal your personal information. If you receive a text message containing a link from a company you do business with, contact the company through a phone number or email you know to be authentic to verify the message you received is legitimate.
  • Do not download apps via a text message. The app may be malicious and can be used to steal your personal information. Apps should only be downloaded from trusted app stores.
  • Never provide your personal or financial information in response to a text message. Government agencies, banks, and other legitimate companies will not ask for personal or financial information like usernames, passwords, PINs, or credit or debit card numbers via text message. If you receive a text asking for such information, contact the company through a phone number or email you know to be authentic to verify the message you received is legitimate.
  • Do not respond to smishing messages, even if it is only to text “stop.” Responding to smishing messages verifies that your phone number is active and that you are willing to open such messages, which can increase the number of unsolicited text messages you receive. Just block the sender and delete the message.
  • Use the same safety and security practices on your cell phone as you do on your computer. Be cautious of text messages from unknown senders, as well as unusual text messages from senders you do know. Make sure that you keep your phone’s operating system, security software and applications up-to-date.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from falling victim to a smishing scam. If you believe that you are a victim of a smishing scam, contact the company or government agency that the cybercriminal is impersonating and immediately report it.

Feb 20 2020
SATELLITE Kicks Off in Less Than Three Weeks! FREE Exhibit Hall Pass

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Feb 18 2020
Street Lights in Pasadena – How to Report Lights Out
The city of Pasadena maintains street lights for the safety of citizens.  As such there are many lights that burn out, potentially creating dark areas at night that could be a safety concern.
In a recent communication with the city I asked about the process of how lights are checked.  Having reported dozens of lights out over the past few weeks, I thought it would be good to see how the process could be improved and how I could help to facility the repair of lighting issues.  Namely I was concerned with lights that are burned out, dim or not working.
“With regard to checking non working street lights, we have our night employee check the major streets like Washington and Fair Oaks and several others every two weeks and map and report any bulbs out so that they can be changed the next day. Because it is difficult to check for non working street lights during the day when the circuits are off, our crews respond to 311 requests for street lights that are not working and usually have them replaced within 48 hours. When we get a 311 request for a street light out, we check the area that evening if it is a working day and log that light and any other lights that are out in the vicinity so we are not just replacing one street light at a time if there are others out on the same or surrounding blocks. With nearly 17,000 street lights in the City, the 311 requests for lights not working that come in from all the residents throughout the City provide our crew with locations to check and we change out each and every non working street light in that area within 48 hours or less. “
I like many residents use the Pasadena Citizen Service Center App, which is very handy for reporting numerous issues around the city, some use the phone to call in requests. 626.744.7311.
Feb 15 2020
Banks Mortgage Company Refuses to Adjust Rate to Remain Competitive

Banks Mortgage Company Refuses to Adjust Rate to Remain Competitive

Why would a bank or mortgage company refuse to adjust a borrowers loan to remain competitive with the going rates vs a borrower going with a different bank and then the old lender loses on the interest profit that the loan would have produced.

At first this seems like it makes sense, so why do banks not do this for customers?

  1. One thought is that the are taking advantage of customers and that they will not refinance.
  2. The mortgage bank believes it can continue to take profit from the higher interest loans.

Basically the bank hedges its bet that customers will not refinance a loan.  The profit to a bank on a mortgage that reduces from 3.5% to 3% over 30 years on $500,000 principal can be several hundred thousand dollars, that’s a significant amount of money that the bank stands to make.

And then there’s the practice of banks packaging so called “low profit”  loans and selling the off.  Banks are looking to maximize profits and reduce risks.

It pays to refi if rates drop and you can qualify.  Look for low or no cost loans, usually no points, stay away form ARMs which auto adjust and can leave you exposed paying higher rates.

Feb 10 2020
Guo Wengui Claims Death Toll From Coronavirus Now Over 50,000 #coronavirus

Guo Wengui Claims Death Toll from Coronavirus Now Over 50,000

Wengui a billionaire living in exile in the United States.

These claims of Chinese officials covering up the truth, comes as reports and evidence that this strain of coronavirus spreads in hospitals and other close areas quicker. Perhaps through ventilation systems.



Feb 6 2020
The Rolling Stones 2020 ‘No Filter’ Tour North America @rollongstones

Tickets for these dates will go on sale Friday, February 14 at 10:00 AM local time. A limited number of exclusive VIP packages will be available. For ticketing information, please visit

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Wednesday, February 12 at 10:00 AM through Thursday, February 13 at 10:00 PM.

AEG Presents’ Concerts West is the promoter of The Rolling Stones NO FILTER 2020 North America tour.

At this time there is only one west coast show in San Diego. Hopefully others will be added, perhaps Norther California or even Los Angeles.

Upcoming dates

May ’20
16 U.S. Bank Stadium MINNEAPOLIS, MN
20 Nissan Stadium NASHVILLE, TN
24 Circuit of The Americas AUSTIN, TX
29 Cotton Bowl Stadium DALLAS, TX

June ’20
6 New Era Field BUFFALO, NY
10 Ford Field DETROIT, MI
14 Cardinal Stadium LOUISVILLE, KY
19 FirstEnergy Stadium CLEVELAND, OH
23 Heinz Field PITTSBURGH, PA
27 The Dome at America’s Center ST. LOUIS, MO

July ’20
1 Bank of America Stadium CHARLOTTE, NC
5 Raymond James Stadium TAMPA, FL
9 Mercedes-Benz Stadium ATLANTA, GA

Feb 5 2020
The 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman’s Bookstore – Opening February 10th, 2020

The 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman’s Bookstore


Bentley making drinks Sample Drink

Introducing the new the 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman's Bookstore

Follow The 1894 on social media!

We can’t thank Ale von Sydow -Design Principal- and her team at McAnulty+von Sydow Architecture enough for our beautiful new wine bar, The 1894. Ale’s creative vision and tireless work ethic are extraordinary. She is someone who never sees problems, only possibilities. She worked vigilantly to come up with solutions that fit our budget and helped us make important choices about where our money would be best spent to improve our overall project. Ale spoke “contractor” fluently and was invaluable in overseeing the project and navigating the permitting and inspection processes. The proof of her design skills is obvious in our final project—the bar is beautiful! Ale’s attention to detail can be seen in all the special little touches where she elevated the ordinary to the extraordinary From the beginning it was obvious that Ale was committed to being our partner and creating something together that we could all be proud of. She was an absolute joy to work with—patient beyond belief, with a great sense of humor—and we look forward to our next project with her!


Feb 5 2020
Pasadena Rose Bowl Centennial Logo Design Challenge 100 Year Celebration Logo, Win $1,000 @RoseBowlStadium

How to enter:



We never want to limit your creativity, so how this game is played is up to you! We just have a few quick steps that might make it a bit easier for you to get started:

1.) You can draw, paint or digitally create your logo – all we need is an uploaded image of your work (PDF, JPG or PNG format).

2.) All entries must be submitted before 11:59PM on March 2nd.


All entries must be submitted between January 29th at 8:00AM (PST) and March 2nd at 11:59PM (PST).
Winner announced March 9th at 12:00PM (PST).



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