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Aug 31 2012
Madden NFL 13: The Official Player’s Guide (Paperback)

Madden NFL 13: The Official Player’s Guide (Paperback)

?The Authors – ZFarls and SGibs are Madden NFL community leaders and tournament champions. They`re best known for their winning strategy called, ?5 Sets for Success?. They regularly visit EA SPORTS to give feedback on the game.
?The 5 Sets for Success – Our 5 Sets for Success are a simple method of playing offense and defense in Madden NFL that will allow gamers of any skill level to quickly improve their game.?
?Fantasy Football Coverage ? All the top picks by position, sleepers, and a mock draft designed to prepare for fantasy football drafts. Learn how to use Madden NFL as an advantage before draft day. You get Fantasy Football and Madden NFL 13 content in one book.
?New Design ? Magazine style format makes it easy to find what you`re looking for before the snap. Over 300 pages of content. Top 5 lists and a more visual layout will help you digest the best content.
?New Content ? Top 5 lists and articles, created by ZFarls and SGibs, give you the quickest and easiest way to discover strategies to win. ?The Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making?, ?The Top 5 QB`s in Madden NFL 13?, and ?The Top 5 Ways To Improve Overnight? are just a few of the lists available in this year`s guide. For the first time ever we are including the ?Perfect Playbook? (a $20 value) in the print guide. Tournament and Sim players will benefit without having to spend the extra money.

Madden NFL 13: The Official Player's Guide (Paperback)

Aug 30 2012
Great Deals On Printer Ink Cartridges With ComboInk

We live in a thoroughly modern world, where electronic information is very much King and everything else is old-school or outdated…..that being said, we seem to have been working towards the ‘paperless office’ for as long as I can remember and we’re still not there yet! I think that even the most die-hard techno-cherishers would have to admit that we will always need hard copies of certain items and that this will never change.

Even the most modern office still resounds to the whir and hum of the photocopier and while everyone can accept that the photocopier is a necessary addition, we don’t have to accept extortionate costs for replacement parts, paper or toner.

One way we can save money on these necessary items, is to buy them from a company completely focussed on this specialism and with the pedigree to match.

ComboInk specialise in bringing the very best deals on printer ink, toner and photo paper to its clients without the distraction of dealing in anything else.

Every major brand, printer and cartridge type are stocked and can be searched for with infinite ease just by utilising the user-friendly drop down boxes on the website. Best of all ComboInk’s products are available at prices significantly below those common to the market. By buying its stock in high volumes directly from the manufacturers, basing themselves in Portland so that they can exploit the sales-tax-free state and only selling online so as to reduce the usual operating costs, ComboInk can offer its products at hugely reduced prices.

They even offer you deals to further wet your appetite. How about a:

1-Year Money Back Guarantee that’s coupled with a Low Price Guarantee

12% off in their Back-To-School Sale by utilising the promo code: BTS12, (valid until 15th September 2012)

A chance to win a $50 Gift Card merely by liking them on Facebook

Free Shipping on orders over $50


ComboInk even ticks the sustainability box by utilising re-manufactured cartridges that are both eco-friendly and cost effective to save you money and help to save the environment.

Need replacement ink…..not really a tough decision where to go is it?

Aug 30 2012
AirportRentalCars…..Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin!

Whether you are travelling on business, jetting away for a romantic weekend with your significant other, or braving the mayhem and taking the kids on a ‘relaxing’ family holiday, the chances are that at some point you will need a rental car. If you’ve got the time, you can search through each of the rental companies in turn and find the right car and right price to suit your individual needs, but why bother when there’s a company that has already done all of that for you? was specifically created to provide a one-stop car rental reservation service for all travelers’ rental car needs including; round-trip rental cars, one-way rental cars, airport rental cars & off-airport rental cars.

Rather than merely accepting what one rental company has to offer, or spending hours of your precious time trawling through them all to find the best deal, offer car rental deals and discounts that have been pre-selected from sixteen of the nations top rental companies including:










Plus many more!


All classes of car rental are available from as little as $12 a day, including:


Economy Cars

Compact Rentals

Mid-Size Rentals

Full Size Cars

Premium Cars

SUV Rentals

Mini Vans

Luxury Car Rentals even go that little step further and list information that is pertinent to your journey and really helps combine your responsibilities. By visiting the airport-specific pages on their website you can view real-time flight and terminal map information for each of your travel destinations!

Potential customers have the option of entering discount rental car codes or additional promotion codes for free rental car upgrades, so you can tailor your rental choice even further.

Most rental car reservations on don’t even require a credit card and can be cancelled prior to pick-up without penalty, meaning you can better manage those unforeseen circumstances with far more confidence.

If you want a car rental broker that goes the extra mile and offers its customers that little bit more, pay you won’t be disappointed!

Aug 28 2012
Jay Leno Offers to Work for Free To Save Jobs – Executives Say No Thanks…

Jay Leno Offers to Work for Free To Save Jobs – Executives Say No Thanks…

Did anyone catch the story about Jay Leno offering to work for free to save the jobs of those working at The Tonight Show at NBC.

It would be interesting to see why these executives thought it would set a “bad precedent”, currently Jay earns $26 million. That would mean that he could have saved many of the 20 who reportedly lost their jobs.

I commend Leno for offering to work for free. I am sure he will do what he can to help those affected get back on their feet.

Executives with Comcast which now owns NBC need to pay closer attention to the effects of these actions and their “explanations” of course there are stockholders, but these are people and families. For the countless executives earning 6 and 7 digit incomes, those are the ones that should be taking pay cuts. Surely they should accept part of the blame for what is happening to NBC. How will this affect future programming and shows coming into the new season, is yet to be seen. Hopefully there will be no other layoffs.

The rumors are swirling about what will happen with Leno as his contract is set to expire Sept 2013. There’s a good chance we will see Jimmy Fallon fill the slot.

Stay tuned as late night enters the next chapter.

Aug 27 2012
New Apple iPhone 5 To Be Released September 21, 2012

New Apple iPhone 5 To Be Released September 21, 2012

At this time Verizon and AT&T have blocked out any vacation requests by employees.  In the past this has indicated a big event such as a release of the Apple iPhone.

In other Apple related news, the patent win by Apple over Samsung of over $1 billion has boosted Apple stock to all time high of over $680 per share, currently trading at about $675. The market cap of Apple is now over $633 billion!

Several analyst have set new targets for Apple at over $800.

Apple has issued its first dividend in 17 years, to be issued in the fourth quarter, and there has been some discussion of a stock split which would be a way Apple could potentially be included in the Dow Average.

An Apple stock split would be huge.

Aug 26 2012
Starting that Brand New Business: incubate and innovate your way to success

Starting that Brand New Business: incubate and innovate your way to success

Is a new venture in your future? The hardest thing about starting a business is…well, getting started. Risks are considerable, rewards uncertain. But when you incubate a new enterprise, you join a special group. You become an entrepreneur. Innovation fuels the business pioneer, but successful innovation and entrepreneurship demand insight and ideas. For the inside story on the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, risk, and reward we turn to one of the Southern California institutions where ideas are the lifeblood of innovation — Idealab, an incubator of high-tech startups. Join Allen Morgan, director of Idealab’s New Ventures Group, and KPCC’s senior business reporter, Matt DeBord, as they talk about the ways you can turn that great idea into a thriving business, a discussion with special relevance now, as the U.S. struggles to recover from the Great Recession and regain its footing.

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Aug 26 2012
Recipe Rock from Architec Housewares @epicurious

Shop Epicurious is a website dedicated to cooks, cooking and all products related to the kitchen. It is one of the most prominent and notable websites of its kind.

The ultimate food site for people who love to cook, eat, and dine out by @tanyasteel @siobhanster @sarabonisteel @laurensalkeld @essny @carosconcoction & others

With more cooks than ever getting their recipes from the internet instead of cookbooks, the Recipe Rock from Architec Housewares will be the perfect kitchen gadget. It holds your printed recipes upright and keeps them off of the counter-top so there are no smudges or smears and are easier to read.

Recipe Rock

Aug 26 2012 Professional For Evening and Wedding Dresses at Incredible Wholesale Prices

At, you will find hundreds of dresses at incredible wholesale prices. is a professional site for all kinds of evening dresses and wedding dresses. They are the factory and all the dresses which are shown on site are designed by by them. And all the pictures are taken from real dresses. Over 1,000 different styles on and over 50000 pieces of dresses in stock, so  can ship any dress within 24 hours. New products added monthly.

A quick look around the site will reveal a massive range of evening dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, or wedding dresses.

ConnieFox Dresses Promises:
1.Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.
2.Streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.
3.Help you discover the best dresses in China.
4.Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
5.Provide 24 hour customer support.
6.Provide the lowest price.

Subscribe to the newsletter and keep up-to-date with the latest news, offers, promotions and events. Coniefox emails and receive regular information on what’s new online and in store.

Aug 26 2012
Eat Street Culinary School September 1, 2012

Katie Averill opens
Eat Street Culinary School

previously co-owner of Mirabeau Bistro – Dana Point(closed)

Making simple pasta:
4 ingredients
5 eggs
1/2 ounce olive oil
a little salt
stir the more you mix the tougher it will get
15 minutes of stirring. then you knead it.
fold it in half and half and turn
put in pasta machine
about $65 or less
water and then a little filling
Fold and turn around
(714) 563-2334
Opens September 1st.

270 S. Clementine Street • Anaheim Ca 92805 •

Aug 26 2012
The Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory

The Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory is located on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Testing services are available to all. Our function is to provide test results and recommendations that lead to the wise and economical use of soils and soil amendments.


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