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Jun 29 2023
Tesla’s NACS North American Charging Standard Sweeping EV Charging Networks @tesla

One by one Tesla’s charging connector known as NACS – North American Charging Standard is quickly being adopted by charging networks faster than EV manufacturers can update their vehicles to accept and operate with the Tesla NACS connector.
Ford, GM, Volvo,Rivian, Aptera, have all been early adopters of the standard, with some scheduled to release adapters while they retool their vehicles to operate with the NACS.
VW is still apparently considering. Audi and Porsche would fall under this move.
Mercedes, no word.
Lucid, we would be surprised if they didn’t announce something soon.
Kia and Hyundia there is no word.
Honda no word.
Nissan – no word, perhaps they are reconsidering Chademo as a better option.
Toyota no word, but we would think they would be at least considering.

On the charging side, we have seen EVGo, ChargePoint and most recently Electrify American announce support, how these networks will operate and how reliable they are is yet to be seen as they have had many reliability issues when compared to Tesla’s charging network. Tesla’s charging network the Supercharger network “just works” at least 95% of the time you will go to a Tesla SuperCharger and have little to now issues. Most of the current and possible future issues revolve around rolling out new charging stations and eliminating wait times and accessibility to charging.

As many have discovered charging on a 250kw capable charger is not always “faster” than charging on 150kw or 75kW capable charger, provided with the proper conditions i.e. state of battery charge and conditioning the battery properly you stand benefit the most from the 250kW chargers.
We expect to see faster more capable chargers coming, but as of now most chargers rolling out are v3 with some v4 being seen.
Hopefully some of the installs that are pending permitting approval and being greenlit to turn on will happen soon.
There is a sites in Ventura, CA on Telegraph Rd near the College and Denny’s.
Tesla supercharger in Burbank is now open. On Victory Blvd, behind Hobby Lobby and Aldi Market. 24 stalls and 250kW.

EV charging and EV vehicle manufactures moving to a standard proven charging platform is a win for all those involved.

Jun 21 2023
Money Market vs High Yield Savings Why Different Interest Rates

Money Market vs High Yield Savings Why Different Interest Rates

With current current interest rates rising on bank accounts including cds, money market and savings accounts, there is a particular type of account that some banks appear to be paying a higher rate on. It’s the high yield savings, some use different names. Some are paying as much as cds. Which is impressive but also leads to the question of why are the rates so much higher on savings than money market accounts? Neither have a term associated with them.

Jun 20 2023
Metro Emergency Management will be coordinating a full-scale exercise in Pasadena June 20, 2023

Metro Emergency Management will be coordinating a full-scale exercise in Pasadena on our L-Line (Gold) at the Memorial Park Station. On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, from 11pm until 3am Wednesday, June 21, 2023, Metro personnel, the Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) & Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) will conduct an emergency drill at the Metro Memorial Park Station. The purpose of this drill is to test and prepare in the event an emergency. The community can expect to see a large presence of PFD vehicles & LASD officers. Vehicle sirens along with simulated smoke coming out of both ends of the tunnel (Del Mar Station & Memorial Park Station) is also anticipated as part of the exercise.