Dec 14 2012
EastWest Bank Customer Service Fail @East_West_Bank

Sometimes you just have a bad experience and you have to say something about it. In this case I share it with friends and blog about it. Which I encourage others to do as well.

About two weeks ago I received two messages from someone who I could barely make out what they said. But I could tell from the caller-ID that the call was from EastWest Bank in Pasadena.

I called them back and spoke with someone and they said that I needed to come take my money out of the account. Very short with me and not even an attempt being made to save the business which in the banking world I find somewhat surprising but oh well.

I went to the branch that was open on Sat and attempted to close the account, that part was not easy, the teller had issues finding the account, then there was some confusion the setup of the account.

So I told them to forget it, that we would locate our paperwork and come back.  Well they said the account needed to be closed by the 14th.  So I took part of my day off to deal with this. Went into the main office of EastWest Bank, and basically got the run-around. Horrible customer service, and had to wait about an hour to get my money out, then when I asked for a cashier’s check so I didn’t have to walk out with cash, they said they would have to charge me…. really!

Here’s a message to the executives from EastWest Bank, you will fail if you don’t listen to and respect your customers. I for one will avoid doing business with your bank.

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