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May 31 2013
Monetizing Mobile Media: Technologies, Use Cases, Industry and Investor Perspectives

Monetizing Mobile Media:
Technologies, Use Cases, Industry and Investor Perspectives
 Register here: Monetizing Mobile Media:  Technologies, Use Cases, Industry and Investor Perspectives
Monetizing Mobile Media: Technologies, Use Cases, Industry and Investor Perspectives

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baxter Hall Auditorium

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California
Registration and Continental Breakfast: 8:00 a.m.
Program: 9:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., Baxter Lecture Hall

Post-program Coffee & Networking with Speakers:
11:15 am to 12:00 pm
Cost: $40 on-line registration; $50 at the door; $10 full-time students;
Caltech students – Free


Event Preview
Mobile Media exists for many reasons — to entertain, to educate, but most of all, to advertise. In this session, we explore the ecosystem of mobile advertising, from creation through distribution and monetization. There are important new developments in mobile advertising, and therefore in mobile media. By the very nature of mobile media, it can be used to deliver very specific messages based on a user’s location; analyze their actions; and learn an astonishing amount about their preferences and behavior. The evolution of mobile advertising has forced agencies to become system integrators and technologists, while retaining and enhancing their creative skills. Everyone from content developers to distributors and consumers has a part in the rapidly changing world of mobile media. We will hear from entrepreneurs, agencies/users, VCs and corporations that create and invest in mobile media technology in this program.

On Saturday, June 8, 2012, the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum presents a stimulating and revealing program on the latest in technology and entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile media. The technology is fascinating and the opportunities boundless. Don’t miss this great program! Speakers include Xavier Kochhar, Managing Partner, MediaLink; Alex Limberis, VP Business Development, Next Issue Media; Erik Moreno, SVP Corporate Development, FOX Network Group; William Quigley, Managing Director, Clearstone Venture Partners; Jostein Svendsen, Co-Founder/CEO, WeVideo.

P.S. While you are marking your calendar, don’t forget the Summer Soiree! The Entrepreneurs Forum social to wrap up the season. Thursday, June 13th. To register, visit Summer Innovation Soiree.




Xavier Kochhar

Managing Partner


Alex Limberis

VP Business Development

Next Issue Media


Erik Moreno                                                    

SVP Corporate Development                             

FOX Network Group                                    


William Quigley

Managing Director

Clearstone Venture Partners

Jostein Svendsen




Producer & Moderator:
Robert Yamashita

Managing Director





Rogelio Nochebuena


Nochebuena R&D


Stan Tomsic

Executive Director



Sophia Viklund

BackCode, Pasadena

Organizer, Girl Geek Dinners-LA & PyLadies

May 31 2013
Dog Friendly Restaurants in Pasadena

This post is a work in progress, if you have a place you want to share or info on a place please let us know.

Here’s a few places in Pasadena that as of this writing we believe to be dog friendly.

All restaurants listed have an outdoor seating area. They are not listed in any specific order, and will be sorted and included in an upcoming website to be launched in the coming weeks.

1. Cafe 140 – Lake, side patio area
2. Rounds Premium Burgers – Lake
3. Next Door Cafe – North Lake
4. Yahaira’s Cafe – Colorado Playhouse
5. Euro-Pane – Colorado both locations have outdoor seating areas
6. Habit Burger – Hastings Ranch
7. Chipotle – Hasting Ranch
8. Chipotle – South Lake
9. Real Food Daily – South Lake
10. Congregation Ale House – Raymond and Del Mar
11. Sharky’s – South Lake
12. Tender Greens – Colorado
13. Pita Jungle – Colorado Old Town
14. Market on Holly – Old Town
15. Lemonade – South Lake
16. Pei Wei – Hastings Ranch
17. Starbucks – Starbucks with outdoor tables. Hill, Colorado, Foothill,
18. Corner Bakery – South Lake, outdoor patio area, not sure about Hastings Ranch location.
19. Jake’s Burgers – Old Town Pasadena
20. Blaze Pizza – Colorado Playhouse District

These we are not sure about:
1. El Portal – Playhouse Colorado
2. Novel Cafe – Colorado PCC Area
3. Cafe Verde – Green St.
4. Malbec – Green St.

We confirmed that these are not dog friendly but do have outdoor patios.
1. Hook Burgers – Hastings Ranch area
2. Green Street Restaurant – South Lake – used to be

May 31 2013
Man in Russia Saves Dog From Death At The Elevator

Man in Russia Saves Dog From Death At The Elevator

May 31 2013
Asteroid Zipping by Earth Today 1998QE2

Named the 1998QE2

Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2)

963 feet, (294 m)

One rotation in 5.3 hours

9 times longer than a cruise ship.  Has its own moon.

Looking for it next week

Will happen at 2


Will miss earth by 3.6 million miles away, which is 15 times longer than the distance from earth and earth’s moon.

Paul Chodas – if an asteroid of this size hits earth it would be a major global catastrophe.

98% of asteroids are being tracked by NASA.


Capturing and putting an asteriod into a safe orbit


For more details visit the NASA website here.

May 31 2013
Rules Of The Road, European Caravan Transport Laws

Rules Of The Road, European Caravan Transport Laws

Whilst most caravan enthusiasts tend to limit their travel to the UK, there are many caravan owners who are little more intrepid. They regularly use their vehicles to travel the length and breadth of Europe, taking in the sights and soaking up the sun. Exploring Europe from a caravan can be an intensely rewarding experience. It’s much cheaper than package holidays. There are fewer restrictions and requirements. You can go wherever want, whenever you like, because your house is coming with you.

When planning a European caravan trip however, it is important to be aware of the many different safety regulations that exist throughout the continent. Comfort and familiarity with the wide range of European road regulations does eventually accumulate along with experience, but it can be hard for inexperienced or first-time holiday-makers to know what’s what.

Many road regulations, especially when it comes to caravans, are the same in almost all European countries. Most will be the same rules abroad as they are in the UK. Most are common sense and very easy to adhere to. For example, it is illegal to drive your caravan whilst using a mobile phone. You must have at least one first aid kit on board at all times whilst travelling. A fire extinguisher is required in some countries. It is strongly recommended that all caravans carry both of these items at all times.

Unsurprisingly, ‘stop’ means stop in every language and every country. There is no excuse for driving through a red light. You could be in trouble with authorities if you are caught disregarding this rule. Satnavs and GPS systems that routinely detect the locations of fixed speed cameras are legal in all countries, but in France, Germany and Switzerland, you must deactivate this function before driving.

One of the most important things to consider when traveling Europe in a caravan, is the drink drive limit for each country. Be warned – all countries have their own rules and you should always take the time to find out what they are before you get into a caravan after drinking alcohol. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia all have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drink driving. No amount of alcohol in the blood whilst driving will be tolerated. Please note that new rules in France require every driver to carry his or her own breathalyser. There are no exceptions to this rule. Breathalysers cost around £1.50 and can be purchased from all supermarkets and pharmacies. For more information on this, visit

Due to the often rigorous nature of caravan towing, it is a legal requirement in most countries that you carry enough high visibility vests for all passengers. That way, if you have to get out of the caravan at night or on a busy highway, you will be safe and seen by other drivers. You will also have to carry and use a warning triangle (two in Spain) whenever you are towing beside or on a road. Please note that if you are travelling in Spain, regulations stipulate that any motor-home or caravan over 12m in length must be clearly fitted with marker boards.

As with drink driving limits, it is vital that you adhere to a country’s speed limit. All countries have their own rules regarding speed and they must all be rigidly followed if you wish to avoid trouble with the authorities. In many countries the speed limit for towns and villages is not explicitly signposted, but is instead displayed with the use of a rectangular sign, edged in red. This sign will tell you the name of the town you are driving through and its speed limit. It signifies a 30mph zone. Once you have exited the town or village, the speed limit will return to whatever it happened to be before you entered it.

All bikes must be securely stored within a roof rack or a rack located at the back of your caravan. This is the rule for almost all countries in Europe. You cannot carry a bike at the back of your car in Portugal, but it is legal everywhere else.

Driving your caravan in Europe doesn’t have to be a drag. As long as you stick to the rules and regulations of the country you are driving through, you will have a completely stress-free holiday. Feel free to ask the authorities for help or advice if necessary – it’s what they’re there for after all.

Author Bio: Sarah is a caravan expert and mobile-home expert. She gives professional advice to those looking for a caravan. For the a caravan insurance quote she recommends Naco Services. She thinks that caravanning holidays are an amazing balance of comfort and value for money.

May 30 2013
Most Common AdSense Violations

Most Common AdSense Violations:

Adult Content

Copyrighted content

Webmaster quality guidelines

Encouraging accidental clicks

ad implementation

Modified ad-code

May 30 2013
Free Orange Chicken! #Freefood @pandaexpress
Print out and bring in this coupon or show it on your mobile device at a participating Panda Express

It’s that time of year again, Summer Hours are back! Celebrate the return of longer days with free Orange Chicken this Friday, May 31 from 9pm to close. Go to to check your local store’s hours and get your coupon here!

The Panda Express twitter account @pandaexpress has over 7,000 followers but has never tweeted.  Makes you wonder why? Maybe they forgot the password or nobody knows how?  It would be interesting  to find out.
May 30 2013
Home Warranty, Service and Maintenance Plans Starting at $19.95 Per Month

Home Warranty, Service and Maintenance Plans Starting at $19.95 Per Month*

TotalProtect®, is a superior home warranty, offering maintenance and/or coverage options designed to fit every homeowner need and budget. Cross Country Home Services, Inc (CCHS), a BBB A+ rated provider of home warranties and services is the provider for TotalProtect Home Warranty. TotalProtect offers a wide variety of affordable home warranties starting at $19.95 that include service support available 24/7/365 days a year. Offering a comprehensive suite of home service plans and strict recruiting, qualifying and monitoring of its 40,0000 service technicians, TotalProtect is equipped to provide homeowners convenience, savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home’s systems and appliances are protected from normal wear and tear no matter the age, make or model. TotalProtect repairs are all covered by a 6-month workmanship guarantee.


Are Your Systems and Appliances More Than 2 Years Old?

It’s Time to Protect Your Budget.

Your home systems and appliances are used every single day. But your homeowners insurance won’t cover you when these items break down. A Home Warranty like TotalProtect will!

With a home warranty, you’re protected when a covered system or appliance breaks down. Just give us a call and we’ll send a pre-qualified professional to your home to take care of the problem – all for the cost of a low service call fee1.

Plus, enjoy everyday peace of mind knowing that you have:

  • Up to 20 systems and appliances covered
  • 24/7 hotline access to pre-qualified service technicians
  • 6-Month Workmanship Guarantee on all covered repairs

Why Risk Your Hard-Earned Money Repairing or Replacing Your Systems and Appliances?

250x300 Full Warranty

May 30 2013
Find the Right Vendor for Your Business with InsideUp

When selecting vendors for your business, you might want help finding the right services, those that can grow with your business. What if you could simply tell someone your needs and be matched with multiple offers, with no obligation? That’s where InsideUp steps in.

InsideUp is a national business platform that is connecting business purchasers to vendors around the United States. The company helps you find exactly what you need to get your business running smoother than ever. The process is broken into three easy steps: select a business service, submit your request, and compare the offers presented to you.


With InsideUp, you will almost immediately begin saving time and money in a multitude of different categories. Find vendors in some of the following categories: document management, payroll services, GPS tracking, HR outsourcing, commercial auto insurance, business loans, and remote data backup services.

The team at InsideUp will help you through the entire process of learning about outsourcing and how to correctly choose a vendor. There are even links to discussion groups and business blogs to help you along the way. InsideUp is there to help you find the best provider available for your needs. What could be better than free resources that help you save time and money?

The majority of vendors will fit into one of these main categories: finance, internet, legal, marketing, professional services, insurance, IT services, and software. On the InsideUp site, users numerous sources of information devoted to each of these categories. For each category and sub-category, InsideUp includes links to buyer guides, discussion groups, outsourcing videos, and business blogs.

InsideUp is trusted source for vendors around the United States. The company is currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau and verified by Verisign as Norton Secured.

What makes them so different from the others? InsideUp is all about the relationships. The backend system at InsideUp works to actively match qualified vendors and interested prospects. The process of being matched up is fast and easy, allowing you to find high-quality vendors faster than ever before.

May 30 2013
Wine Sale at

Finding a good bottle of wine can be difficult sometimes. Maybe you know the exact brand or type you’re looking for but can’t seem to find it. Well, look no further than Order Wine Direct has one of the largest selections of wine available on the internet. Choose from hundreds of different wines, along with gourmet foods, gifts, and accessories.

Order Wine Direct

Starting with the wine category, you will find a large selection based on type, including: white wine, red wine, sparkling/champagne, rose, organic, dessert, and mixed collections. Each section is then broken into different types of wine, like Pinot Gris or Riesling. Order Wine Direct has truly made the experience easier than ever.

Every wine featured on the site includes a picture, why you should try it, and what you should know. Before ordering your wine, you’ll be able to read about the bottle and any awards or recognitions it may have. Order Wine Direct is currently holding a wine sale – use promo code OWB10 for a discount on your first order.

Along with a broad selection of wines, Order Wine Direct also has a large selection of non-alcoholic gifts. Order something special for mom or dad this year, or buy a gift basket for your wife. Gift baskets include things like fruit, buts, barbeque supplies, and coffee; you’ll find just about everything you need!

Are you looking for high quality glassware and accessories? Order Wine Direct currently offers two glassware brands: Ravenscroft Crystal and Stolzle. The Ravenscroft Crystal collections offers customers everything from aerating funnels, ball stoppers, and martini sets, to champagne glasses and long stem glassware.

Order Wine Direct is truly a one-stop shop for all your wine needs with award winning wines, glassware, accessories, and more. Find some of the most unique and interesting wines at and even take advantage of the special discounts they run, saving you more money in the process! While you’re at it, visit the dessert section and check out the Amaretto Cheesecake while you’re at it!


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