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Aug 31 2013
President Obama’s Decision on Syria

President Obama’s Decision on Syria

Just now, President Obama laid out the case for a targeted military action against Syrian regime targets as a result of their use of chemical weapons that killed over one thousand people — including hundreds of children. The President also made clear that this would not be an open-ended intervention, and there will be with no American troops on the ground.

While the President was clear on the need for action, he announced he would seek Congressional authorization for the use of force.

Watch the President’s statement now in his own words:

Click here to watch President Obama's statement.

Aug 31 2013
Pura D’or Premium Organic Hair-Loss-Prevention Shampoo @groupon

Pura D’or Premium Organic Hair-Loss-Prevention Shampoo – Online Deal

$18.99 for 16 Fl. Oz. Pura D’or Premium Organic Hair-Loss-Prevention Shampoo ($37 List Price).

Free Shipping.

Pura D’or Premium Organic Hair-Loss-Prevention Shampoo

Organic Moroccan argan oil, biotin, and vitamin B help nourish follicles, ward off further damage, and promote healthy hair growth

Organic argan oil joins forces with DHT blockers to create this premium shampoo designed to bolster healthy hair growth in men and women. The shampoo also nourishes and strengthens strands with tea-tree and rosemary oils, Dead Sea salts, biotin, and vitamin B complex. Since the formula is free from chemical additives, it’s gentle enough to use daily on any hair type, unlike a glue-on clown wig.

Organic shampoo gentle enough to raise an orphaned kitten as its own
Designed to prevent premature hair loss
Boosts volume and nourishes hair
Natural ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin B, and biotin
Blend of DHT blockers promotes healthy growth
Formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEA, or harsh chemicals
Safe for daily use and all hair types, including color-treated hair
16 fl. oz. bottle with pump
Click here for a complete list of ingredients.

Aug 31 2013
2003 Honda Accord Brake and TCS ! Warning Sensor Lights On

Honda Accord Brake and TCS ! Warning Sensor Lights On

Have you had the lights on the dash of your Honda Accord 2003 or similar model go on all of a sudden.

There’s a few possible problems that could have occurred related to the brake master cylinder that may have failed.

There’s a sensor that attaches to the master cylinder that may have failed. In some cases you will read that if you disconnect the sensor the lights will turn off on the dash. This is only recommended if you are testing and not a long term solution, the sensor will alert you if the fluid level is low.

We have also read that if the system is flushed, that that sometimes helps get the sensor working again. Perhaps a bad connection on the sensor. There are others that cover the sensor with black tape, but I don’t know what that is about.

A new master cylinder sells for about $180 or so and you can find a rebuilt one for maybe $140 or less.



Chances are the brake fluid level switch inside the resevoir has stuck. I have replaced a few master cylinders for this, ( the resevoir is NOT sold seperately ). If you unplug the brake fluid level connector, see if the BRAKE light goes out. If it does, you have found the problem. I’m sure the TCS DTC is related to this.

Cleaning the resevoir with brake cleaner and putting new fluid back in

There is a dtc (data trouble code) in your abs/tcs system. It could have something to do with the at (auto trans)system. You have to have your local dealer scan it with their hds tablet, and probably charge you to do so.



Aug 29 2013
Daphne’s Buy One, Get One Free – Expires 9-8-13

Daphne’s Buy One, Get One Free – Expires 9-8-13

Aug 29 2013
626 Night Market Final Event of the Year on Labor Day Weekend @626nightmarket

626 Night Market Final Event of the Year on Labor Day Weekend


ARCADIA, Calif. (August 29, 2013)—626 Night Market is back for one final event this summer this Labor Day Weekend on August 31st and September 1st at the picturesque Paddock Gardens of Santa Anita Park.  This encore event will host dozens of new vendors and 30% more space.  Event hours are extended to 4PM to 1AM on both Saturday & Sunday.  Parking will be free with an admission of $2 from 4PM-6PM and $3 after 6PM.  Children aged 12 years and under are free.

Santa Anita’s Paddock Gardens will be transformed to accommodate the largest Asian Night Market in the U.S, featuring over 150 food and merchandise vendors, beer and spirits, live performances, live art, DJs, dancing, non-profit groups, and children’s activities.

Printable PDF of the vendor directory and map:


World’s Largest Cup of Milk Tea Returns

The World’s Largest Cup of Milk Tea will be returning for the Labor Day event as a giant cup of grass jelly milk tea.  The cup itself is 6 feet tall and made of plexiglass.  The straw extends its height an additional 3.5 feet resulting in a total height of 9.5 feet.  It weighs hold 320 gallons of tea—over 2,500 cups of a standard 16 oz. tea drink—and will weigh approximately 2,700 lbs, heavier than an average sedan.


626 Night Market presents “The Night Market” Short Film

To celebrate the summer of night markets, 626 Night Market produced a short film entitled “The Night Market,” which follows three stories that happen at the night market.  The film is directed by Jason Poon (“Bobalife” and “626”), produced by James Yi and Aileen Xu, and executive produced by Jonny Hwang.

“The Night Market” short film:


For more information regarding 626 Night Market events, visit

Aug 28 2013
Goldstar Comp Tickets Free Event Tickets #free @goldstar

The Comp Train is rolling into the station, so hop aboard!

Goldstar’s Comp Train promotion is happening this Wednesday, August 28th.

Comp Train is a one day only promotion for complimentary tickets to events across the country, including live theatre, dance, comedy, opera and more.

Sign up for Goldstar and get out and try something new.

Take advantage of these events until September 4th, 2013.

Today only, Goldstar is rolling out the Comp Train, offering thousands of complimentary tickets to live theatre, dance, comedy, opera and more in cities across the country. With nothing to lose (except a small service fee), get out and try something new! Get started here.

Chili & Brewfest – The Best Local Breweries and Chefs
Queen Mary Events Park (Long Beach, CA)
Full Price: Our Price:
$15.00 COMP – $5.00
Prize-winning chili chefs, top local breweries, live entertainment and games for the kids make the Delicious Chili & Brewfest the perfect Labor Day weekend activity….
Sunday, Sep. 1 @ 11:00am


Aug 27 2013
The Cancer Chronicles: Unlocking Medicine’s Deepest Mystery

The Cancer Chronicles: Unlocking Medicine’s Deepest Mystery

Aug 27 2013
blu eCigs with Jenny McCarthy @blucigs @JennyMcCarthy

blu eCigs with Jenny McCarthy

blu eCigs with Jenny McCarthy.


Aug 27 2013
Docstoc Acquires; Surpasses 35 Million Registered Members @docstoc @bestvendor

This just came in from Docsstoc CEO Jasn Nazar:

Congrats to the team at both of these fine companies. It can only mean great things will come about for both companies.


We’re very proud to announce that Docstoc has made it’s first acquisition, BestVendor (, the popular community to find the best SaaS and software offerings.  BestVendor is a Yelp-like platform with thousands of community-sourced ratings and reviews to help you discover the best online products to start and grow your business.  The acquisition accompanies Docstoc hitting 35 million registered members since our launch in November 2007. 
These are exciting times for our team here in Santa Monica.  I’d like to personally invite you to join the community of professionals at to share your ratings and recommendations of the products that you use most for your businesses.  Plus see how thousands of professionals are rating your product and claim your company’s product page.  
The press roundup is included below, including a call out quote that encapsulates our vision.
Nazar says:

“We want to be the brand people think of to start and build their small businesses. Where do they really go now? People go to LegalZoom to incorporate, they go to some Quickbooks to set up their accounting and maybe they read Entrepreneur and Forbes to get some topical business info. But what is the one universal resource that gives them everything they could possibly need to run their businesses? That’s what we’re trying to build.”
TechCrunch – 
PandoDaily –
VentureBeat – 
Forbes –
SmallBizTrends – 
SoCalTech – 
Los Angeles Business Journal –
VatorNews –
Techmeme  – 
Jason Lawrence Nazar



Aug 27 2013
Glendale Schools Monitoring Social Media with Geo Listening

Glendale Schools Monitoring Social Media with Geo Listening

City of Glendale Schools will be utilizing services by company Geo Listening(Hermosa Beach) which provides social media monitoring.

The service is intended to provide daily reports on all potentially relevant cyber bullying activity.  Texting, calls, and  emails are not monitored with the service. Approx 13,000 students in middle and high schools will be monitored.

School computers are the most watched especially during school hours.


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