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Jan 31 2011
Santa Anita Food Truck Festival Pictures and Review

Enjoy some pictures from the 2011 First Annual Food Truck Festival held at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, CA

The Food Truck Festival was held January 29, 2011, from 11am-4:30pm.
There was a beer garden and several dozen food trucks.

Long lines
Long waits
Food ran out of many trucks
Too many people and tickets sold(way too many), estimated 1o,000, probably more with all the people from the track that didn’t know about it and wanted to get in.
The majority of people would probably not go back again, unless there was some sort of credit.

Nice day
First festival, so we can expect better organization for the second, with all the feedback we provide.

Everyone is going to be keeping an eye on the Union Station Food Truck Festival TruckItFest, to see how it goes.

Recommendations: Limit offerings of each truck to speciality items that can be prepared quickly.
perhaps implement food tickets, i.e. worth $2 each for purchasing food truck items, those tickets can then be redeemed by the food trucks for purchases made at their trucks.
even with 100 people in line a food truck should be able to deliver all the food to those people within 1 hour.

The art of food truck festivals is something that is developing, there is no perfect science, and we will see them develop if they are to continue, people will always be attracted to food trucks as the trend has been escalating in popularity in past years.
Upcoming events like the Union Station festival taking place in March, we hope will learn to optimize from what we are seeing at other events, organizers are looking to make money, but at what cost? Will people go back or complain loudly if they have a bad time? I would say that limiting the # to something reasonable so that you never have more than 20-30 people in any one line is key, once you hit 100+ people in a line you have a serious problem and that needs to be dealt with quickly, because someone or many people will be disappointed.


One of the quotes:

“Ticket sales are unbelievable. Every six hours we’re selling 500 hundred tickets,” Quinn said enthusiastically.

Apparently they didn’t have a limit?


If you want to reach one of the organizers of the event:

I sent off a scathing email to the Santa Anita Racetrack regarding the food truck festival and I encourage you to offer feedback to

Chris Quinn Director of Sales – Santa Anita Park  Phone: 626.574.6403 – Mobile: 310.505.2287 – Fax: 626.821.1555

Chris Quinn is Director of Sales with Santa Anita and one of the organizers along with Josh Hiller co-owns Road Stove, a company that owns and leases many of the food trucks participating.

Josh Hiller 310-TruckMe  (310-878-2563)

Jan 31 2011
Chase Bank Online Banking Mortgage Customer Experience
Here’s the latest response this morning from Chase regarding my online payment problems, where a payment had been scheduled and it was reset and disappeared. Isn’t the automatic payments supposed to be set and forget except to watch it once a month. Now with Chase I have to manually make each payment and make sure it went through because now auto payments don’t work, and manual payment settings could be lost or reset. The crazy story continues. I hope someone exposes Chase for their bug laden online system.  I’m tired of hear their excuses.
Dear Victor:

I am writing in response to your Internet inquiry to Chase
about your home mortgage loan.

On xxxx, we received and appliedxxx as
your January 2011 payment, effective xxx.

Your mortgage payments are due on the first of the month,
and are considered late on the second. However, you have
15 days from the due date to make your payment without
paying a penalty. If we receive your payment by the 16th
of the month, we will not assess a late charge.

If the 16th falls on a Sunday or a holiday, the late
charge date moves to the next business day, and late
charges are applied after cash processing on that day.

We offer the following payment options:

1. FastPay (Check-by-Phone)
2. Western Union Quick Collect
3. Chase Branch
4. Autocharge (Automatic Debit)
5. Chase Online Banking
6. Check or Money Order

If you want additional information about any of the
payment methods listed above, please e-mail us again with
your request.

We have forwarded your inquiry to Chase Online, however,
if you require immediate assistance, please call Chase
Online Banking directly at 1-877-242-7372. Our
representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a
day, seven days a week.

If Chase does not receive your mortgage payment by the due
date, your loan will eventually become active in the
Collections Department’s system. The Collections
Department will try to contact you, either by an
auto-dialer or a collector, to bring the loan current
early in the month or to make payment arrangements.

Although you may have a payment scheduled through Chase
Online, the account is still considered past due until
those funds are received and applied by Chase. If you
want Chase to stop collection calls, you must send a
written request (also called a Cease and Desist letter),
including the following:

– Loan number
– Property address
– Mailing address
– Phone number (s) they want Chase not to call
– Your signature

Please mail the Cease and Desist letter to the Collections
Department at:

Attn: Collections Department
Mail Code: OH4-7356
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009
Fax: 1-614-422-7912

Chase’s goal is to provide the highest level of quality
service. If you have questions about your mortgage,
please contact Customer Care at 1-800-848-9136.

We appreciate your business and value our relationship
with you.

Thank you,

Larry Thode
Vice President
Customer Care

You still don’t get it. Your system failed, and you continue to deny there’s a problem with your systems. Not only has customer service failed miserably but your online system is defective and does not work as I was promised by representatives from your company.
Please provide me with the name and number of the President of Customer Services and Operations so I can take this up with someone who perhaps cares about fixing a bad customer experience with Chase.

You still don’t get it. Your system failed, and you continue to deny there’s a problem with your systems. Not only has customer service failed miserably but your online system is defective and does not work as I was promised by representatives from your company.Please provide me with the name and number of the President of Customer Services and Operations so I can take this up with someone who perhaps cares about fixing a bad customer experience with Chase.

Jan 30 2011
CleanTech Career Night February 1, 2011

CleanTech Career Night

CleanTech Career Night. Cleantech LA. Cleantech Career Night is a collaboration between Caltech, UCLA, USC, and CleanTech LA with the goal of connecting LA´s brightest business and engineering students with leading clean technology companies. Following a hosted reception and short welcoming remarks, each presenting employer will provide a two-minute introduction about their company, their available positions and what they look for in good candidates. Students will then have an opportunity to move between company representatives´ tables to learn more about specific companies and their opportunities.

Date: February 1, 2011

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Davidson Conference Center

3415 S Figueroa St

Los Angeles, CA,

more info:

Jan 30 2011
Visa Gift Cards Problems Tips, stores not accepting?

Visa has been experiencing many complaints from people with gift cards from Visa that cannot use the remaining balance on cards.

The company also has setup a special toll-free number which will connect customers having problems directly with a live person. That number is 877-770-6406.

Credit Union Nation
Dr. Manning

Jan 30 2011
Rehearsal Studio Directory

Are you looking for your next place to rehearse?

There are two comprehensive directories on the internet that are updated and list studios around the country.

The first one is available at Hothouse Studios,  Hothouse Rehearsal Studio Directory

The second is available at Music Nomand Open Studio Directory

We would would love to hear from you regarding which directory you have used and which one you prefer.

Jan 30 2011
Want to Estimate your Accommodation Budget – Here are Rents of the Area

A person who loves nature always loves to travel and want to see beautiful world bless by God. More than 70% of the world’s population plans their vacations to get a trip and to explore the beauty of the world. I also love traveling to beautiful locations but a few months back I was really afraid of rentals of hotels and houses in beautiful areas. I remained afraid and hesitated about traveling because of rentals and than I found one of the world’s best resources from where I can now get my budget overview and can plan best rental place for my trip and the source for all of this is

From low cost condominium rentals to luxury houses, provides accommodations that match your distinctive journey requirements and holiday spending budget. Regardless of whether you are traveling to get a family members holiday, group reunion or girlfriend getaway, vacation rentals provide much more worth than the usual conventional resort space. In choose rentals; appreciate amenities like your personal kitchen, fireplace, large display Television, scorching tub and a lot much more. Do you want to try rents of the area you want to visit? Just click here.

Jan 30 2011
Want to Enjoy Upcoming Vacations – Here is Something for You

I want to share an interesting story of my life, a few year back, I was thinking and planning that where should I spent my holidays that were coming after a week or two and off course you will understand that I in my home when my holidays get to an end. It is one of the biggest problems for most of us to find a beautiful place where we can spend our holidays in really less budget and now as I have found an amazing professional Vacation Expert planner hence my last holidays were special for me. Yes, please wait a minute, I am telling you what I a got and what they are giving me.

My Vacation Expert is definitely an interactive referral service targeted on connecting travelers with pre-qualified and expert-rated journey experts. Accessible Totally free to customers, My Vacation Expert makes use of proprietary technologies to fit a traveler’s holiday request with a skilled journey expert which has been tested to become expertly proficient within the requested holiday kind and/or vacation spot. My Vacation Expert  provides the travelers who go to our website the very best of each worlds, combining a content-rich, constantly up to date on-line expertise with entry to journey experts with expertise within the kind of journey they seek out. My Holiday Specialists journey experts deliver a wealth of understanding and worth to journey preparing. If you want to visit My Vacation Expert right now, please click here.

Jan 30 2011
Vista print – The best Printing Solution

You need a business printing solution? Are you looking for one of the best printing solutions online? Do you want the best results in extra ordinary low costs? Here is the only right answer for you and right here we’ve a stunning and heart touching service for you personally provided from the They’re serving from numerous many years and are proving their superb solutions in printing. If you’re searching for any kind of printing answer, I’ll guidance you to just go to the Vista print as they’ve extremely inventive graphic designer to deliver your dream graphic in your going to or wedding ceremony card.

Vista print is providing a brand new traditional provide and in the event you go to them now they’ve a great deal of totally free series of top quality cards, publish cards, Brochures, invitation cards, company cards, folders, note cards and so they may also style a logo for you personally on totally free or extremely discounted costs. Vista print also provides you a web site style, in the event you require a little they’ll give it you for totally free with any printing purchase you’ll location. They also style web site for big company, they’ll provide you with a custom-made or refreshing web site based on your purchase. Click here to visit Vista Print now.

Jan 30 2011
Fast and Free Way for You to Send Money

It was a time when sending money to your family or friends was very difficult when you were out of your town or country, It was a really time taking process to wait for several days when your friend or family will get the money after you send them right now. In reverse, it was also problematic for you when you asked your family or friends to send you money in emergency but now a days, technology and communication has made this very easy and today I am introducing a straight to the art facility that delivers money just in minute, yes I am talking about

The concept that sending cash ought to be as simple as sending a text concept was born from aggravation more than this extremely scenario. Shortly right after the saying – I want I could truthfully just zip the cash – was uttered at a lunch meeting, XIPWIRE (pronounced zip-wire) go about generating this concept an actuality. Driven from the vision of sending or getting cash at any time or anyplace, XIPWIRE created a simple, secure and handy method to initiate or total transactions utilizing an easy text concept. Nevertheless, XIPWIRE’s application exceeds the preliminary intent of merely having to pay a buddy back again. If you want to send money to your buddies or family just for free click here.

Jan 29 2011
Want a Couching Class with Ditka, Ryan, Payton, Singletary or Bowden

Couching is one of the hardest jobs in the world but finding a best coach and finding best around you is much more difficult than couching anyone. It is a fact that we need couching in our daily life to avail better opportunities and successes in life. It is a dream for each of us to get a couching class with Mike Ditka, Rex Ryan, Singletary and Bobby Bowden or Sean Payton. Yup, it is nearly impossible for all of us to get a live counseling with them but here is a chance for you to get couched from few of the best couches of the world.

Mike Ditka, Rex Ryan, Sean Payton, Mike Singletary, and legendary school coach Bobby Bowden have translated the secrets and techniques of their good results around the area into an arsenal of insight and methods for good results within the actual globe. Company experts, athletes, college students, mother and father…anybody searching for the greatest aggressive edge along with a successful mindset to tackle daily problems will discover the 20-plus, on-demand bursts of wisdom and inspiration on every coach’s DVD priceless when dealing with daily problems. If existence is really a sport you would like to win, and then GET COACHED™ by confirmed winners and a few of the best motivators of our time. Click here to order a couching course for you.


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