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Aug 26 2015
South Lake Business Association 7th Annual “Taste of South Lake” October 10, 2015 @SouthLakeAvenue @626food #pasadena


October 10th | 11:00am5:00pm

On Saturday, October 10th, the South Lake Business Association will present the 7th Annual “Taste of South Lake”, Pasadena’s largest culinary celebration! Guests can enjoy mouth-watering offerings from over 25 South Lake Avenue restaurants, live cooking demos with celebrity chefs, music performances by internationally known bands, a vendor village and more!

This free outdoor festival will be held at the Corporate Center Pasadena located at 251 S. Lake Avenue in Pasadena.

For more information, please visit Taste of South Lake 2015.


Taste of South Lake is Pasadena’s largest culinary celebration!  Guests can enjoy mouth-watering offerings from over 25 South Lake Avenue restaurants, live cooking demos with celebrity chefs, music performances by internationally known bands, a vendor village and more!

This FREE outdoor festival will be held at the Corporate Center Pasadena located at 251 S. Lake Avenue, Pasadena (view map!) and offers:



  • 11:00amDJ GRANT OWENS from We Found New Music
  • 12:00pmATTIC EMPIRE – 7 piece space funk musical collective
  • 1:00pmFREEDOM FRY –  Unique 60′s inspired folk/pop sound
  • 2:00pm: RUN RIVER NORTH – Korean-American indie folk rock band
  • 3:00pmTHE COLOURIST – Acclaimed American rock band
  • 4:00pm: THE BIRD AND THE BEELA Times calls “a breezy collection of stylish, pop tunes”
  • Spinning between sets: DJ GRANT OWENS from We Found New Music


  • Details coming soon!





Aug 25 2015
EASEUS Todo Backup Home Free Trial

EASEUS Todo Backup Home is an advanced and reliable data backup & system disaster recovery software for business desktops and laptops. It offers maximized data protection and ease-of-use. With this cost-effective backup & recovery software, users can perform self-service backup operations like creating an exact disk image of your business workstation, backing up entire operating system, applications, and all data. In addition, you can get system up and recover files and folders in time, saving your time and work.

Free Version Trial
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Aug 24 2015
Cross Campus DTLA Downtown Los Angeles Opening 2016 @crosscampusla #DTLA #coworking

Coming Soon!
Opening in early 2016

Cross Campus DTLA is centrally located across the street from the 7th & Grand Metro station and just a block off of restaurant row. The 33,000 square-foot campus with its twenty-foot, floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows and “California modern” design brings a bright, productive environment to Downtown. Powered by all of the same business resources as our other locations, and some new amenities we’re excited to introduce, Cross Campus is the home of creative professionals who want to work and play in DTLA.


  • Enterprise level fiber connectivity
  • Pet friendly membership
  • Onsite valet parking
  • Bike storage
  • Showers and rejuvenation room
  • Business resources and networking events


Dylan Steinman


800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(310) 395-3500
[email protected]

Aug 23 2015
Is Pasadena a perfect city for Vertical Gardening? #food #veritcalgarden @aerofarms

Is Pasadena a perfect city for Vertical Gardening? has a story about the possibility of making the newly renovated AT&T building a site with vertical gardens.
With Fleming’s Steakhouse announcing their opening a location at the AT&T building and new tenants moving in, does a vertical garden here make sense?
While there are vertical gardens in many locations, and there are personal variations of vertical gardens, one on the mass scale to feed dozens if not hundreds of people are not yet proven.
Headlines like these will help to stimulate the discussion further, much like solar, and other new technologies.
Singapore Grows the World’s Largest Vertical Garden

But are micro farms the real answer? We are facing some real challenges when it comes to our food sourcing, production, packaging and transportation, the offset of commercial large scale farming operations make it difficult for small scale farmers to compete. It comes down to cost and values to consumers as to what consumers will pay for products.

If like solar and EV the government provided incentives then perhaps large scan vertical farming would take off even faster. Otherwise if left to capitalism the cost will have to be reduced to compete with traditional methods and that would is less likely.

There are some large scale vertical farming operations making headway, but what they grow is limited.
AeroFarms in New Jersey for example has one of the largest commercial farming operations.

Aug 23 2015
Market on Holly Pasadena Closed #626food

Market on Holly Pasadena Closed

While there are little details we do know that Market on Holly has been closed for approximately 2 months.
The windows are covered and no further details are available.
Interesting is that the website is still running.
We understand that the business changed hands recently and that changes had been made to attempt to improve business, but apparently it was not enough.
We hope to see a new business open here.

Address: 57 E Holly St, Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone:(626) 460-8412

Aug 23 2015
Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle Road Trip Gone Bad @nissanelectric @nissanleafhelp

We took a Nissan Leaf hundreds of miles through some of the most beautiful parts of the UK, and discovered plenty of the challenges facing EV drivers along the way.

Here’s another story of a LEAF driver’s trip going bad.

Not to mention that Nissan has done a disservice to owners by playing games with the battery issues. Nissan is trying to recoup their investment in EV on the backs of unsuspecting owners and buyers.
Lease if possible and don’t buy a Nissan LEAF if you can avoid it.
As an early adopter 2011 LEAF with 9 bars of capacity, Nissan refuses to replace batteries although the batteries are at less than 60% of their original capacity measured by “range”.

Aug 22 2015
Car Rental Websites Specials
Aug 20 2015
Samsung Offers iPhone Users a Test Drive of New Phones for $1

Samsung Offers iPhone Users a Test Drive of New Phones for $1

Samsung Ultimate Test Drive

Test Drive one of our latest Galaxy smartphones on your current carrier for 30 days with no obligation for just $1. After that, simply return it. Or, if the phone feels right for you, go ahead and upgrade.

You have to signup from your iPhone in order to take advantage of the promotion.

We don’t know what the phones cost if you decide to keep it.

Click here to sign up for the Samsung Ultimate Test Drive here

Thank you for your interest in the Samsung Ultimate Test Drive! Our program gives iPhone users the opportunity to learn more about our latest Galaxy phones. Due to the design of the program, we request that you enroll from your iPhone device to receive your Test Drive phone. For other great offers please visit


Aug 19 2015
2016 Nissan LEAF to Feature 110 Mile Range Larger Battery @nissan #nissanleaf

If you bought a Nissan LEAF in 2011 to 2015 you are noticing the battery capacity is reduced year by year.

There are rumors that Nissan is releasing a 110 mile range version of the LEAF, that as battery capacity drops will probably be in the 50-60 mile range.  This is being realistic as Nissan has been sued twice at least for misrepresentation claims and has lost.

If you bought a 2011 Nissan LEAF you are certainly not getting the range you once got, that’s a guarantee, not Nissan is attempting to not cannibalize 2015-2016 sales by keep the new model of the Nissan under wrap as long as possible and perspective buys will either avoid the LEAF or wait for the new model.

It is interesting to note that Nissan LEAF sales having been declining as BMW, Tesla, Volt have been increasing. In many markets the BMW and Tesla surpass the sales of Nissan LEAF.

Next month there is an Elective Drive Week, where you can see the vehicles that consumers are buying.

Having purchased a LEAF and been burned by the questionable advertising tactics of Nissan, and having trying to reason with representatives of Nissan and hitting a brick wall, does not speak highly for anyone else interested in purchasing a Nissan LEAF or any other Nissan product.

The recommendation if you insist on buying a Nissan LEAF is to wait, and lease not purchase as no matter how you look at it, the LEAF batteries will have to be replaced.

Source: Andy Mohr Avon Nissan

2016 Nissan Leaf Changes

While there are many features that make the Leaf a popular vehicle, there is one thing it’s known for above all else: its battery. The 2016 Nissan Leaf redesign will bring a first to the electric car: your choice of two different batteries.

  • The standard Leaf will come with the same battery as the 2015 model, featuring an EPA-estimated driving range of 84 miles.
  • Drivers of higher trim levels will enjoy a battery with as much as 25% increased capacity, delivering a driving range of as much as 110 miles.

The majority of electric cars only feature one battery option, and by providing drivers with their choice of a lower capacity battery if they don’t intend to drive long distances, the new Leaf can find a home in even more garages.

Aug 18 2015
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Coming to Pasadena @Flemings @626food #pasadena

Fleming’s Steakhouse has long been rumored to be looking for a space in Pasadena, most recently it was suspected to be opening in the South Lake Ave  Business District, and now it looks to be in the Old Pasadena.

Here’s the Notice of Public Hearing posted for conditional use permit #6337.

The applicant for the property, EBI Consulting for Bloomin’ Brands.

The location is 6,800 sq ft.

More to follow, but we imagine the location will be on the ground floor, but it could be on the Penthouse.

The proposed location at
177 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA  91101

Would put it inside the AT&T building, which has been transformed into a new “technology” center, with rumors of new tenants moving in. The view form the penthouse is amazing.

If you are interested in learning more, attend the public hearing on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 6pm.

Hale Building Permit Center Hearing Room. 175 N. Garfield Ave.

There are a several Fleming’s in the Los Angeles area. Pasadena is a perfect choice for expansion.

California:Beverly HillsEl SegundoFresnoLa JollaLos Angeles/L.A. LIVENewport BeachPalo AltoRancho CucamongaRancho MirageSan DiegoWalnut CreekWoodland Hills


Aug 18 2015
Pasadena General Plan 2015 Passes with Council Voting in Favor

Pasadena General Plan 2015 Passes with Council Voting in Favor

After many years, 6 to 8 years in the making the Pasadena General Plan after hours of questions being answered by City of Pasadena Planning Dept. There are still issues which remain, but the general consensus was that the city needed a plan. There are fears that by imposing new restrictions and the already in progress developments that Pasadena will hit the limits of the plan and that a moratorium will be put in place to stop further development.  It is hard to predict the future but if the past is any indication there could be some issues in the coming years with growth being crippled because of the General Plan.

There are other concerns which revolve around water and electricity, but mobility is one area the plan addressed with public comment using New York and Santa Monica as areas with periods of uncontrolled growth that are suffering because of the population density. Could Pasadena become gridlocked, due to large developments?  There are already some large developments in the Old Pasadena, Playhouse District, Central Downtown, and more coming, at least 10 large projects are underway at some phase.  The largest of the projects being developed is the Parson’s project with the first phase at approx 650k sq ft.  and 600+ living units in the first phase, this will surely have an impact on traffic and accessibility around the area.  It could become an area that local residents will avoid because of the traffic jams.

In the coming days, months, and years, there will be those critical of the General Plan, perhaps it may not serve their interest, but it does serve someone else.  Having a win-win with this is difficult at best. Some people don’t want any growth, some want lots of growth. Where you stand is your right, expressing your position is also your right, and we elect city officials to help steer our city in the right direction. The verdict is out wether those elected will achieve this goal.  In particular considering the embarrassment of the long term embezzlement.

Aug 17 2015
Innovate Pasadena ConnectWeek 2015 – October 19-25 @InnovatPasadena #connectweek2015

Innovate Pasadena ConnectWeek 2015

Will take place October 19-25.

Featuring independently organized seminars, workshops and social events hosted in the Pasadena area and focus on design, technology, science, and business events.

Discover more about design trends, open data efforts, crowdfunding, emerging biotech, 3D printing, successful entrepreneurship, and innovation in Pasadena.

For more information about Innovate Pasadena and the upcoming ConnectWeek 2015, visit or

Aug 17 2015
Veggie Grill’s Love app Earn Extra Points @veggiegrill

I downloaded the Veggie Grill’s Love app and I think you should too!

Just follow the steps below to earn some Love and an extra 50 points after you snap a pic of your first receipt.

1. Download the app in the Apple App store or Google Play store by searching for “Veggie Grill”.

2. Copy this code (case-sensitive) and enter it in the “referral code” field when you Sign Up.

Referral Code:  s3s9c

Happy snapping and Live It Up!

The Veggie Grill Team

-powered by Relevant


feel the VG LOVE

every time you dine with us, snap a picture of your receipt with our app and for every dollar you spend you’ll receive a little love in return.

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have questions about app functionality? send us an e-mail at [email protected]

don’t have a smartphone? sign up for our e-mail program here.

Aug 15 2015
Big Bear City Airport 2015 Air Fair August 15, 2015

The Big Bear City Airport is pleased to welcome you to its 2015 Air Fair! This exciting event is a longstanding tradition in the community. For more than thirty years, the airport has welcomed audiences young and old to experience the thrill of aviation.

Activities Include –  Mountain Fife and Drums Corps –  Helicopter and Bi-Plane Rides  –  Kids Attractions – Sky Divers – Gifts and Souvenirs – Warbirds – Food Vendors – Classic Cars.

The whole family will enjoy incredible vintage planes, classic cars and skydiving exhibitions. Community group exhibits, current aircraft displays and a wide array of souvenir and food vendors will add to the fun. Also, we’ll have attractions just for kids! Best of all, it’s free! A big thank-you to all who have enjoyed this wonderful community event in the past, and a heartfelt welcome if you’re joining us for the first time. This day promises to be filled with fun, food, fresh air and fantastic flying!

Free parking is available; click HERE for more information on the Air Fair

Location: Big Bear City Airport at 501 Valley Blvd

Contact: Tel: (909) 585-3219 Website:

Aug 15 2015
FREE pizza slice to you and your bestie! Celebrate National Best Friend Day Saturday August 15th @zpizza

FREE pizza slice to you and your bestie!

Celebrate National Best Friend Day Saturday August 15th between 11am-2pm and enjoy a hot pizza slice, FREE for you & your bestie!

Free slice to you & you bestie


zpizza Pasadena (Colorado Blvd)
1705 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 792-5500

Aug 15 2015
ATCC Beer Club presents “Epic Brewing” at Altadena Town Country Club August 15, 2015

Join us for a spectacular outdoor beer drinking event…on the Meadow! ATCC Beer Club presents “Epic Brewing” on Saturday, August 15th at 6:30 p.m. Please RSVP online at or with the Front Desk.

Address: 2290 Country Club Drive, Altadena, CA 91001
Aug 14 2015
Print One Copy of Your Book for $19 @bookbaby

The complete self-publishing package

Everything you need to create and sell your eBook and printed book.

Print One Copy of Your Book for $19 @bookbaby

Get a copy of your book printed for just $19 at!

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Ready to print your book? Save $150 on custom book printing of 150 or more at BookBaby. Use coupon code BEACH150 at checkout.

Aug 14 2015
Apple iOS 8.4.1 Update Release Notes #ios #iosupdate

Apple iOS 8.4.1 Update Release Notes

This release includes improvements and fixes to Apple Music.

  • Resolves issues that could prevent turning on iCloud Music Library
  • Resolves an issue that hides added music because Apple Music was set to show offline music only
  • Provides a way to add songs to a new playlist if there aren’t any playlists to choose from
  • Resolves an issue that may show different artwork for an album on other devices
  • Resolves several issues for artists while posting to Connect
  • Fixes an issue where tapping Love doesn’t work as expected while listening to Beats 1

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

Aug 13 2015
Cafe de Leche Altadena Location Coming Soon @626food @cafe_de_leche

Café de Leche

Stumptown Coffee • Horchata con Espresso • Loose Leaf Teas

Cafe de Leche Altadena Location Coming Soon

5000 York Blvd, Highland Park   Phone number (323) 551-6828     

Location in Highland Park with Altadena being second location to open.




Aug 13 2015
Paul Martin’s Pasadena Location Opening November 2015 @PaulMartinsAG @626food @SouthLakeAvenue #Pasadenafood

Paul Martin's

Paul Martin’s Pasadena Location Opening November 2015, a little over a year after the legal notice was posted.

American Grill coming to

The signs and construction of the South Lake Pasadena location of Paul Martin’s is on the fast track and banners indicate that the location is slated to open November 2015.

The 6,192sqft location is managed by MerloneGeierPartners and is part of The Shops on Lake

Look for Paul Martin’s to shake up area and bring a much needed refresh to the area which has suffered from various closures and vacant buildings.

The South Lake Ave location will pull in from South Pas, San Marino, Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada, Glendale and other cities in the SGV and SFV.

We are looking forward to Paul Martin’s America Grill opening late this year.


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