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Feb 24 2024
City of Pasadena Trash and Sewer Rate Increases 2024 – State of the City February 29, 2024

Pasadena Residents!!

The city of Pasadena is trying to increase the cost of our sewer use fees. It’s a five year plan that increase the residents cost and will be triple the cost for all residents in 5 years!! They cannot legally move forward with this program if 50% of the residents protest the increase.  Both rate increases are from Pasadena Public Works. 

Public Notices posted here:

Please send an email to, if you are able to attend in person please do so, but email is encouraged as well.

Include in your email:

Please include your name and the parcel or billing address, write

“City of Pasadena Proposed Refuse Collection Fees”, and indicate whether you are protesting the rate.

“Implementation of Sewer Use Fee Rate Adjustments”, and indicate whether you are protesting the rate.
before April 8, 2024. 
Write to your City Council as well.  cc 

Public Works – Tony Olmos

Mayor Victor Gordo,

City Mgr. Miguel  Márquez,

City Clerk Mark Jomsky,

D1 Tyron Hampton
D2 Felicia Williams,

D3 Justin Jones
D4 Gene Masuda,
D5 Jess Rivas,
D6 Steve Madison,
D7 Jason Lyon,

***One email per address*** *** email due date is before April 8th***

Rate Increases for garbage and sewer.
Let me put that another way. 174% rate increase for sanitation, and another 243% rate increase for sewage. Seems steep.
And if 33,501 Pasadena residents and business owners don’t show up and ‘protest’ on April 8th, and 5:30 PM for a meeting of 2 hours, it’s happening.
How in the world did they expect to hear and accommodate 33,501 residents? It appears to be a done deal otherwise. 
You can ‘protest’ via email or postal mail. One per property. Still, seems you need over 33k ratepayers in on the protest. Who’s counting?
In addition you can attend the state of the city on Thursday Feb 29, 2024.
Mayor’s State of the City on Thursday, Feb. 29 at Caltech, Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1216 E. California Blvd. This year’s theme is “Leaping into the Future”.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Free on-site parking will be available at the Cal Tech parking garage south of the building. The State of the City will also be live-streamed at: 
For accessibility information and requests, contact (626) 744-7311 or Providing at least 72 hours advance notice will help ensure availability.

The Mayor’s State of the City

Thursday, February 29 – Doors Open at 6:30 p.m.

Caltech’s Cahill Center

1216 E. California Boulevard

Feb 21 2024
City of Pasadena to Enforce the Use of Leashes on Dogs at Pasadena Parks
City of Pasadena to Enforce the Use of Leashes on Dogs at Pasadena Parks
With the increase of community reports of off-leash dogs at Pasadena parks, the City of Pasadena reminds the public to leash dogs at all times while visiting city parks, with the exception of Alice’s Dog Park in Viña Vieja Park and Playhouse Village Dog Park which are designated off-leash areas.
Pasadena Municipal Code (PMC) 6.12.010 prohibits off-leash dogs in City parks outside of designated off-leash areas. Those who violate the code are subject to citation, which may result in a fine up to $500.
To ensure the safety of all park visitors, the City of Pasadena will begin issuing citations to dog owners with dogs off-leash starting Thursday, Feb. 22. Pasadena Humane will enforce leash requirements and continue to provide the community with education on dog-leashing.
“Our focus is to ensure that public spaces remain safe for all park visitors,” said Pasadena Public Health Department Deputy Director, Manuel Carmona. “Because ongoing efforts to educate park visitors about leash requirements have not been effective, we are transitioning to stricter enforcement to protect the public.”
Leashing dogs reduces the risk for dog attacks on other dogs and humans, and lowers the risk of other accidents, such as dogs being hit by passing cars. Pasadena park visitors who witness unleashed dogs outside of designated off-leash areas can report their concerns to Pasadena Humane at (626) 792-7151 ext. 102.
For more information, visit: Pasadena City Park Rules.
Feb 20 2024
Ferrazzani’s Pasta & Market Opening Saturday, February 24th from 11-6
Come celebrate our new life as Ferrazzani’s Pasta & Market with a food-filled celebration Saturday, February 24th from 11-6.
Porchetta Sandwiches featuring Porchetta made by our friends at @meatandessentials
Take-and-Bake Lasagnas and Stuffed Shells
Bombolini by @pistachiofocacceria
Focaccia by Della Corte Foods (aka @focacciakingla)
Girl Scout Cookies (12-1 pm) from the Daisies in Local Troop 05935
✦ Porchetta Sandwiches feat. Porchetta by Meat & Essentials ✦ Take-and-Bake Lasagnas & Stuffed Shells ✦ Bombolini by Pistachio Foccaceria ✦ Focaccia by Della Corte ✦ Girl Scout Cookies ✦
1976-1978 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA, United States, California
(626) 714-7005
Feb 14 2024
Honda EV 2024 Prologue

Honda’s 2024 Prologue will be available to order starting March 2024 with first deliveries scheduled for late March 2024.

The price ranges from $47,400 to $57,900 for the various trim configurations.

The range is approx 300 miles per full charge.    First all electric Honda SUV.

Previously the Insight was the most popular Honda EV.   We don’t know if Honda has signed on to the NACS standard, but it does appear that the release model will not have a built in NACS port.


Feb 7 2024
JPL Pasadena Layoffs February 2024

JPL Pasadena Staff Cuts February 2024

JPL which is managed by Caltech in Pasadena has announced that layoffs of approx 8% of the workforce are being announced on Wednesday February 7, 2024.

Approx 530 staff positions and 40 contract positions would be affected.   JPL employs approx 6,000 in the Pasadena area facilities with headquarters in Pasadena.

This layoff will have immediate impact on the local economy with many of those laid off looking for work elsewhere as a result.

This is the notice on the PL website.

More details are coming.

Adam Schiff who is running for a California State Senate released a message related to the PL layoffs.


Feb 6 2024
Tesla Model 2 and Rivian Model R2 Coming

Tesla Model 2 and Rivian Model R2 Coming

Feb 2 2024
BYD Motors North America Headquarters in Pasadena, CA

BYD Motors LLC
888 E Walnut St, Suite 200A
Pasadena, CA 91101