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May 31 2012
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May 31 2012
Altadena Farmers’ Market Review Notes

Finally! Thanks to Joseph, Heritage, and all of those who worked on launching this fine market.
It was packed with people(I bet over a thousand people attended) when I got there around 6:15, most farmers/vendors sold out, bet they will bring extra next week.
Would be cool if it was open later(maybe 4-8 like S. Pas), not sure how people get there at 3pm if you work a regular job(like me). lol
Sad to hear that the Pizza Bus broke down and could not make it also seemed some other vendors did not make it.
Love to see the local backyard farmers. Something you don’t see anywhere else…
Will be back for more.

May 31 2012
$10 Special: Cabernet 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Valley View from Lucas & Lewellen

This is a great wine from a great winery!

 Announcing our final 10th Anniversary $10 Special: Cabernet!

The response to our 2006 Syrah special over the LL_TastingRoom_LoRes_28past few weeks was so overwhelming that we are almost hesitant to release the grand finale, our popular 2006 Valley View Cabernet Sauvignon, at $10/bottle.  But Andy’s packaging blisters have healed and we’re ready for the onslaught!

Until June 18th, take as many bottles of 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, Valley View, as you like for $10/bottle, no limit.  Use the link below to add Cabernet Sauvignon to your cart and use coupon code: SPRING to override the bottle price to ten dollars.

Please note that quantities are somewhat limited and shipment may be delayed by 2-3 weeks if tasting room inventory is quickly depleted.  We will let you know if we foresee a shipping delay when we receive your order.

To see what other 10th Anniversary wines we are holding out on, you’ll have to join us on Friday, June 15th for our 10th Anniversary Party, from 11 am to 4 pm, at the Lucas & Lewellen Tasting Room.

click here for Lucas & Lewellen Cabernet Sauvignon

May 31 2012
Earn money with

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May 31 2012
Second 626 Night Market Pasadena July 28, 2012

626 Night Market Returns: Bigger Space, More Parking, Lots of Food


Los Angeles, CA, May 30th, 2012 –Round two of Southern California’s only Asian Night Market will be held in Pasadena on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 from 4PM to 11:30PM at the picturesque Centennial Square in front of Pasadena City Hall. Admission is free to the public.


The first 626 Night Market in April attracted an enormously overwhelming crowd that far exceeded expectations and provided several challenges that will be addressed in this second event. The organizers have considered the public’s feedback and are improving all aspects of operations and the overall experience. This time, the City Hall venue is four times larger with an area of 250,000 square feet across six blocks. To accommodate attendees, public and private parking lots usually closed on Saturdays will be opened. There will be over 10,000 parking spaces available in the nearby vicinity. Prepaid parking will also be available online through the event website.


The 626 Night Market organizers are working with the City of Pasadena to coordinate proper traffic flow throughout the area. Incentives will be offered to attendees who utilize alternate transportation methods including the nearby Metro Gold Line and buses.


Most importantly, the night market will feature three times the amount of food vendors, with a total of 200 vendors comprised of local businesses and entrepreneurs. There will be a pan-Asian selection of popular foods with an emphasis on Asian street style eats. Additionally, a wide variety of general merchandise vendors and games that are suitable for all ages will be available.


With this lineup of vendors for the second event, the 626 Night Market will create a unique cultural event for the community, bolster local economies, and support small businesses.



May 31 2012
Enzyte 24/7 For Male Enhancement

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This is a commercial for Enzyte.


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May 30 2012
Future Salon LA – Immersive Entertainment and Education

Future Salon LA – Immersive Entertainment and Education

Sunday, June 10, 2012

5:00pm until 9:00pm

Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity are pleased to host this Sunday’s LA FUTURE SALON in The Vortex Dome located at LA Center Studios.

If you plan to attend the event please make sure that you RSVP on Eventbrite:

so that your name will be on the drive on list for parking. This is very important as the lot is secure and the only way to get in during the weekend is to enter the MAIN GATE of the studio in a car! You cannot walk into the studio on the weekend.

> ————————–——-

Come join our fun and useful discussions on key trends, innovations, problems, sustainability, and social responsibility. Work with and on new tools, practices, ideas and projects. See the future and seize the present. Grow your network of supportive, future-oriented friends. Mini potluck & meet-and-greet starts at 5:00 PM – please bring snacks and drinks to share!

The presentation will start around 6:00 PM.
After the presentation we’ll share interesting articles we’ve seen in the news in the last few days/weeks. Please gather a few to share.

Presentation: Immersive Entertainment and Education by Ed Lantz, MSEE, President Vortex Immersion Media, Inc.

There are over 1,000 digital dome “fulldome” theaters worldwide offering visitors an immersive thrill ride through the universe and beyond. These spaces are primarily focused on informal science education in museums, science centers and planetariums, however digital domes are also emerging as a powerful new entertainment format. Entertainment domes have recently opened at Sea World (Turtle Trek 3D), Universal Studios (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), and City of Dreams in Macau (Dragon’s Treasure). We take a look under the hood at this new format that promises to transform both entertainment and education in this talk that takes place within the Vortex Dome, a fulldome studio in downtown Los Angeles. Ed will discuss immersive theater production and will provide an overview of the fulldome market. A variety of programming will be demonstrated including examples of immersive cinema, artist-in-residence projects, and a real-time educational game featuring NASA datasets.

> ————————–——-

Ed Lantz, President and CTO of Vortex Immersion Media, is an entertainment technology engineer, entrepreneur and pioneer of large-format digital cinema. He left aerospace engineering in 1990 to transform old-style planetariums into immersive visualization environments, designing over a dozen dome theaters worldwide including the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and Papalote Museo in Mexico City. He trained animators in immersive arts and sciences at ACM/SIGGRAPH, provided creative and technical expertise on numerous fulldome productions, and was awarded two U.S. patents on immersive theater designs. His company, Vortex Immersion Media, produces immersive and interactive experiences for Fortune 500 clients including MTV, Nestle, Nike, Deloitte, Siemens, and Sprint, and operates the Vortex Dome, the first commercial fulldome production studio and events venue located in downtown Los Angeles. Lantz is co-founder of IMERSA and is actively developing industry standards for giant screen digital cinema in cooperation with the Giant Screen Cinema Association. Ed holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University.

Future Salons are monthly educational, activist, and social events, focused on existing or emerging scientific, technological, entrepreneurial, or social change topics and projects worthy of your help and attention. We also cover critical-thinking, management, and personal change topics, and occasionally longer-term scientific and philosophical topics. Our goal is to make our rapidly changing world more fascinating, manageable, profitable, and positive-sum for all of us. We strive to be both doing-action-project oriented, and thinking-idea-prioritizing oriented. About the Future Salon Network initiated by John Smart:

May 30 2012
Welcome To DirectTV Whole Home

DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR has been authorized on your account.

This allows you to share your recorded programming with other receivers on your network.


What is defined as the “network”

May 30 2012

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May 30 2012
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May 30 2012
JaguarPC is currently running double space, bandwidth and ram on all VPSes.

JaguarPC is currently running double space, bandwidth and ram on all VPSes.

Double Space, Double Bandwidth, Double Ram -

Why JaguarPC?
JaguarPC was established in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. Our 13 years of industry experience has helped us learn how to keep customers happy. Oh yeah, we also have a 100% uptime guarantee with an x10 SLA . Don’t let me forget to mention that we also have some of the best talent in the industry.

May 29 2012
Dell Home & Home Office
May 28 2012
Feel Luxury Sheepskin Car Seat Covers From

Do you want to give your car seat the look and touch of style?  By putting on sheepskin seat covers, your friends will be bugging you for rides in your fancy car.  Even if they have a car of their own, they will be asking you to take them place just ,so they can feel the luxury of your sheepskin car seat covers.  You will have a hard time getting friends and family out of your car because of the luxury feel of the sheepskin.

They have plenty of items made out of the sheepskin  material for you and your pet.  Both of you will feel like royality as you are seen with these items and people will think that you are rich to be able to afford items like this.

Check out the website filled with sheepskin products at for all the products they have to offer and daydream alittle to see which product would enchance your life.   There are products for your car, pet, exercise equipment, rugs in all different shapes and sizes, for your horse, slippers, shoes, boots, for your precious baby, products that will make you make comfortable at your home and office, and they even have a clearance page that you must make sure that you check out.

This webpage is the place to check out for products made out of sheepskin and you can daydream about what you are going to buy to enchance your life and make yourself the envy of your friends and family.  There is something for everyone on this webpage.

To order out of the catalog for this great or to check out the sheepskin car seat covers.

Here is the website to check out the luxury car seat covers for your car:

May 28 2012
My Email Signatures 2 for 1 or 50% off

My eSig - Email Signatures

There are many reasons why a person should look into eSig which is short for email signature. There are five different custom website that this company has built just for the main reason of bringing more visitors to your webpage.

This company takes your name, email, website, and mobile number from the bottom of the page and puts it in a place where everyone is sure to notice it.  They will take your webpage from being outdated to a more modern look.

They will put buttons on your webpage that when they are click on by your visitors will take them to whatever you have linked to those buttons. They can be linked to Facebook, twitter, your webpage for your online store, your resume, or a video that you have made.

They give you complete control over your webpage and you will be able to change your font, the colors, and the pictures that you have put on your webpage.  They help to bring more customers to your page by making it a more updated webpage that will appeal to anyone that has the pleasure of reading it.

You don’t have a webpage; they have built five custom one to show you what they can do for your business.  There is no contact to sign and they will make every email a selling point.  They will help your revenue to climb upward.

Sounds like they know what they are talking about and can help to improve your business by helping to create a webpage that will sell your products in a professional manner and with extreme easy.

2 For 1 Email Signature Sale
My eSig, the leader in interactive email signatures
Name, email, website, mobile number.

50% OFF Custom Design

May 27 2012
The Take-Charge Patient: How YOU Can Get the Best Medical Care : Martine Ehrenclou

Martine Ehrenclou

The Take-Charge Patient: How YOU Can Get the Best Medical Care : Martine Ehrenclou

May 26 2012
Dollar General Stores Arrive in California!
May 26 2012
Old Pasadena Restaurant Week: dine at a deep discount while helping others


PASADENA, CA,  (May, 2012)- Old Pasadena’s award winning restaurants will treat diners to an affordable luxury dining experience during the fourth annual Old Pasadena Restaurant Week, June 1st through June 14th.  Local foodies and visitors can indulge in the best of Old Pasadena’s most popular restaurants at a deep discount, while helping feed those in need.  This year, due to popular request, Old Pasadena Restaurant Week is running two weeks with diners enjoying three gourmet courses at one great price, starting as low as $15, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Union Station Homeless Services.


A diverse array of award-winning area restaurants will offer three course pre-fixed gourmet meals at a special deal with deluxe dining at $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner or fine dining at $25 for lunch and $35 for dinner. Exquisite dishes prepared by the area’s most talented chefs include: slow roasted pork braised with cocoa and honey, pureed sweet potato, salad of frisee, apples, raisins and pistachios at Vertical Wine Bistro; truffle mac n’ cheese with crispy oyster mushrooms at Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar; famous short ribs with fresh herbs and red wine jus at La Grande Orange Café; caramelized sweet onions and aged gruyere soup at Cheval Blanc; gorgonzola empanada at 1810 Argentinean Restaurant; chicken kiev at Roxolana Restaurant & Bar; banana, melted chocolate and coconut dessert crepe at Crème de la Crepe; salmon tataki sashimi with ponzu sauce at Sushi Roku, and many more! A complete list of restaurants and menus are available at


Diners will not only marvel in the adventure of taste that Old Pasadena Restaurant Week offers, but will also enjoy helping others with 10% of event proceeds benefiting Union Station Homeless Services, celebrating 39 years of helping those in need. Old Pasadena Restaurant Week is produced by Old Pasadena Management District and Union Station.




In 1973, a group of community volunteers opened Union Station as a simple hospitality center to serve poor and homeless men in downtown Pasadena. Today, Union Station is the San Gabriel Valley’s largest and most comprehensive social service agency, assisting homeless and very low-income people. Their mission is to help men, women and children rebuild their lives and end homelessness. Services include community meals program, community shower program, career development and job placement, emergency shelter and much more. Visit for more information.

May 26 2012
Animal Jam Online Playground for Kids who Love Animals and the Outdoors.

Welcome to National Geographic Animal Jam!

Animal Jam is the premier online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors.

Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, socialize, play games, complete educational quests, and feed their curiosity about animals through access to the vast multimedia libraries of National Geographic. Animal Jam is a safe and fun place to explore online, and it inspires children to explore and protect the natural world outside their own doors!

All Animal Jam shirts are only $15!

May 26 2012
Beachy Cream Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Beachy Cream will host an official grand opening event from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., including a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor of Santa Monica, free ice cream samples, and every hour on the hour, there will be a drawing for a Beachy Cream prize. Customers will have the opportunity to take pictures with the vintage-style Beachy Cream Girls and participate in a “design the best ice cream sandwich combination” for the chance to win sweet prizes.

Saturday, June 2, 2012
11:00am until 11:00pm

100% Organic Ice Cream and Sweet Treats
Company Overview
Los Angeles’ ONLY 100% organic ice cream!

1209 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone1 (310) 656-4999

Email[email protected]


May 26 2012
Pope’s Butler Arrested In Scandal

Pope’s Butler Paolo Gabriele Arrested In Scandal
Apparently he was in possession of documents he was not supposed to have.
Some documents from sex scandals of the past years.


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