Apr 13 2021
COIN – Coinbase Stock IPO Price at $250 to Double?

As traders prepare for the IPO of COIN- Coinbase many are anticipating that the stock could easily double opening at $250 and quickly hitting $500-$600.

Many are wondering should they buy now or wait?

Coinbase is making a lot of money.  Coinbase makes money on each transaction when someone buys and sells crypto primarily Bitcoin and with the increase in trading and buying of Bitcoin and other crypto the revenue that Coinbase has the potential to make will continue to skyrocket.

Get ready it will be a wild ride, as there are other players in the space that should also benefit from the Coinbase IPO.

Apr 12 2021
Smith Brothers Restaurants are Hiring! #pasadena #626food #jobspasadena

Smith Brothers Restaurants are Hiring!

Do you know someone who would enjoy working for some of Pasadena’s premiere restaurants? We are looking for qualified candidates to fill front and back-of-house positions at our locations.

Click Here to Apply

Apr 10 2021
Is Amazon Fresh Store Coming to Pasadena, CA Updated Video April 10, 2021 @amazon @amazonfresh

Is Amazon Fresh Store Coming to Pasadena, CA Updated Video April 10, 2021 @amazon @amazonfresh

The work continues and an ever increasing rate, with the rate appears to be on track for completing the store in the next two months or maybe sooner. We would expect to see an occupancy permit filing comping soon or maybe some other permit filing that would

Mar 31 2021
Burbank Red Tags Tin Horn Flats Building for Life Safety Violations

Burbank Red Tags Tin Horn Flats Building for Life Safety Violations

Post Date:03/31/2021 2:47 PM

BURBANK, CA (March 31, 2021) – Today the City of Burbank red tagged the building located at 2623 West Magnolia Boulevard, known as Tin Horn Flats, after issuing a yellow tag yesterday.  This means that the building has been identified as unsafe and as such, the building may not be used or occupied. The prior yellow tag notification was the precursor to, and a notice that, the building would be red tagged on March 31.

This past weekend, the owner of Tin Horn Flats and its representatives have been served with administrative citations for violating the City’s zoning codes because their Conditional Use Permit had been revoked by the City Council. At this point the owner and their representatives have citations totaling $2,500.

Their Conditional Use Permit was revoked by Council on February 22, 2021, citing Tin Horn Flats’ flagrant disregard for life safety and violations of the Los Angeles County Health Officer Orders, which endangered the public health, safety and welfare, along with creating a public nuisance.  To date, Tin Horn Flats continues to operate without a County health permit.

On Monday, March 29, City staff formed a safety task force to inspect Tin Horn Flats for life-safety violations.  The task force was formed due to Tin Horn Flats continuing to operate even though their electricity had been disconnected as authorized under the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Superior Court. The TRO also ordered the restaurant to close until all necessary permits to operate were obtained.   Staff from the Fire Department, Police Department, Community Development, Burbank Water and Power, and City Attorney’s Office are part of the task force.

The Notice of Violations issued on March 30, included violations of the Burbank Municipal Code, California Electrical Code, California Building Code, Uniform Mechanical Code,and the Uniform Plumbing Code.  Tin Horn Flats cannot operate safely without electricity.

“There are multiple fire/life safety violations that have been brought to the business owner’s attention. These violations may create life safety hazards to any occupants in the structure,” stated Eric Garcia, Burbank Fire Chief.

The violations are concerning from a life-safety protection perspective.  Running cords from a generator to an electrical panel and using the electrical breakers as switches is a fire hazard.  Additionally, this is exasperated by non-working exit lights.

This morning the task force red tagged the building after clearing the building of all occupants without incident and the City padlocked the doors pursuant to the authority granted to the City in the TRO.

If anyone cuts the locks and reopens or enters the building, they can be taken into police custody for refusing to leave the building and the Burbank Police Department can take other appropriate action.

The City continues to pursue its civil suit in court and will return for a hearing on April 9, regarding the City’s request for a preliminary injunction to close Tin Horn Flats until it receives all necessary permits to operate.  The TRO already issued by the court is currently in effect until the hearing.  The red tagging of the building is separate from the civil suit and TRO issued by the court.

Mar 31 2021
City of Pasadena Moves Into Orange Tier Effective Monday, April 5, 2021
City of Pasadena Moves Into Orange Tier Effective Monday, April 5
PASADENA, Calif.—As of Monday, April 5, many sectors in the City of Pasadena will be able open or increase capacity due to movement of the Pasadena Public Health Jurisdiction into the Orange Tier 3 (Moderate COVID-19 disease transmission) of the state of CA Blueprint for a Safer Economy.
Monday, April 5, 12:01 a.m., the following activities will be permitted to occur in strict adherence with the updated Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) protocols:
  • Restaurants may open for indoor dining at a maximum of 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer, in compliance with the protocol for restaurants, bars and breweries;
  • Bars that are not able to provide a sit-down, bona fide meal with each alcohol transaction may operate outdoors with modifications including closing for on-site consumption at 10 PM, and in compliance with the protocol for restaurants, bars and breweries;
  • Breweries that are not able to provide a sit-down, bona fide meal may operate indoors at a maximum of 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer, with modifications in compliance with the protocol for restaurants, bars and breweries;
  • All retail may operate indoors at 75% capacity and with physical distancing in compliance with the protocols for retail operations;
  • Museums and galleries may open for indoor operations at a maximum capacity of 50%, in compliance with the protocol for museums and galleries;
  • Movie theaters may operate indoors at a maximum of 50% capacity or 200 people, per auditorium, whichever is fewer, in compliance with the protocol for movie theaters;
  • Hotels and lodging may operate with modifications in compliance with the protocol for hotels and updated protocols for restaurants, pools, and fitness facilities where applicable;
  • Fitness facilities, gyms, yoga and dance studios may operate indoors at a maximum of 25% capacity, in compliance with the protocol for fitness facilities, and indoor pools may open at a maximum 25% capacity in compliance with the protocol for public pools;
  • Offices may reopen indoors, in compliance with the protocol for office workspaces, but telework is strongly encouraged;
  • Places of worship may operate indoors at 50% capacity, in compliance with the protocol for places of worship;
  • Family entertainment centers may reopen for indoor operation at 25% capacity for naturally distanced activities including bowling, in compliance with the protocol for family entertainment centers.
Continued adherence to public health COVID-19 prevention measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and physical distancing can help keep cases low and prevent another surge, particularly as more indoor activities are permitted, more infectious variants become prevalent, and travel increases over spring break and the holidays.
“We encourage everyone to get vaccinated when it’s your turn. All adults 50 and older will be eligible to sign up for an appointment beginning April 1, and everyone 16 and older beginning April 15,” said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Director and Health Officer for the City of Pasadena Public Health Department.
Pasadena residents should submit their contact information on the Pasadena COVID-19 Vaccine Website to be added to the interest list. The website also provides many options for vaccine appointments at pharmacies and through myturn.ca.gov.
Stay connected to the City of Pasadena! Visit us online at https://www.cityofpasadena.net/; follow us on Twitter at @PasadenaGov, and Instagram and Facebook at @CityOfPasadena; or call the Citizen Service Center, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (626) 744-7311
Mar 25 2021
City of Pasadena Announces Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Available to Those 50 and older @PasadenaGov #VaccinatePasadena

On Wednesday Mach 24, 2021 the City of Pasadena Announced that the Covid-19 vaccine will be available to those 50 and older.

Pasadena residents 50 years old and older are eligible to fill out the city’s online vaccine information inquiry form to be notified when supplies are available,

The form can be accessed at the website

The Pasadena COVID-19 Vaccine Inquiry Form is available here.

While the form does not state when the vaccines will be available and estimates of when the vaccine or which vaccine will be available is still TBD.

#DYK? #COVID19 vaccines are free for everyone. The federal government is providing vaccines free of charge to all people living in the United States, regardless of their immigration or health insurance status. Learn more: bit.ly/3ahFeaZ.
Mar 19 2021
Is Amazon Fresh Store Coming to Pasadena?

Many are speculating if Amazon Fresh is coming to Pasadena. After opening of the Long Beach store and other expansion of Amazon Fresh in to new markets, the chances are very good we will see an Amazon Fresh store open in Pasadena.

Currently the site appears to be the location previously occupied by OSH(which was purchased by Lowe’s and then locations closed).

The Pasadena location has been undergoing major construction and evidence that it is forming into an Amazon Fresh based on exterior work that is taking place daily is developing into one of the designs of Amazon Fresh locations in Whittier, Long Beach, Fullerton, Irvine, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Northridge, Woodland Hills. and several in Illinois.  Eight stores in the Southern California area, and evidence of expansion.

Amazon Fresh Store hours are typically from 7am to 10pm.  Specials are posted to the website.

The location of the anticipated Amazon Fresh Store in Pasadena.

3425 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107



Mar 18 2021
Tin Horn Flats Continues to Violate Court Orders and Endanger Our Community

Tin Horn Flats Continues to Violate Court Orders and Endanger Our Community

To Protect Life Safety the City of Burbank Removes Court Authorized Locks at Tin Horn Flats

Post Date:03/18/2021 12:32 PM

BURBANK, CA (March 18, 2021) – Last night, the City of Burbank removed the locks to resolve a life-safety hazard created by Tin Horn Flats who allowed patrons into the patio and inside the locked restaurant.

Tin Horn Flats continues to flagrantly ignore and violate Los Angeles (LA) Superior Court Judge’s orders to shut down restaurant operations, permitting the City to padlock the doors.  Tin Horn Flats cut the latch on the side door to operate the restaurant, letting people inside while leaving the front doors padlocked.  This created a safety hazard, which in an emergency such as a fire, could result in the loss of life.

After monitoring social media posts and seeing numerous people inside the locked building, the City Manager and City Attorney directed Burbank Fire along with Burbank Police to visit the establishment. Upon verification of people inside, the City unlocked the front door as this was the only responsible action to protect human life.

“Tin Horn Flats continues to be irresponsible in their actions.  Last night’s reckless behavior reflects a lack of concern for their patrons’ wellbeing. They continue to care more about defying the Court’s Orders than the health and safety of the community,” said City Manager Justin Hess.

The Fire and Police Chiefs do not condone this blatant disregard for life safety exhibited by the irresponsible behavior of Tin Horn Flats. “It’s shameful that Tin Horn Flats allowed people within their establishment while the front doors were still locked and in violation of the Judge’s Orders. If a fire had broken out during this event, people could have become trapped inside, which may have resulted in the loss of life,” stated Eric Garcia, Burbank Fire Chief.

“We are utterly disappointed in Tin Horn Flats’ behavior and do not support their actions as they continue to put the community at risk. They should be complying with the Court’s Orders and not be illegally operating,” said Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse.

“In reality, we don’t have the ability to affect immediate change and force Tin Horn Flats to close,” said Amy Albano, Burbank City Attorney. “This is why we are going back to Court.”

Another hearing is scheduled on March 26 for a Preliminary Injunction to continue to order Tin Horn Flats closure until they receive a new County Public Health Permit to operate as a restaurant, as well as a new City Conditional Use Permit to operate as a restaurant/bar.   If granted by the Court, the Order would be in effect until there is a trial or an appellate court overturns the Order.

Mar 15 2021
Public Input Needed: Colorado Street Bridge Vertical Barrier Design
A contractor recently completed the fabrication and installation of full-scale mock-up panels of three vertical barrier design concepts at the Colorado Street Bridge. Panels are installed at two separate locations along the bridge to provide different vantage points for visualization. The public is invited to review the full-scale barrier mock-ups online and share their comments with the City of Pasadena at www.surveymonkey.com/r/CGJL5J8 by May 31.
Mar 12 2021
COVID-19 at Year One, a Panel Discussion @SPJLA

The Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will host the March 24 virtual panel discussion “A Year of COVID-19 in Southern California — the Shutdowns, the Testing, the Surges, the Vaccines.”

The event will feature four journalists who have been deeply involved in the past year’s coronavirus coverage, as well as a public official charged with getting the word out on the government’s pandemic response.

The Zoom panel will be moderated by Soumya Karlamangla, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, who covers health care in California and spent the past year chronicling the spread of COVID-19 and the efforts to combat it. The panel will feature:

  • Claudia Peschiutta, reporter, KNX News Radio

  • Patrick Healy, news reporter, NBC4

  • Brittny Mejia, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times

  • Lisa Derderian, public information officer for the Pasadena Public Health Department

WHAT: Panel Discussion: “A Year of COVID-19 in Southern California — the Shutdowns, the Testing, the Surges, the Vaccines”

WHEN: Wednesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. (PST)


RSVP: www.spjla.org/event-rsvp


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