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Jul 31 2010
Get the Super Man strength with Jigsaw Magnesium supplements

The other day while I was talking to my family doctor about the very common deficiency amongst Americans, the magnesium deficiency, I got to know so many never-before-known wonders of magnesium and why it is so important for the human body. I would like to share with you all, about this wonderful magnesium supplement called jigsaw Supplement which my doctor and of course Dr. Blaylock considers the best for his patients.

Some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency include body aches, chronic constipation,headaches, migranes, insulin resistance etc and these could lead to deadly health consequences and fatal diseases like heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis etc. It is really shocking to know that nearly 80% of Americans suffer from Magnesium deficiency. So how does the Jigsaw supplement help the patient get better? With the SRT used in formulating the drug, it slowly allows absorption of Magnesium without any side-effects and you are sure to see amazing immediate results. The Jigsaw Magnesium is Super-absorbable, premium form – chelated dimagnesium malate and is rated 4.7 out of 5 by its customers.

The magnesium supplements from JigSaw health are also composed of other essential elements like Vitamin B6, folic acid and Malic acid that maintain and replenish the lost nutrients. If you are thinking its going to be heavy on your wallet, you are wrong! Jigsaw magnesium website is BBB certified and offers 100% money back guarantee to its customers. There are other top rated products on Jigsaw health website which you can order online for great affordable deals.

Jigsaw Magnesium offers numerous gift coupons and discounts on purchases and has free shipping facility for purchases above 69$.

So hurry, click here and say goodbye to magnesium deficiency with Jigsaw magnesium supplements. Coupon code: 10percent

Jul 31 2010
Refurbished Kindles Starting at $169.99

Kindle DX

Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7″ Display, White, 3G Works Globally Ð 2nd Generation


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Kindle Kindle

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Jul 30 2010
Jennifer Lopez signs deal to become new ‘American Idol’ judge

Jennifer Lopez signs deal, becomes new ‘American Idoljudge.

The newest judge Ellen DeGeneres has announced she’s leaving

Jul 30 2010
Little Flower Candy Company

I’ve found a wonderful retail space in Pasadena that not only showcases our handmade candies but also has room for new delicious surprises. Please stop by. We’re located at 1422 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena 91105 (The former Bee’s Knees Bakery – map and directions).

Owner/Candy Maker, Little Flower Candy Co.

Address and Contact Information
Little Flower Candy Company
1424 W. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Business phone number: 626-304-4800
Email: [email protected]

(626) 304-4800

Jul 30 2010
GoogleMe the facebook Killer?

Does Google have a facebook killer in the works? Sources close to the project say that “GoogleMe” is sure to be a facebook killer, and if it doesn’t kill facebook, it will surely take away a lot of the air out of the facebook balloon.
Google has so many things going for it that facebook lacks, primarily email, a mobile OS, and search.

So this could be an interesting development.

Jul 30 2010
Los Angeles Tow Truck Complaint Line

Do you have a complaint against a tow trucks



report bandit tow trucks

Jul 30 2010
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Jul 30 2010
Jews on Vinyl at Skirball August 19

As the Sunset Concert Series continue during August, make a note to attend the August 19, 2010 concert titled “Jews On Vinyl”.

Johnny Mathis (born John Royce Mathis, September 30, 1935) is an American singer of popular music. Mathis is an avid golfer who lives in the Los Angeles area.

Mr. Mathis will take the stage at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles to receive an award and retell the lost story of how he came to record his belting version of “Kol Nidre.” His appearance at the Skirball, where the Idelsohn Society exhibition “Jews on Vinyl” is currently on view, takes place August 19, as part of an evening long concert program, Jews on Vinyl Revue, featuring Hedva Amrani, Fred Katz and Sol Zim.

Jews on Vinyl Revue

Produced by the Idelsohn Society

Sunset Concerts

Thursday, August 19, 8:00 p.m.

Jews on Vinyl Revue

Hedva Amrani

Jews on Vinyl Revue

Fred Katz

Jews on Vinyl Revue

Sol Zim


Free admission; no reservations

Parking: $5 per car carrying three or more people, otherwise $10 per car (cash only)
Street parking strictly prohibited
Or take Metro Rapid Bus 761
Carpooling encouraged!
Limited seating available

L.A. debut! This intergenerational collaboration of young local musicians and musical legends features international singing star Hedva Amrani, a rare appearance by visionary jazz pioneer and cellist Fred Katz, and Sol Zim (the “Tom Jones” of cantorial music). Backed by a house band led by L.A. guitarist David Green, this evening of song is not to be missed! Presented in association with the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation.

Click here for additional detail on the Sunset Concerts at the Skirball series.

“Who were we to kvetch? [The Revue] sounded great. You don’t have to be Jewish to dig Jewish music.” —Huffington Post

Jews on Vinyl

Bagels and Bongos

The Barry Sisters

Batman and Rubin

On view now through September 5, 2010


Included with Museum admission: $10 General; $7 Seniors and Full-Time Students; $5 Children 2–12; Free to Members and Children under 2; Free to all on Thursdays

To create this multisensory exhibition, guest curators Roger Bennett and Josh Kun embarked on a far-reaching journey, scouring the country to collect thousands of vinyl LPs from attics, garage sales, and dusty archives. Pieced together, these scratched, once loved, and now forgotten audio gems tell a vibrant tale: the story of Jews in America.

Based on Bennett and Kun’s findings, Jews on Vinyl spans the history of Jewish recorded music from the 1940s to the 1980s, weaving an account that begins with sacred songs and ends with the triumvirate of Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, and Barry Manilow. Set in a retro 1950s-style living room equipped with listening stations, the exhibition features a soundtrack of LP highlights—much of it no longer available in any format—providing an unprecedented opportunity to experience lost moments in American Jewish pop history and new perspectives on Jewish identity. Complementing the music will be an abundance of often kitschy and surprising album art to discover and enjoy!

The exhibition was developed in association with the publication And You Shall Know Us By the Trail of Our Vinyl: The Jewish Musical Past As Told By the Records We Have Loved and Lost (Crown, 2008), a project of the non-profit Idlesohn Society for Musical Preservation, which reissues select classic recordings and has created a digital online home for Jewish musical memory in an attempt to restore missing legacies to our contemporary view of Jewish America.


Read about other current and upcoming exhibitions at the Skirball.

IMAGE CREDITS (top to bottom):

Bagels and Bongos, Irving Fields Trio, Decca, 1959. Courtesy of Josh Kun and Roger Bennett.

The Barry Sisters, Roulette, 1962. Courtesy of Josh Kun and Roger Bennett.

Batman and Rubin, Marty Allen and Steve Rossi, Mercury, 1967. Courtesy of Josh Kun and Roger Bennett.

Jul 29 2010
Can I get a .edu email address

How do you get a .edu email address without having access to a .edu address?

As you know there are specials and offers that are available to those with valid .edu email addresses.

So can you get a .edu email that validates?

.EDU domain names are regulated through EduCause. Only schools can use them. Similar to .mil address for military.
Special top level domains like that are designated for a purpose and aren’t used outside that scope.

Jul 29 2010
Phillip Ray Paragas RIP

Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Phil Paragas. My most recent memory of Phil is at the family golf tournament in Phoenix a couple months ago. He appeared to be in good spirits and really was a champ to make the trip from Omaha to Phoenix to see family and be part of a yearly family tradition. Phil you will be sorely missed, you are in a better place in better hands, the pain you endured in the operations and hospital stays is over. RIP.

Phillip Ray Paragas, 70, of Omaha, Neb., died July 27, 2010, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mar 18, 1940 – Jul 27, 2010

SERVICES Saturday 7pm 72nd St. Chapel. Interment Sunday 3pm Graceland Cemetery, Creston, IA. VISITATION Saturday 3-7pm 72nd St. Chapel. Memorials to Omaha Sports Academy or Omaha Community Playhouse.

Services will be 7 p.m. Saturday, July 31, at John A. Gentleman Mortuaries 72nd Street Chapel, Omaha, Neb. Visitation will be 3 to 7 p.m. Saturday at the chapel. Graveside service will be 3 p.m. Sunday at Graceland Cemetery in Creston. Powers Funeral Home, junction of highways 34 and 25, Creston, is in charge of local arrangements. Memorials may be directed to Omaha Sports Academy or Omaha Community Playhouse.

Phillip Ray Paragas was born March 18, 1940, in Creston.

Phillip is survived by his wife Betsye Paragas; son W. Randall Paragas; daughter Charlotte Paragas; granddaughters, Stephany (husband Brett) Bailes and Kari Zahm; grandson Bradley Paragas; brother Dr. Rodney Paragas of Santa Barbara, Calif.; other family and many close friends.

Phillip was preceded in death by his father Dr. Modesto Paragas and mother Carol Evans.

1010 North 72nd St., 391-1664

Graceland Cemetery
1830 Cherry Street Rd
Creston, IA 50801

Jul 29 2010
Highway Lights on during Day in Pasadena

I have a complaint directed at those that manage the lights over highways/streets in the cities of Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank.
Why would a street light be on during the day?
In my commute from Pasadena to Burbank lights that should be off during the day are on, and they are on for hours and hours, days and days.
There are a couple of areas where I have noticed these lights being on during the day.
134 and the 2 freeway.
210 and the 134 interchange
5 and 134 interchange

I’m wondering what department to call to report this as it has really been weeks since I have noticed this and maybe longer.

Jul 29 2010
WordPress 3.01 Released

WordPress has been updated to 3.0.1.
Be sure to update as about 50 bugs have been fixed with this new release.

Jul 29 2010
Lending Club’s IRA Program

How does our IRA product benefit your audience?

It combines LC’s 9.5% net annualized returns with the tax advantages of an IRA account.
No account opening or maintenance fees for rollovers from an existing IRA or 401k account.
Investments can grow tax-deferred or tax-free until retirement age.
Traditional or Roth for individuals; Simple or SEP for small businesses.
Greater diversification – Investors can now diversify their Self- Directed IRA into assets such as real estate, private stock, limited partnerships, joint ventures or even gold bullion.
Learn more and sign-up here.

About Lending Club:

  • The world’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • 40,000 plus investors and growing fast – over 1,500 new investors joined in May.
  • Coverage from national news and other online media outlets.
  • Named one of the Top 20 Breakthrough Ideas of 2009 by Harvard Business Review.
Jul 29 2010
Inside the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance
Live Webinar: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 9 a.m. PDT

Inside the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

Register One of the most significant developments in the search marketing industry recently has been the formation of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, which promises to bring together the Yahoo! Search and Bing networks to provide advertisers with greater scale and faster innovation. As a search marketer, are you ready to adapt your marketing strategy to take full advantage of this paradigm shift?

In this free interactive Webinar, learn how the new Search Alliance will impact your search marketing efforts, especially during the upcoming holiday selling season. This event will feature an in-depth presentation from the Chair of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) San Francisco Working Group, followed by a question and answer session. Join us!

Register Now

Jul 29 2010
Tailspin a new Pet Spa

Matthew S. Todd
[email protected]
tailspin – Pet bath and Spa Experience
8733 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
P 310.601.7297 F 310.492.5967

Jul 29 2010
Can you make money online/Shopping?

There’s a slew websites & smartphone apps  that claim you can earn money shopping, taking pictures, etc…

A few of them

SwagBucks – from Azea which is the company behind Pay Per Post.

All have apps.

Jul 29 2010
Pasadena Community Organizations

There’s a few organizations I want to share this morning.
I was thinking about it this morning, and we are very fortunate in the Pasadena area, to have people that really care about their community.

Now that Pasadena has three farmer’s markets during the week, and dozens of markets weekly within a 10 mile radius the area is really growing in the area of food education.
In no particular order:

Arroyo Food Co-Op: If you have not been a member of a food co-op, you will want to join especially if you live in Pasadena, Altadena. The cost is $30/year or $300. There are many benefits, in addition to supporting your local community.


Pasadena Community Garden Project: Long overdue, Pasadena needs a community garden, and perhaps two or more!

Our mission

To develop community gardens in Pasadena so that residents can:

  • Plant vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • Transform abandoned vacant property into beneficial green space
  • Educate the community in the benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly gardening


Slow Food: A great way to meet people and learn about our food. This group also has a stand at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays with samples of a selected recipe.

It is now time to fully relaunch Slow Food San Gabriel Valley. Join us in the planning –

Click EVENTS to learn more:

Bree Cassidy
Co-chair Slow Food
San Gabriel Valley

Lisa Lucas Talbot, Slow Food Governor of Southern California


Ripe(previously CoFe); a produce/food exchange meets once a month at Farnsworth Park on Lake in Altadena. Great group of people. Don’t miss out and grow something to share with the group.


One of my favorite businesses: Culture Club 101 on Wilson, learn to make your own cultured foods.

I am also hopeful that the new Sprouts on Rosemead and Colorado will be good choice and offer healthy products as well as being a responsible business in Pasadena.

Jul 29 2010
Groupon Raises the Ante with Personalization

Groupon is raising the ante an group coupon sites. Now with personalization and some design changes to the site the Groupon execs hope it will create a little breathing room.
Basically they asked if I was a male, what year I was born and my zip code. Not a lot of info.
As we have read, YELP is entering the space, probably will be accelerated. Yelp has considerably more data on users, including what types of businesses you review as a user and offering competitive business offers. i.e. you review a cleaners and they see you gave it a bad review and offer you a coupon and maybe an offer for no charge would be great, no cost offers to users, maybe in exchange for offering to review a business, and building additional content.
Groupon is not really a content play, it is more about making a quick buck off shopping and people wanting a good deal. How many groupons do you have that have expired? Most expire with months of purchase, although there are some that expire a year from purchase, which is more appropriate.

Now that we have hundreds of coupon groupon type sites, get ready. Which service is poised to offer the best return for businesses and best experience for customers? I would venture that it could be a hybrid site some of what Groupon and Yelp do.

Jul 28 2010
Enterprise Self Storage


Enterprise Self Storage
10711 Vinedale Ave
Sun Valley Ca 91352
(818) 768.8884 get


* Boxes and Moving Supply Center
* Built in 2001
* New Metal Construction
* Nominated for Facility of the Year 2002
* 32 Camera CCTV System
* Climate Controlled Basement
* Drive up Units Available
* Key Pad Gate Entry
* Super Clean Facility
* Huge Freight Elevators
* Free Carts and Dollies
* RV parking
* Easy access to 5 and 210 freeways
* Truck Rentals in Area

Jul 28 2010
Pasadena’s National Night Out Event

Get to Know Your Neighbors at Pasadena’s National Night Out Event

Tuesday, August 3rd

6 to 9 p.m.

Jefferson Park

1501 E. Villa Street

This free event will feature BBQ, games and face painting.   Hosted by the Pasadena Police Dept and sponsored by Target it should be fun for the whole family.

National Night Out—What is it?

It’s a series of events (block parties, cookouts, parades, flashlight walks etc.) that happen throughout America on a specific day.  This year the day is August 3rd.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT is designed to:

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;
  • Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs;
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and
  • Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

For more information, contact Police Specialist Anita Butler at (626) 744-7650


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