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May 30 2014
What and Who is Behind Hidden Cash? Can You Find Hidden Cash? @Hiddencash

What and Who is Behind Hidden Cash? Can You Find Hidden Cash?  @Hiddencash

According to the twitter profile:

An anonymous social experiment for good ☼ Real Cash hidden around SF & beyond. Find the $ – share tweetphoto + tag


So what is all this about, with the latest hidden cash location was in Burbank at the Empire Center, where hundreds of people convened to hunt for was hundreds if not thousands of dollars hidden in bushes and other locations around the outdoor mall complex.

You can read about the reason that the person behind this is doing what they are doing and other similar movements around that are similar here.  The frenzy that started in San Francisco and has spread, started with a tweet and blog posting on May 22, 2014.

Are businesses concerned with these type of events where people could get hurt or cause property damage in the process. Is it legal for an individual to hide cash and then tweet about it and have hundreds of people decent on a location? Should cities be aware of these type of events, much like a flash mob of sorts.  Maybe a cashmob…

More details will evolve over time on this movement, but there have always been philanthropist who donate money to the needy, like the “skid row santa” who hands out $20,000 every holiday season.

May 30 2014
Lowe’s Online Order and 20 Min Store Pickup

Founded in 1946, Lowe’s has grown from a small hardware store to the 2nd largest home improvement retailer worldwide. Lowe’s carries up to 600,000 products and counting across 20 product categories ranging from appliances to tools, to paint, lumber and nursery products.

Buy Online, Pick Up in Store – 20 Minutes Guaranteed only at Lowe’s

Promo Codes to save 10% off your order at Lowe’s:

470000000021460 – this code appears to work. 



Another Lowe’s coupon code for 10% off

Extra 10% Coupon when you apply promotion code 470000000021930 at checkout

May 30 2014
Lowe’s Online Ordering and Store Pickup

Updated: I placed an order for three items, about an hour after I received the email that the order was ready I went to the store and the order was ready.

From the past experiences:

I placed an order online. Received the email that the order was ready for pickup 20 minutes later. I show up at the store 6 hours later and the order had still not been retrieved. This is not the first time this has happened. I have ordered online and picked up at least five orders, and all of them except for one I had to wait longer than it would have been for me to go and pick out the merchandise I ordered myself. This time I had to say something. The online ordering with store pickup is broken at this store at least and needs to be fixed. The assistant Manager, Manny tried to help but he was just trying to be nice, after disappearing for 20minutes I saw the employee walking the store with my order and pulling items from my order, that was supposed to have been pulled 6 hours ago! Yes, I saw the employee walking around the store picking my order, this again is not the first time. I told Amanda the other Assistant Manager that this has to stop, if Lowe’s is going to take this seriously this has to be the last time this happens. That if I order one more time online and it is not ready when I arrive, that they have lost me as a customer! For not taking me seriously and not addressing the issues.
Amanda was cordial and listened and offered to credit me for the order of $55. Which was some consolation after waiting for an hour for my order that should have been ready when I got there. They also don’t give you a receipt when you leave the store with the merchandise. So there are a number of operational issues that need to be fixed.
If anyone talks to Amanda or Manny at the Burbank store they are more than familiar with what I experienced today. Nobody should have to deal with this.
I suggested than any of the employees should be able to be assigned a list of 10 items and retrieve them for a customer within 10 minutes or less. I had less than 10 items, and those items if they had not been pulled, I should have been told so at the beginning, not 30 minutes later after waiting thinking that the order was in the back being loaded on a cart. My order was small items, 48362-1144.

Please get this fixed so nobody else has to deal with this ever.


May 29 2014
Musician’s Market LA – The Swap Meet for All Things Music June 7, 2014 – #musiciansmarketla @musimarkla

Musician’s Market LA is the place to bring or find new or pre-loved gear to sell or trade. No need to invite strangers from the Internet into your home, hassle with auctions or get lured into questionable situations just to save money on pre-owned music articles. Do business in a safe, open, public environment where musicians gather to find deals on all kinds of items. Musician’s Market LA, is the swap meet for all things music — where you can buy, sell or trade instruments, accessories, autographs, microphones, amps, records and recording gear, collectibles, apparel, posters, art and jewelry, DJ gear and — anything related to music in any way! Here, you can “try before you buy.” You can’t get that from pictures in catalogs or online. Go there to shop or show in a fun, swap-meet environment dedicated exclusively to music. Catch performances, check out the vendors and enjoy the food. You never know what treasures you might find here!

The next Musician’s Market LA is Saturday, June 7, (Bring Your Dad For Free Day), from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at KGB Studios, 1640 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012; just north of downtown. Admission is $5 and you can bring up to four items to sell or trade, additional items are $2 each. Got lots of stuff? Vendor space is available also. If you have a product or service to offer music lovers, here is your opportunity to reach a lot of music people.

For everything you need to know visit or

Kids 12 and under FREE with accompanying adults. Join the mailing list and learn more about this and future events. The following dates are Sunday, August 17 and Saturday, October 18.


Bring your dad for FREE! No special terms or conditions, just bring your dad and he gets in FREE. And… both you and your dad can still bring in up to four music-related items to sell or trade.


Facebook page: Musician’s Market L.A

May 28 2014
Dramatic Video of North Dakota Tornado

Dramatic North Dakota Tornado

Tornado – Watford, ND on 5/26/2014. Warning – STRONG LANGUAGE! We were afraid for our lives, so, yes, we swore. A lot. You have been warned! Contact to use this video in a monetized player. Thank you.

May 26 2014
TigerDirect Search Specials Bitcoin Accepted

TigerDirect Search Specials

OverStock BLOWOUT! Everything MUST GO!

Tiger Deal Slasher! Savings up to 70% OFF!


TigerDirect Accepts Bitcoin.


May 25 2014
Buy One, Get One free until 5/26 @JambaJuice

Buy One, Get One free until 5/26. It’s the perfect companion for any getaway!

The start of summer
never tasted so good!


Hurry in to buy one juice or smoothie and get one free!

Offer ends 5/26/14.


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May 25 2014
Red Wine Good For Teeth?

Red Wine Good For Teeth?

A Spanish study reports that red wine helps kill of bacteria in your mouth which may cause cavities.

May 25 2014
Refyll Home & Body Soaps

Refyll Shop News!
4015A Redwood Ave

Announcing regular hours
Tues & Thurs 12-7
Wednesday 9-12
And by appointment!
Call or text 424.703.4311 for more info.

ps… Dryer Balls are back!


Our goal is to do our small part for the environment by dispensing eco-friendly home and body care products with the safest, most natural ingredients available that are created, acquired, distributed and sold with little – to – ultimately no packaging. We plan to grow to be your one stop shop for all you refyllable home and body product needs.


May 25 2014
Haven Gastropub & Brewery Pasadena Closes To Re-Open Soon

Haven Gastropub & Brewery in Pasadena closes to re-open with new name and menu.

42 S. De Lacey Ave. claimed another restaurant casualty this weekend: three-year-old Haven Gastropub + Brewery, which unexpectedly closed its doors on Saturday, May 17

Ace Patel, recently took ownership of Haven in Pasadena and Taco Asylum in Costa Mesa.

More details on the owners split and what lies ahead for the locations.

Here’s the post on facebook:

Lots of rumors out there about the closure of Haven Pasadena, but the piece below explains how this Haven Gastropub in Orange had separated from that location prior to the closure. We want to assure our loyal fans that despite the recent changes, our plans for Haven Gastropub and Provisions Market haven’t changed. We created concepts where we would want to hang out, and that we could be proud of. We pour only the best beer, we create quality food, we mix great cocktails, and we provide a market for some of our favorite things at Provisions.

Above all, we are energized and excited as we enter this new chapter for haven collective. – Greg and Wil



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