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Jul 31 2009
House Votes to Give $2 Billion More to ‘Cash for Clunkers’

House Votes to Give $2 Billion More to ‘Cash for Clunkers’
Week-old government program to encourage car sales had proven so popular with consumers that it was almost out of cash. The House bill would redirect funds in the already-passed economic stimulus package that were intended for energy loan guarantees.

Jul 31 2009
Rewiring Genesis at Hothouse Studios

Hothouse Rehearsal Studios would like to thank Rewiring Genesis for spending the last two days rehearsing for what is sure to be a awesome show at CalProg in Whittier.

The show is August 1, 2009.

More information below:

August 1, 2009 in Whittier, California

With Special Guests: Spock’s Beard

Tribute to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

NDV and Rewiring partner Mark Hornsby co-produced the album using some of the best studio musicians in Nashville. Most of the original band will be performing at the show in Whittier.
For those of you that were lucky enough to attend Nick’s Shaming of the True show, you know what the man can do when he goes after a big production. This promises to be one of those landmark events that will only happen once, but will be the subject of discussions for years to come. If you’re a fan of Genesis (and what prog fan ISN’T?), you’ll want to see this show!

NDV Website

CD Available at ProgRock Records
and all places CDs are sold

This is going to be an incredibly fun evening. With a 14 piece band of bass, drums, guitar, keys, vocals, and a phat horn section that will rip your head off with proggy goodness. We did a show with some of these same players in Nashville not too long ago. That was a great night also but it was in a very small club and we couldn’t perform all the material. However, on August 1st we will be performing the CD in its entirety! The band will be:

Me, NDV on Lead Vocals
Dave Martin on Bass
Rick Musallam on Guitar
Jimmy Keegan on Drums
Kevin Krohn on Keys
Matt Brown on Keys
Ed Goldfarb on Piano
John Hinchey on Trombone
Mark Visher on Sax/Flute
Willie Murillo on Trumpet
Charlie Peterson on Baritone Sax
Leigh Levine on Clarinet
Randy Leago on Sax/Accordion
Kat Bowser and Carolyn Martin on BGVs

The night’s festivities will also be filmed and recorded, so come and be a part of the fun.

Speaking of fun, after all of The Lamb festivities are over, my mates from Spock’s Beard will be joining me us on stage for some more proggy goodness! And, if all goes well, the phat horn section might show up for a Spock’s tune or two. Whoo-hooo! (I have no idea on what yet but we’ll think of something)

Hope to see you there!


Rewiring Genisis show
17 members
Been rehearsing for 2 days at Hothouse Rehearsal Studios


Center Stage Theater

Doors: 7:30  Show: 8:30
No Alcohol / All Ages Welcome
There is no opening act


(Includes Available Seats)

Hothouse Studios is proud to have served Rewiring Genesis and the staff looks forward to have the back soon! Don’t miss the show!

Rewiring Genesis

Hothouse Studios

Jul 31 2009
iPhone SMS Hack Patch Available

Apple has responded to the iPhone SMS hack by releasing a patch which addresses the vulnerability.

More details on the hack:

More details on the Apple iPhone SMS Hack Patch:
How to patch your Apple iPhone:

1. Launch Apple iTunes on Windows or Mac, make sure you are running the latest version.
2. Connect your iPhone. Wait for it to sync or cancel by sliding the bar on the iPhone.
3. Select your iPhone by clicking on it under Devices.
4. Click the Check for Update button.
5. You’ll get a popup that asks if you want to install iPhone software version (3.0.1). Click Download and Install.
6. Click Next and then Agree on the software license agreement popup.
7. It will take a few minutes to download the software, backup the iPhone and install the update. During the process, the iPhone will reboot a couple of times, so don’t be alarmed with activity on the iPhone. Once it is finished, the status bar of iTunes will read that the iPhone sync is complete.

There is an imminent update iPhone OS 3.1 coming, so keep on the lookout.

Dev Team is in Vegas for devcon right so they are busy. Saurik has confirmed this in main screen of Cydia. He also notes that he is working on special project that will simplify upgrading jailbroke phones.

The iPhone DevTeam just got their google voice number and made it public for anybody to use it. You can call them at (347) DEV-TEAM or (347) 338-8326.

Number was made it public on twitter a couple of minutes ago by iPhoneDev , a member of the iPhone DevTeam.
About the security content of iPhone OS 3.0.1
Last Modified: July 31, 2009
Article: HT3754
This document describes the security content of iPhone OS 3.0.1.

For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available. To learn more about Apple Product Security, see the Apple Product Security website.

For information about the Apple Product Security PGP Key, see “How to use the Apple Product Security PGP Key.”

Where possible, CVE IDs are used to reference the vulnerabilities for further information.

To learn about other Security Updates, see “Apple Security Updates.”

Products Affected
iPhone, Product Security
iPhone OS 3.0.1

CVE-ID: CVE-2009-2204

Available for: iPhone OS 1.0 through iPhone OS 3.0

Impact: Receiving a maliciously crafted SMS message may lead to an unexpected service interruption or arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue exists in the decoding of SMS messages. Receiving a maliciously crafted SMS message may lead to an unexpected service interruption or arbitrary code execution. This update addresses the issue through improved error handling. Credit to Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators, and Collin Mulliner of Fraunhofer SIT for reporting this issue.

The 3.01 patch is 297.9MB.

Jul 31 2009
Jossy Farms

This is the final email from this email list. If you would like to
continue to receive crop updates from our more secure email list sign up
at Thank you to those of you that have already sign up on
the new email list.
Peach season has begun! We are now picking Red Haven and Flaming
Fury peaches. The price for U-pick is 80 cents per pound, the same as last
year. We have a very large crop of peaches this year.
The Vivid peach will be ripe in approximately 7 days. Following that will
be the Gravenstein apples, about 10 days from now. We anticipate that we
will start picking the Veteran peach around Aug. 15th and the Bartlett
pears should be ready about the 20th of Aug. We should have Peaches,
Apples and Pears at least until the first of Sept. this year.
We also have available already picked blueberries and new this year we
have peach, apple, oak and cherry wood for use in a smoker or BBQ.
As always, these dates are estimates. Please check the recorded message at
503-647-5234 the evening before or the morning of the day you plan on
coming to the farm to check fruit availability and open hours. We are
located 1/8 mile south of the Sunset highway and ¼ mile west on Beach Rd.
Our address is 31965 NW Beach Rd. Hillsboro, 97124
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jossy Farms

Jul 31 2009
Welcome to MonaVie

Dear MonaVie Distributor,

On behalf of our entire corporate staff and growing family of MonaVie distributors around the world, welcome to the MonaVie family! Whether your decision to join us was based on a desire to improve your health or create a profitable home-based business, or both, I congratulate you for making a wise decision.

The most important asset of this company is not found in a building or even in a proprietary formula. Rather, it’s the hearts and minds of people who are willing to share our unique products and rewarding opportunity with others. For this, I thank you.

MonaVie leverages today’s most effective form of distribution—relationship marketing. With this person-to-person approach, you’ll be able to share the benefits of the MonaVie independent opportunity with others and be rewarded for doing so, based on your sales and the product sales of those in the organization you helped create. As a valued member of the MonaVie team, please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures, making special note of those policies that pertain to mass retail sales mediums, including Internet auction sites such as eBay; catalogs; flea markets; and television. (Internet retail sales may be made only on MonaVie approved websites.) Please remember these policies are in place to protect your MonaVie business.

This is such an exciting time to be a part of MonaVie. The Beverage and Functional Food category is the fastest growing segment in nutrition today, and within this category, MonaVie offers the most complete and balanced product. Each of MonaVie’s health-minded products feature an exclusive blend of the Brazilian acai berry—one of nature’s top superfoods—and 18 other body-beneficial fruits.

Thousands have already experienced better physical and financial health through MonaVie. Now we look forward to working together with you to continue sharing its benefits; together, we’ll change the world for the better, one person at a time.

To help you get started, please click here to download MonaVie’s online Virtual Distributor Kit.

Carpe diem,

Dallin A. Larsen
Founder and President, MonaVie


1. Read through the virtual Distributor Kit and watch the videos.
2. Study the compensation plan (available on
3. Read the policies and procedures.
4. Visit and learn about the product, the company, and the management.
5. Visit and see how MonaVie is on the move with weekly announcements.
6. Sign up for AutoShip to maximize your MonaVie business.
7. ITS—Invite, Taste, and Share MonaVie. Set up a tasting party in your home for others to experience the product and learn about the MonaVie opportunity.
8. Participate in MonaVie’s monthly conference calls. (For details, visit
9. Counsel with your sponsor or active upline.
10. Set a goal to achieve the rank of Star and become a Star Maker within your first 30 days.

If you have additional questions about getting started with MonaVie, contact your upline executive or call Distributor support at 1-866-217-8455.

Estimado Distribuidor de MonaVie:

En nombre de todo el personal de la empresa y la familia de Distribuidores de MonaVie de todo el mundo, le extendemos la más cordial bienvenida. Ya sea que su decisión de unirse a nosotros sea con el fin de contribuir a su bienestar o de establecer un negocio lucrativo en su hogar, o ambas cosas, lo felicito por tomar una decisión inteligente.

El bien más importante que posee nuestra compañía no es un edificio, ni tampoco una fórmula patentada. Más bien, es el corazón y la mente de las personas que están dispuestas a compartir con los demás nuestros exclusivos productos y la gratificante oportunidad que ofrecemos. Por esto, le doy las gracias.

MonaVie saca partido de la forma de distribución más eficaz de la actualidad: la mercadotecnia basada en las relaciones personales. Con este método de persona a persona, usted podrá compartir los beneficios de la oportunidad de MonaVie con los demás y, a cambio, ser gratificado según sus compras y las compras de productos que hagan los que pertenezcan a la organización que ayude a crear. En calidad de integrante del equipo de MonaVie, le rogamos tenga a bien familiarizarse con las políticas y los procedimientos que seguimos, y que ponga atención especial en lo que respecta a los medios de ventas al menudeo a nivel masivo, incluso sitios de subastas en Internet como eBay, catálogos, mercados y televisión. (Las ventas al menudeo por Internet se pueden hacer solamente en los sitios aprobados por MonaVie). Tenga en cuenta que las políticas existen con el fin de proteger su negocio en MonaVie.

Esta época es perfecta para ser parte de MonaVie. El rubro de bebidas y alimentos energizantes es el de mayor crecimiento en la actualidad, y dentro del cual MonaVie ofrece el producto más completo y balanceado. Cada uno de los saludables productos de MonaVie ofrece una exclusiva mezcla del açai brasileño, uno de los superalimentos de la naturaleza, y de otras 18 frutas que benefician al cuerpo.

Miles de personas ya gozan del bienestar físico y económico que ofrece MonaVie. Nos complace saber que trabajaremos con usted a fin de seguir compartiendo los beneficios; juntos podemos cambiar al mundo para bien, una persona a la vez.

Para ayudarle a comenzar, haga clic aquí para descargar el Kit virtual de Distribuidor de MonaVie.

Carpe diem,

Dallin A. Larsen
Fundador y Presidente de MonaVie


1. Lea el Kit virtual de Distribuidor y vea los videos.
2. Estudie el Plan de compensación (disponible en
3. Lea las políticas y los procedimientos.
4. Visite y obtenga información sobre el producto, la compañía y la administración.
5. Visite y entérese de las actividades que realiza MonaVie mediante los anuncios semanales.
6. Inscríbase en el programa de Autoenvío y eleve al máximo su negocio de MonaVie.
7. Beba, Sienta y Comparta MonaVie. Organice una reunión de degustación en su hogar para que otras personas prueben el producto y se enteren de la oportunidad que ofrece MonaVie.
8. Participe en las teleconferencias mensuales de MonaVie. (Para más detalles, visite
9. Hable con su patrocinador o con su línea ascendente activa.
10. Póngase la meta de alcanzar la categoría de Star y hágase Star Maker dentro de sus primeros 30 días.

Si tiene preguntas adicionales sobre cómo comenzar en MonaVie, comuníquese con el Distribuidor de su línea ascendente o llame al servicio de Apoyo al Distribuidor al 001 866 984-8398 (sin costo).

Jul 31 2009
Twiistup 6 Over

Twiistup 6 has come and gone. Congrats to the team for putting it together.

I’m sure there will be lots of ideas that come from this event to make it even better next time around.

Thanks to the Central Desktop folks for sponsoring the photo booth by “polite in public” . Probably not my best picture, but hey, it’s a shot.

Polite in Public

Jul 31 2009
BlueHost Hosting Service Failure

Update: Over 24 hours down and site is still not up.

It has become a recurring theme with BlueHost hosting service issues.

Once again, one of the sites I host with BlueHost is down and has been down since 4pm yesterday.

This is my chat with Bluehost:
: I believe it is file system corruption, but I am not sure
[12:16:26 PM]: there is a file tree rebuild no in process
John [12:14:42 PM]: Just this one server–it is having a serious issue, but we’re doing our very best to restore it
You can submit your feedback to us at [email protected] so that we can review your comments. I can understand, however.
Now over 12 hours later and the problem still persist.

No warning that maintenance was going to be run, just take down the sites.
This is another example of how BlueHost is mismanaging growth and not responding to problems.

Several hundred accounts are being affected. Apparently the file system.

Write to if you feel the same way I do.
[email protected]
Matt Heaton / President


Once again I find myself writing to you and your company about a failure to provide nominal service.

I am now posting on my blog my experiences and you have lost me as a customer, not only for failing to respond to my previous correspondence but what is clearly growth mismanagement.

Having a customer site going down for over an hour is one thing, having it go down for days is another thing altogether. This is not the early days of web hosting, reliability is expected as a basic requirement when purchasing hosting.

Corrective action is imperative on your part to repair this problem as it only appears to be getting worse.


Email from Michael on Feedback.


My domain is Would love to figure out exactly
what is going on, because this is totally unacceptable. Remember
customers have options. My site is STILL DOWN.

I’ve provided my number below.

Also, I called billing to see about receiving some sort of credit and
was apalled a the response, basically did I read the TOS and the
service is provided as is. No credits are issued. WOW. that is not the
way to do business with a any customer.


Email back:
I apologize you didn’t get the reply you wanted Victor. Matt is the CEO of a very fast growing company and is very busy dealing with the different aspects and developing groundbreaking features which he details on his blog. I haven’t exchanged more than 10 words with him myself for a few months now. I’m not aware of any servers going down for days, usually they’re back up in a matter of minutes. If you’ll send me your domain name we’ll be able to look into the issue and have a more informed conversation. We appreciate you letting us know how you feel.

Michael Stevens
Morning Tech Manager
1958 Kuhni Road
Provo, Ut 84606

Next response:
Unfortunately you’re on that server which is going through a file system check. It’s taken much longer than we would have liked, probably due to an errant customer having millions of log files on his account that he doesn’t even know about. It became necessary to run it to ensure file integrity. When it’s done running the check the server will be back up just like it as. These instances are extremely rare but have become necessary from time to time.
For compensation, in the past we’ve given a free month for downtime, but it turns out that breaks our billing system and causes our CEO to be very angry. What I can do is actually a little better for you. I can leave a note on your account that we’ll make your next hosting renewal a dollar cheaper per month, which would be 12 bucks off if you renewed for a year. You’d need to call us at least 16 days before the renewal take place and ask us to look for the note made today July 31st, and then ask to be renewed at the lesser rated we promised. We automatically renew our customers at 15 days before it’s canceled unless they ask us not to, to ensure their domains and websites are safe.

My Response:
Look I appreciate your response and what you are saying does nothing for me. I could care less what it does to your billing and what makes your CEO angry I could care even less. Your CEO posts on his blog to send him email and he doesn’t even respond!

Who reads his email?

You guys have really pissed me off the way you have handled the situation and this should be consider a major failure in customer service.

I have asked repeatedly that I be moved to a more stable server, and I have no idea if that has happened or not. It is unfortunate that BlueHost is following the path that some other hosting companies have followed, in really forgetting that the customer is #1.

I do not want to renew and have no interest. I asked for a simple credit and that was apprently too much to ask!

I will begin my migration away from your servers asap.


response from Mike:
If you had a company with hundreds of thousands of customers, would you be able to respond to everyone who sends you mail? Don’t take it so personally. I’m happy to ask the admins to migrate you once the server comes backup, but honestly there is no better chance you’ll have a better experience on another box, probably less of a chance since this one just went through a file system check and likely will not need one again for many months or years if ever. If your account is migrated you’d be looking at additional downtime because of transfer time and dns propagation.

my response:
If I could not respond as CEO I would make sure each email received a
response somehow, someway, you know why…. because those are the
people I have to thank for getting me to where I am!

The fact that someone took the time to write an email should be
enough, I don’t care if you have 1 million customers!

The fact remains that Bluehost has not handled this and other
situations effectively, there is a major flaw not only on the tech
side but also from a customer service standpoint.

I have hosted with numerous hosting companies. It’s all about managed
growth and paying attention to the customer.

Just do a search on twitter and google for Bluehost horror stories. I
am not the only person having problem on a repeated basis. Seems
like some re-grouping is in order.


He does have a ticket system as well as this feedback email. I suspect he does at least read them all as I’ve received responses. If you search on the web, you’ll find a plethora of praise and otherwise about any big company. The ones that have a poor experience will tend to be more vocal about it. Our growth is a testament to our repeat loyal customers. I look forward to being mentioned on your blog again. Cheers.

My Response:
So I have no resolution my site is still down. Go figure.

How long will it be before the site is back up?

Jul 31 2009
Black Delta Tonight at Orange County Flyer’s Game

Hothouse Studios in Santa Fe Springs is pleased to bring Black Delta to perform at tonight’s OC Flyer’s game.

Thousands of fans come to watch the Orange County Flyers represent Orange County as their only Minor League Team.

Goodwin Field at California State University, Fullerton. Fullerton, CA, USA
View Larger Map

Tonight’s Game is Beach Theme

Friday, July 31, 2009 7:05pm PM
St. George RoadRunners vs Orange County Flyers
Promo: Friday, July 31, 2009 Fireworks Fridays & American Cancer Society/Relay for Life

Buy Tickets Here

Black Delta goes live at 6pm.
Game starts at 7pm.
Location: Cal State Fullerton
Fullerton, CA

Hothouse Rehearsal studios is pleased to work with the OC Flyers to provide talented musicians like the Black Delta Boys.

Ryan Stokes: Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar
Christopher Diaz-Infante: Lead Guitar
Nicholas Dinucci: Bass
Gabriel Garnica: Drums

Look for more Hothouse Studios bands to perform at upcoming games.
Hothouse Rehearsal Studios

Jul 31 2009
How to avoid the “500 worst passwords of all time”

How to avoid the “500 worst passwords of all time”
By John Dodge
Read here

Topping the list:
1. 123456
2. password

Jul 31 2009
Tomato Festival

Dear Friends,

In this era of jet-fresh vegetables – when your dinner may have more frequent flier miles than you do – there are precious few reminders of seasonality. The tomato is one of them. An out-of-season tomato simply isn’t as good as a sun-soaked summer beauty, and we all know it. Heirloom tomatoes are the best of the best. These varieties, passed down through the generations because of their great taste, are what we wait for every summer.

During the month of August, the height of the season, our restaurants will feature tomatoes all over the menu. Items like Sliced HeirloomTomatoes with Grilled Tomato Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese Fritters and Pickled Corn; Fried Green Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella and Spicy Crab Rémoulade and Country Tomato Soup with Parmesan-Caper Crostin.

Our tomatoes come from local farms with names as colorful as the tomatoes themselves: Full Belly, Ella Bella and Mariquita, to name a few. Be sure to visit your favorite restaurants this month and celebrate the freshest and best of this season.

Participating Restaurants
The Tavern at Lark Creek®
234 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939
(415) 924-7766
Fax: (415) 924-7117
Banquet: (415) 924-1602

One Market® Restaurant
1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 777-5577
Fax: (415) 777-3366
Banquet: (415) 777-2233

Lark Creek® Walnut Creek
1360 Locust Street, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 256-1234
Fax: (925) 256-1811
Banquet: (925) 256-0287

Westfield San Francisco Centre
845 Market Street, Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 593-4100
Fax: (415) 593-4101
Banquet: (415) 593-7100

Parcel 104®
At The Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 970-6104
Fax: (408) 970-6109
Banquet: (408) 986-6662

Yankee Pier®
286 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939
(415) 924-7676
(415) 924-7676
Fax: (415) 924-7117
Banquet: (415) 924-1602

Yankee Pier®
378 Santana Row, Suite 1100, San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 244-1244
Fax: (408) 244-1844

Yankee Pier®
United Domestic Terminal, San Francisco International Airport
(650) 821-8938
Fax: (650) 821-8941

Yankee Pier®
3593 Mount Diablo Boulevard
Lafayette, CA 94596
Fax : 925-283-4101

Bradley OgdenTM
At Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7410
Fax: (702) 697-5761

Visit us at
For more information click here.

Join us for a great tomato dish anytime during the month of August. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Lark Creek Restaurant Group

Jul 31 2009
Sampa is closing: Thank you for supporting us!

Sampa is closing: Thank you for supporting us!

July 17th, 2009 – by Marcelo Calbucci

Sampa is closing its service on August 18, 2009. Like  many startups, we tried to change the world but didn’t succeed. We tried to make it easy for people to share personal stories and pictures with friends and family, and although the product worked and we amassed tens of thousands of happy customers we weren’t able to pay the bills to keep the service running.

We feel bad for all the people we disappointed, from our avid customers to our investors, including our families that have actively used the service themselves and supported us during this journey.

If you have a Sampa site, you can export it by signing in and click on the Export Site button. It will include all the important content from your site (blog posts, pictures, family tree, etc.) If you paid for a Premium or Ultimate account and you are eligible for a refund, you’ll receive an email shortly.


Can I export all my website content?
Yes, you can export all the pictures, blog posts, milestones, family tree, guestbook entries, comments and user information. Just go to your site, sign in and click on “Export My Site”.

Can I view all my content on my computer?
Yes, you can extract the Zip file and view all your content.

Can I import into another blog or service?
Some service provide importing tools, but we can’t guarantee it will work or not. Sampa will not provide support with other services.

Where can I create another site?
If you want a baby site we recommend you  use If you want a family site you can use Cozi. If you just want a blog you can use WordPress.

Will you provide any additional support?
No. We’ll not provide any supporting helping with using the exported content or to setup a new site.

Can I get a refund for the amount I paid?
Yes. If you upgraded to Premium or Ultimate you’ll receive an email message on how to get a refund.

Can I keep my custom domain?
Yes. If you purchased a custom domain through Sampa it’s yours. You should have received an email message with information on how to transfer that domain to your own registrar.

Jul 31 2009
Bakespace and Crumbs at Twiistup 6

Thanks to Crumbs Bake Shop for the yummy cupcakes during Twiistup 6 at Bakespace booth.

Good meeting Danielle Lew with Harrison Shriftman PR.

To find a Crumbs near you check out their website:

Jul 30 2009
Kristinia DeBarge on KTLA

on KTLA morning program.


Hey everyone! I’m at ktla and I’m havin so much fun! This is me on stage 🙂

Jul 30 2009
Make money with CPM


If you want to make money with CPM banners

Just register to this site

After thats login and go to Banners take the code of 300×250 banners

open a note pad paste the code to note pad

Now do this save –> In save as type (in bottom) put all files —> name it index.html

Now register for a free webhosting and upload index.html

After thats

download this :…

Where is show

put the link of your page thats have the banners after that click start.

I suggest to run the program more then one time just click new windows for this

Have fun

Jul 30 2009
Green Tech Connect Forum

Green Tech Connect Forum

August 3-4, 2009

Pasadena — Green Tech Connect Forum. The Green Tech Connect Forum is part of the Helping Hand Initiative adopted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD).  The AQMD is recognized for its leadership as the premier air quality control agency in the nation. The Green Tech Connect Forum Where Partnerships Drive Green Innovation and Commercialization continues this tradition by creating a forum bringing together emerging green technology developers, government and the investment community.

For more info:

Allen Matkins

BioReaction Industries

Capacity of Texas

Engine Control Systems

Engine, Fuel, and Emissions Engineering, Inc. (EF&EE)

Green Fuel Tabs

Ken Grody Ford

Quantya USA

Soil-Therm Equipment Inc.

Valley Power Systems Inc.

Brochure here:


A printable agenda is also available in PDF format here. (revised 7-29-09)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Special Pre-Conference Workshop for Entrepreneurs: “Tools to Develop a Green Technology Business Plan and Identify Funding”
– Stan TomsicAdministrator, Business Technology Center, LA County
– Miguel AgualloSenior Analyst, Craton Equity Partners
– Jackie WestonAnalyst, Craton Equity Partners
– Heather McCormickPasadena Angels & McCormick Legal Advisors
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Registration Check-in (Lobby)

Monday, August 3, 2009

All sessions will be held in the Ballroom.

7:00 am Registration Check-In (Lobby)
7:30 am Continental Breakfast/Exhibit Opens (Exhibit Hall A)
8:30 am – 9:00 am Opening Plenary Session/Welcome
– William BurkeAQMD Board Chairman
– Karen Bass, California Assembly Speaker
– Mayor Bill Bogaard, City of Pasadena
– Fabian Nunez, Mercury Public Affairs
9:00 am – 10:15 am Overview Plenary Session
Moderator: Barry Wallerstein, AQMD, Executive Officer
– Dan Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation
Studies, UC Davis and CARB Board Member

– Jeffrey Byron, Commissioner, Califonria Energy Commission
– Mayor Miguel Pulido, City of Santa Ana & AQMD Board Member
– Geraldine Knatz, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles
10:15 am – 10:45 am Refreshment Break (Exhibit Hall A)
The following 11 sessions will include an overview by a technical expert followed by presentations from 5-7 featured Technology Partners.  Each session will conclude with a Q&A period.
10:45 am – 12:00 pm Session 1: Off-Road
Moderator: Michael Christensen, Deputy Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles
Technology Overview: Michael D. Jackson, TIAX
– Ki NamT3 Motion
– Balwinder SamraBalqon Corporation
– Sandor ShaperyInnovative Transportation Systems Corporation
– Andrew W. HayesFastransit, Inc.
– Bruce DahnkeSkyTech Transportation
– Matthew F. StewartAdvanced Cleanup Technologies, Inc
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Luncheon & Venture Capital Roundtable
Speaker & Moderator:  John Chiang, California State Controller
Speakers: Tom Soto, Managing Partner, Craton Equity Partners
Sven Strohband, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
John Babcock, Partner, Rustic Canyon Partners
1:30 pm – 2:45 pm Session 2A: On-Road Light Duty
Moderator: Michael Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor & AQMD Board Member
Technology Overview: Steve Albu, CARB
– John MittonNaturalDrive Partners, LLC
– John SledgeBAF Technologies
– Pete NortmanEnergyCS
– Joe DalumOdyne/DUECO
– Sanjeev ChoudharyA123Systems
– Tom GageAC Propulsion, Inc.
Session 2B: Energy Efficiency/Green Building
Moderator: Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Councilmember & AQMD Board Member
Technology Overview: John Picard, John Picard & Associates
– Jon SlangerupClearEdge Power
– Brad JacobsonEHDD Architecture
– Richard ButlerEnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc.
– Glen FinkelPURETi, Inc.
– Michel KohanimUniversal Devices
– Tom FaustRedwood Renewables
2:45 pm – 4:00 pm Session 3A: On-Road Heavy Duty
Moderator: Tonia Reyes Uranga, Long Beach City Councilmember & AQMD Board Member
Technology Overview: Bill Van Amburg, CALSTART
– Jim MooreEmissions Solutions, Inc.
– Alex BernasconiISE Corp.
– Jorge VillanuevaPacoima Beautiful
– Lawrence WeisdornVision Industries
– Ron Pope
Waste Management
– Mike GallagherWestport Innovations
Session 3B: Power Generation & Smart Grid
Moderator: Ed Kjaer, Director, Southern California Edison
Technology Overview: Scott Samuelsen, UCI
– Tom MasonAdvanced Power Projects, Inc.
– Edan PrabhuFlexEnergy, LLC
– Vijay ParmarGainSpan Corporation
– Karen BertramInternational Environmental Solutions, Inc.
– Daniel K. MoscaritoloRemediation Earth, Inc.
– Rick CutrightPlug Power, Inc.
4:00 pm – 4:15 pm Refreshment Break (Exhibit Hall A)
4:15 pm – 5:30 pm Session 4A: Emission Control
Moderator: Joseph Lyou, California Environmental Rights Alliance & AQMD Board Member
Technology Overview: Joe Kubsh, MECA
– Ken BoshartBoshart Engineering, Inc.
– Scott RuhlenCummins Cal Pacific
– Jeff ValmusEmerachem Power
– Richard CarlsonExtengine, Inc.
– Charlie CoxIronman
Financial Overview: Joe PlatnickPasadena Angels
Session 4B: Consumer Products
Moderator: Michael Cacciotti, South Pasadena City Councilmember & AQMD Board Member
Technology Overview: Lauren Heine, Clean Production Action
– Dana AutenriethBenjamin Moore & Co.
– Martin WolfSeventh Generation
– Don LloydWaxie Sanitary Supply
– Tom HughesNeuton
Financial Overview: Nikhil JainArtilient Labs
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Evening Reception (Exhibit Hall A)
(Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and beverages coutesy of CleanTech Sponsor, Clean Energy)
Book Signing by Dan Sperling

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7:00 am Registration Check-in (Lobby)
7:30 am Continental Breakfast/Exhibit Open (Exhibit Hall A)
8:45 am – 10:00 am Session 5: Battery and Storage
Moderator: Matt Miyasato, AQMD Assistant Deputy Executive Officer
Technology Overview: Mark Duvall, EPRI
Kristen HeiselAeroVironment, Inc.
Dina PredisikCity of Anaheim
Chandler WilliamsonPentadyne Power Corp.
Paul BeachQuallion, LLC
Randy GrowSimbol Mining
Financial Overview: Jeff LeonardGlobal Environment Fund
10:00 am – 10:30 am Refreshment Break (Exhibit Hall A)
10:30 am – 11:45 am Session 6: Solar/Wind
Moderator: Sue Kateley, Executive Director, CALSEIA
Technology Overview: James Caldwell, Los Angeles DWP
– Paul GlenneyAeroVironment, Inc.
– Matt LangleyClipper Windpower, Inc.
– Enid JoffeClean Fuel Connection, Inc.
– Leesa LeeEnphase Energy, Inc.
– Philippe HartleyPhat Energy, Inc.
– Rob CampellSolar Integrated Technologies, Inc.
11:45 am – 1:15 pm Luncheon & Economic Roundtable
Moderator: Bob McCormick, CBS2 & KCAL9
Speakers: Jack Kyser, Founding Economist, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
Stephen Levy, Director and Senior Economist, Center for Continuing Study of California Economy (CCSCE)
Lisa M. Grobar, Director, Cal State Univ., Long Beach Economic Forecast Project
1:15 pm – 2:30 pm Session 7: Biofuels
Moderator: John Boesel, President, CALSTART
Technology Overview: Paul Wuebben, AQMD Clean Fuels Officer
– Matt HortonPropel Fuels
– Rahul IyerPrimafuel
– Steve WilburnFirm Green, Inc.
– Jeffrey ShermanGRT, Inc.
– Ted KniescheFulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.
– Norm SendlerMicrogy
2:30 pm – 3:45 pm Session 8: Gaseous Fuels
Moderator: Bill Zobel, Manager, Sempra Energy Utilities
Technology Overview: Robert Bienenfeld, American Honda Motor Co.
– Kevin MarkeyApplied LNG Technologies, Inc.
– Michael EavesClean Energy
– Robert WeiermairEarth Energy Fuels
– Mario PirragliaIMPCO Technologies, Inc.
– Doug WeaverWeaver, Inc.
Financial Overview: Alex KinnierKhosla Ventures
3:45 pm Door Prize Drawing & Conference Adjourns
Jul 30 2009
Twiistup 6 Starts Today

July 30, Los Angeles — Twiistup 6. Twiistup connects people from technology, media, and entertainment. Our events features an eclectic stage agenda representing leading innovators and 10 startups chosen to ‘showoff’ their products & services to influential bloggers, fellow tech-heads, investors, the media and those interested in learning about what’s hot in tech. Unlike traditional conferences, Twiistup mixes it up with tunes, video, beverages, swag and the unexpected.

For more info:

Los Angeles, CA

BakeSpace preserves and updates the age-old tradition of gathering in the kitchen to cook and socialize.  It’s an independent grassroots community where people from around the world gather to post, search and swap recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and express their passion for all things food-related. The site was named a 2009 Webby Award Nominee for Best Social Network.

Bantam Live

New York, NY

Bantam Live is an online service for business teams to collaborate in a workspace and build business relationships across the Web.

San Francisco, CA

Think: “Twitter for Music.” is a social music service powered by your most trusted sources: your friends and favorite people.  Music discovery is inherently social, and recommendations are most compelling when they come from real people, people you respect and care about.  Over a million people are already using to share and discover great music.  Channel your inner DJ on


San Mateo, CA

Diddit is a site where users check off their life experiences (their “diddits”), tell stories, discover cool things to do, keep track of what they “wanna do,”  and meet new people with similar interests. Diddit’s database includes over 400k activities ranging from travel content like ski runs, roller coasters and cruise ships to media objects such as movies, books and television series.


Los Angeles, CA is a pioneering venture aimed at equalizing education by assembling the best teachers in the country and making their lectures affordable to everyone.


Sherman Oaks, CA

EQAL (pronounced “Equal”) is a social entertainment company dedicated to redefining the way users interact with content and each other.


Santa Monica, CA

Business travelers dread the monthly task of filling out expense reports. Instead of stacks of receipts and lengthy hours of data entry, ExpenseBay’’s secure SaaS solution gives business employees an easy way to automate their weekly expense reports.  ExpenseBay can export an expense report automatically into a companies mandated spreadsheet or existing Expense Management Applications.


San Francisco, CA

JamLegend is changing the way music is experienced online. We give artists an easy way to promote their music in a Guitar Hero-like game, and gamers the ability to play more songs with more friends, anytime, anywhere.


Los Angeles, CA

The Mobolize solution from Mobophiles solves the two biggest problems with the Web: slow page loads and no offline access. With Mobolize, you can now have the freedom which comes with having a Web that you can count on, regardless of where you are.


San Francisco, CA

Peoplebrowsr is a real-time search engine and client for you to look into the pulse of digital conversations and engage across multiple social networks simultaneously. With filtering, you can bubble up “memes and themes” that are important to you or your brand across any “Web 2.0? service like Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook.


Manhattan Beach CA

Streamy is a real-time news and social media dashboard.  Read news and see what your friends are reading around the Web.  Continue the conversation with instant messaging, sharing, and groups.  Drag and drop stories to quickly share and navigate.  Extend the conversation with connections to Twitter, Facebook, AIM, Google Talk and more.


Santa Cruz, CA

UserVoice lets you harness the best ideas of your users and help turn them into product champions. Turn on a UserVoice forum, and have your customers help move your product forward.

Jul 30 2009
iPhone Virus Hack

There are reports that a group has been able to hack into the Apple iPhone by using a simple txt message.

If you receive a text message on your iPhone any time after Thursday afternoon containing only a single square character, Charlie Miller would suggest you turn the device off. Quickly.

The pair have reported  the hole to Apple but as of yet no response.

So how safe is the iPhone?

Apparently with this claimed breach you can get into a users iPhone to surf the web, make calls, send messages and even take pictures.

If this is real, it could be a more severe vulnerability than any other ever seen.

Charlie Miller, a security researcher, discovered the hack a month ago and contacted Apple, but the company has yet to release a software update fixing the security hole. Miller and fellow researcher Collin Mulliner will make the exploit public at today’s Black Hat Cyber Security Conference in Las Vegas, where hosts and attendees exchange information on Internet threats.

Dai Zovi, who is the co-author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook,” said that once hackers start to put substantial resources into targeting Apple’s computers, they will be at least as vulnerable as Windows machines, according to Reuters.

“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs,” he said.

Miller, co-author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook,” said that the Mac OS will be easier to crack than Windows as it is bigger and less concisely written. This means that there is more room for vulnerabilities and bugs.

This hack arrives to an unsuspecting iPhone user as an SMS with a single character which could allow the hacker to do the following:
– Make calls from your iPhone
– Steal your personal data stored on your iPhone
– Send Text Messages from your smartphone, and…
– simply take over your phone making it useless…for you.

Researchers Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller shortly before they proved they could attack my iPhone with a text message, even after a beer or two.

(Credit: Elinor Mills/CNET News)

The attack is enabled by a serious memory corruption bug in the way the iPhone handles SMS messages, said Miller, a senior security researcher at Independent Security Evaluators. There is no patch, despite the fact that Apple was notified of the problem about six weeks ago, he said.

How to hack the iphone with a txt message

Jul 30 2009
Tracking your Happiness

Now you can track your happiness online.

Check out the website:

The site aims to track what makes people happy on a daily basis and gather more information from the masses.

track your happy, are you happy, how to be happy, what makes you happy, track your happiness

Jul 29 2009
Compusa Toshiba Great Deal


July 29 , 2009

We just got back from a weekend getaway with quite possibly the best laptop deal of the summer.

So give us a moment of your time, we’ll make it worth your while…

Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB DDR2, 320GB HDD
16″ Display, Full Number Keypad, & Much More!
SAVE UP TO $200!

This was an eventful weekend. It started with a frantic call from Lourdes, one of the top buyers, Friday night. She said, “We’ve got a great opportunity buy, but we need to act on it now.” Mind you, it was about 7:00pm Friday evening.

It turns out, Toshiba had two truckloads of laptops that were intended for a nearby government agency. However, after cutbacks, they canceled the order. Toshiba had two semis driving about 2 hours from our warehouse with nowhere to go.

That’s when the negotiating kicked off in earnest.

Well, after a series of emails, text messages, and phone calls, we got the deal:

BRAND NEW Toshiba laptops with the high powered Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1GHz processor, 3 gigabytes of high performance DDR2 memory, a huge 320 gigabyte hard drive (that’ll hold a ton of homework), the new 16″ screen, and the full number key keypad plus much, much more all for just…Well, these were slated as $800 notebooks. But as you can see, Toshiba was in a jam. They needed to move these quickly and they knew we could take these 2 semi-tractors full of laptops and sell them at record pace. But it needed to be a killer deal. That’s when the phone calls, emails, and text messages started flying.

Well, we’re proud to offer you this amazingly high quality piece of manufacturing marvel for just $599.99, plus just $1.99 shipping to most locations.

That’s right, for under 600 bucks, you’re getting a performance laptop ready to take on business, government, or the new school year. Power through spreadsheets with ease. Fly through your favorite photo editing software. Play online games or just catch up with the news of the day. Bottom line, this laptop will get it done and keep you satisfied.

Now, here are just a few reasons why this is the best laptop we’ve ever offered at this price.

In addition to its fast, powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of DDR2 memory, and the 320GB SATA HDD, the NEW Toshiba Satellite L505-S6951 laptop computer boasts a 16-inch widescreen TruBrite LCD display that you’re absolutely going to love. It has brilliant 1366 x 768 resolution and gives you plenty of screen space to work multiple programs, or watch Hollywood movies and your favorite videos — all from the best seat in the house. Yet it’s a compact machine that won’t compromise your workspace. You can arm your key staff members with new Toshiba Satellite L505-S6951 laptop computers so they can hit the road ready to rock n’ roll with high-octane productivity.

Only $599.99 each!

That’s a sweet deal, but you need to act quickly because these fast, powerful, versatile Toshiba Laptops will sell out in no time at all. Like we said, we only have two truckloads and they will sell out fast!

You don’t want to miss your chance.

By the way, the new Toshiba Satellite comes with a powerful Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD graphics engine, 802.11a/g/n wireless technology, built-in webcam, and integrated stereo speakers. It also comes with a DVD SuperMulti drive you can use to burn copies of your corporate video presentations, play movies, or create your own business or recreational CDs. This laptop has it all! It even has eSata/USB combo port that delivers a super-quick connection for future data expansion. That means it’s ready for today and tomorrow…

Now we’re giving you first dibs on this screaming fast, feature-filled Toshiba Satellite laptop computer, then we’re going to give the CompUSA employees a crack at it. So you MUST hurry. This is a powerhouse laptop that’s great for business, and perfect for home entertainment. It’s also fantastic for doing school work at home — or in the classroom. If you’ve got kids in high school or college, you’ll be equipping them with the ultimate weapon to help them get great grades.

In fact, we landed this deal with Back to School in mind. At only $599.99! The best back to school deal you’re going to find this year.

This Toshiba Satellite L505-S6951 delivers spectacular widescreen performance that you won’t even find with most desktop computers. Imagine working with a brilliant, 16-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolutions. Attention-grabbing graphics. Plenty of room to be productive. A space-saving design that maximizes your work area.

Remember, Toshiba’s the laptop pioneer. The chassis is built from the bottom up by the world’s most accomplished engineers. At $599.99, it’s like purchasing a Rolls Royce at a Vespa motor scooter price. Deals like this are extremely rare. It took a perfect storm of events. The big government agency ducking out of the deal. Our great relationship with Toshiba that enabled us to strike the best laptop deal of the summer. And the fact that we never settle for any deal that isn’t in the best interests of our customers.

Only $599.99 — less than 600 bucks – for a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer that’s worth at least $800. You’re getting a powerful NEW desktop replacement for a price that’s downright ridiculous.

All we can ask is that you click here to take a closer look at this laptop. If you’re serious about getting a great deal on a great laptop, then we have to stress the URGENCY for you to take advantage of this offer before it sells out. We’re giving you the first crack, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have the Toshiba Satellite L505-S6951 laptop computer in stock next week – or even 48 hours from now.

* Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1GHz
* 3GB DDR2 of Memory
* 320GB of Hard Drive Space!
* DVD Burner
* 16″ Wide Display
* Vista Home Premium
* 1 Year Ltd. Warranty

Click here to view complete specifications.

This is a full-featured 16-inch widescreen laptop computer with a powerful 2.1Ghz dual core processor, 3 full Gigs of DDR2 memory, a 320GB SATA hard drive, a DVD SuperMulti drive, webcam, 802.11a/g/n wireless technology, eSATA, and USB 2.0 – this baby’s loaded! And it’s only $599.99 – that’s below factory direct pricing.

The clock’s ticking. This deal’s not going to last long – only as long as supplies last. And we’re not going to be able to get these laptops for this absurdly low price again. This is a special circumstance. Click or call now and we’ll ship your new Toshiba Satellite L505-S6951 laptop computer right to your front door. We offer the best shipping in the business. Incomparable customer service. And you’re getting the best price anywhere for this brand new Toshiba laptop.

Click now. The clock’s still ticking, but it won’t be ticking long. It’s time to cut the best deal for your business. It’s back to school time. And this is a one-time only deal that you don’t want to pass up.

Only $599.99, but you’re running out of time!

Tick, tick, tick…

CompUSA Deal Alert Team

P.S.: This is a high quality piece of machinery from the engineers at Toshiba. It’s built to last and backed by a one year Toshiba limited warranty. For extra piece of mind, we offer extended services plans starting from just $134.99 Click for details.

1. Make your laptop ownership experience brighter with the rightaccessories. We recommend a quality laptop bag for all notebook shoppers. Note that this laptop has a larger screen. It fits nicely into 17″ capable bags. Click to view.

2. Use a mouse. Most folks prefer to use a mouse over a trackpad. So add a convenient wireless laptop mouse. We recommended the hot selling Logitech VX Nano Mouse for just $59.99. Click Here to see all our mice.

3. Media. What’s the point of having a DVD burner if you don’t haveblank DVDs? We have a huge selection starting at $9.99. Click Here.

4. Add Microsoft Office. Like any computer, a laptop is only as capable as what you have installed in it. Add the Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition for just $89.99 for a limited time. That’s Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint for just $89.99. Hurry, this is a limited time offer. Click Here

††$1.99 Shipping offer valid on orders over $75 with a weight of 15 lbs. or less. This offer is only valid for orders that qualify for and ship via UPS Ground Shipping within the contiguous lower 48 States (AK, HI, PR and International orders are excluded). Offer valid for a limited time only. One Order per customer. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

Prices valid thru 07/30/2009 Not responsible for typographical, technical, or descriptive errors of products herein. Prices are subject to change. Items may be available online or by phone only–prices and availability in Prices and availability in CompUSA stores may be limited. Prices not valid in Puerto Rico

Call us at 800-CompUSA ( 800-266-7872 ). We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jul 29 2009

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