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Mar 31 2010
Russia Suicide bombings kill 12 in Moscow

Suicide bombers killed 12 people in double strikes targeting police in Russia’s turbulent North Caucasus, shaking the country just two days after attacks in Moscow left 39 dead.

Speaking on this issue, the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the latest attack in the North Caucasus region may be linked to the strikes on the Moscow metro by two female suicide bombers, as the authorities moved to prevent a resurgence of militant violence.

Nine police including a local police chief were among the dead in the double attack in the North Caucasus region of Dagestan, a region on the Caspian Sea already wracked by an Islamist insurgency.

Wednesday’s first blast was caused by a car occupied by a suicide bomber that blew up when police tried to stop it during a regular check in the town of Kizlyar in Dagestan, officials said.

The force of the first blast left a massive crater in the road and reduced surrounding cars to burned-out wrecks, television pictures showed.

After 20 minutes, another blast was triggered by a second suicide bomber wearing a police uniform who approached law enforcement officials working at the scene of the first blast, a spokeswoman for the Dagestani interior ministry told AFP.

The spokesman Nizami Radzhabov said the first blast was caused by explosives of 200 kilogrammes of TNT equivalent stuffed into a Niva jeep “in which there was a suicide bomber”, Interfax reported.

The investigative committee of Russian prosecutors said in a statement that 12 people were killed, nine of them police, and 23 were wounded.

The new attacks were the latest blow to Russian leaders who pledged after Monday’s Moscow metro blasts to hunt down and destroy the organisers of the suicide bombings who they said had links to North Caucasus militant groups. Muslim Dagestan has been one of the Caucasus regions most troubled by militant violence, along with Chechnya and Ingushetia.

As per the reports, militants had recruited 30 potential suicide bombers in recent months, with 21 still at large after nine already blew themselves up.

The Moscow female suicide bombers blew themselves up within 40 minutes of each other in the morning rush hour at stations in the centre of the city.

The latest explosions come as Russia buried the first two victims of Monday’s blasts, with an increased police presence tangible in the still tense capital.

Police were searching for a possible male accomplice who is reported to have accompanied the female bombers to Moscow and was photographed by surveillance cameras.

Russian police have also released grainy but grisly photographs to media showing the severed heads of the two bombers’ corpses.

Mar 31 2010
A new painless blood sugar level monitor for diabetics

If you’re a diabetic sufferer or know of anyone that has this condition then you’ll know that measuring your blood sugar level on a daily basis is vital, or risk serious side affects. To help diabetics deal with this need, special hand held meters with a small needle at the end is used several times a day to take readings. Most people with diabetes will tell you with a brave face that this ritual is all part of their life, though having to constantly prick your finger to draw blood each day must make for an uncomfortable routine.

Fortunately a helpful new device has been designed to make this process pain free and effortless. The new blood sugar measuring product is called the ‘Symphony tCGM’ and is a Transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system manufactured by Echo Therapeutics based in Franklin Massachusetts. This new monitoring machine is a wireless device that consists of two parts, a small skin patch the size of a small coin and a central glucose biosensor, which gives you your body’s glucose reading.

To use this device a person attaches the small skin patch directly to a freshly shaved bit of skin, which is then worn on the body through out the day. The hand held biosensor device can then give the person constant accurate readings of their blood sugar level. This system works using electrical pulses emitted by the small skin patch; these pulses penetrate the skin and measure the amount of glucose that the body has while leaving through the body’s capillaries. Tests have shown that the detection accuracy is roughly 97% accurate, the same as the needle monitoring device. The skin patches can be left on your body while you sleep and shower, but must be replaced every two days.

Mar 31 2010
RegCure: Optimize your PC speed and performance

You must have heard about ParetoLogic earlier. Well this famous software publisher has recently brought a new product, which excelled in all expectations with its performance. It brought ‘RegCure’.

RegCure is a software program hard coded to clean your registry entries and optimize your PC performance. You will no longer experience the simultaneous freezing or slowing of your PC speed. You will get them back on track to perform their best.

Simply buy, install and hit the run to scan your PC. RegCure will do the rest for you. It is a registry cleaner that back ups and restore your PC registry. You will have the program to run manually or automatically and it comes with built in scheduler. It organizes your start up items and removes unnecessary shell and class key extensions.

Easy to customize and with a user friendly control interface RegCure will help you to remove all the invalid entries along with DLL entries. Soon you get the program run on your PC, you will see its optimum performance. No more freezing, no more slow performance. Your PC will be geared for faster operation with RegCure.

Get RegCure now, help your PC from frequent crashing!

Mar 31 2010
Online Community Unconference

I’m writing to let you know that the early bird pricing of $145 for the Online Community Unconference ends on April 23rd. The Online Community Unconference is a low-cost, high-value opportunity to connect with other smart online community and social media pros. Join us on June 9th, in Mountain View, CA for an energizing day of networking and discussions on timely and relevant online community and social media topics. Go here to register.

Current attendee organizations include social media and community practitioners from Genentech, Panasonic, Linden Lab, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Skoll Foundation, NetApp, Autodesk, SEGA, Jigsaw, Flickr, Rosetta Stone,, and many more.

More details below:




The Online Community Unconference is a gathering of online community professionals – managers, developers, business people, tool providers, investors – to discuss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities. Those involved in online community and social media development (and social software in general) share many common challenges: community management, tools, marketing, business models, legal issues. As we have found with our past events, the best source of information on all of these challenges is other knowledgeable practitioners.

The Online Community Unconference is inspired by the emerging “open space” conference format. Go here for highlights our recent Unconference in New York. You may also download the Book of Proceedings from last year’s Online Community Unconference, which includes a summary of the event, notes from many of the sessions, and photographs from the event.

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View is a unique venue with plenty of parking and WiFi. Lunch and snacks will be provided, and the museum exhibits will be open to the group during the breaks. We also have a fabulous new Open Space facilitator this year: Heidi Nobantu Saul.

Register by April 23rd and take advantage of the early bird rate of $145. The admission price is $195 April 24th through May 26th, and $250 on or after May 27th. On-site registration is $295. Fee is fully refundable prior to May 9th, not refundable after (but admission is transferable). Click here to register.

An extensive FAQ has been posted here:


Please contact me directly for more information about the event and for sponsorship opportunities.

If you have any difficulty in registration, please contact me directly.


Jim Cashel

Forum One Communications

Phone:  703.652.4374
Twitter:  @cashel

Mar 31 2010
Facebook Apple iTunes Page

If you like the App Store, you’ll be no doubt thrilled to know that you can now Like it. Similar to its previous Facebook page for iTunes, Apple has now launched an official App Store page where the company plans to dish out “free exclusive offers.

Check it out here:

If you like the App Store, you’ll be no doubt thrilled to know that you can now Like it. Similar to its previous Facebook page for iTunes, Apple has now launched an official App Store page where the company plans to dish out “free exclusive offers, hot tips, tutorials, and more.”

Company Overview:
From business to games, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking, there’s an app for just about anything. Find them all on the App Store. And you can download many for free. Search and browse apps just as you would music or movies. Use Genius Recommendations for apps on your iPhone or iPod touch to find new apps based on ones you already have.
Join the App Store page on Facebook to get free exclusive offers, share your favorite apps with friends and get hot tips, tutorials, and more.
Mar 31 2010
Beer Caves

Aging your ale.

The surly Goat in West Hollywood

27 beers on tap

LA Chess Boxing – 5 years ago, road of chess and a round of boxing

Brains and Brawn

Mar 31 2010
A new chapter in the endless war on drugs

Meow, Mkat, drone, there are many names for this popular designer drug which has been making the headlines recently. mephedrone has been reported to have similar stimulating affects as the popular party drug ‘ecstasy’, users feel excitement, euphoria, an increased heart beat, and rushes of energy; the one major difference is that mephedrone is a legal high. It made an appearance on the underground club scene several years ago; no one knows where it originated from, though they speculate that certain people are designing substances that can get around the government restricted lists.

Currently mephedrone has been made illegal in the U.S, Canada, Sweden and Finland, but still remains legal and available for purchase in the United Kingdom. After reports of the drug being linked to the deaths of 27 people globally and most recently two teenaged boys in the U.K. its status as a legal drug is now being quickly reassessed. There is no doubt that mephedrone is a potentially harmful substance, as there have been no medical tests conducted to find out what the long term and short term side affects are. In fact it hasn’t been around long enough for the side affects (if any) to become visible in regular users. The biggest worry regarding the criminalization of mephedrone is whether it will do more harm than good; as history shows that making drugs illegal creates a stronger demand for them and puts the production into the hands of criminal cartels, essentially worsening the situation. Currently this drug is being produced legally under controlled conditions in laboratories in China; the upside to this is that the quality is guaranteed to be a high percentage.  

Human beings have been taking drugs for recreation in some form or other for centuries and more likely then not, will continue to do so. Perhaps the solution to the dilemma lies in the reasons why humans choose to use chemical substances to escape from life and reality.

Mar 31 2010
LA Garden Show 2010

Just when you thought you had enough tomatoes…you might find four, or five, or fifteen you’ve got to grow at the TOMATOMANIA! booth at the LA Garden Show! You know you can find more room.

We’ll aim for the weirdest and most wonderful this weekend at the Arboretum. You just won’t be able to resist. Time to rip out more of the lawn!

April 30 – May 2

LA Garden Show
Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden
301 Baldwin Ave.
Arcadia, CA

TOMATOMANIA! • The World’s Largest Tomato Seedling Sale
CONTACT US: Scott Daigre
137 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #510
Los Angeles, CA 90004
[email protected]

Mar 31 2010
Jesse James Checks into Rehab

Jesse James Checks into Rehab.
Also photo coming out with wearing a Nazi outfit.

Mar 30 2010
AT&T Poor Network Coverage for iPhone 3G Network Los Angeles

AT&T Poor Network Coverage for iPhone 3G Network Los Angeles

Reports continue to circulate that Apple and AT&T are working to improve the well documented troubles with the AT&T network ability to maintain support for Apple’s every popular iPhone 3G devices.

I have been on the AT&T network for about a month after switching over from t-Mobile and have to admit that AT&T is barely better in some respects in terms of coverage in the Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale areas.

I drop calls in just about the same areas as I did with t-mobile. For instance tonight at the Americana at Brand, for at least 15-20 minutes I had full bars with 3G service but could not connect to any data services, Google was not working, email was not working, it was quite frustrating. All the while the phone is draining power as fast as one can count. The battery drain is quit quick with 3G turned on.

As reports roll in that AT&T is working on improving their network, this comes after a blitz by Verizon to prove that it has a better network.
It is pretty common knowledge that Verizon has a more reliable network based on CDMA and EVDO for data. Where as AT&T is based on GSM and HSPA 7.2 for 3G data services.

What do we expect with the new release of iPhones reported to be coming out in June – July 2010 time frame?

Mar 30 2010
AHS: American Home Shield® The right choice in home warranties.

AHS: American Home Shield®
The right choice in home warranties.

Your heating system could leave you out in the cold.

Two words: Home Warranty

Did you know that Home Insurance does not cover
your home from major appliance breakdowns?


Protect your covered home systems and appliances today!
Click here!

Homeowners Insurance:

X NOT COVERED! > Appliance breakdown from normal wear & tear
X NOT COVERED! > Plumbing Stoppages
X NOT COVERED! > Heating system component breakdown

Home warranty:

+ COVERED! > Appliance breakdown from normal wear & tear
+ COVERED! > Plumbing Stoppages
+ COVERED! > Heating system component breakdown

From the leader in home warranties.
AHS, providing Home Warranty Protection since 1974.


Click here to get your No Obligation FREE QUOTE today!

AHS: American Home Shield®
The right choice in home warranties. SM

Important Limitations and Exclusions:
*Not all home systems components and appliances are covered.
To receive a copy of the contract that details specific coverages,
exclusions, and limitations, please call AHS at 1-800-800-2211.
Covers single-family homes under 5,000 sq. feet. The trade service
call fee applies to the initial visit by a contractor for each
covered trade. This initial fee covers any additional contractor
visits required for the same breakdown within 30 days of the
original service date. Additional charges may apply for some
repairs and replacements. AHS may provide cash back in lieu of
repair or replacement in the amount of AHS’s actual cost to repair
or replace such item, which in most cases may be less than actual
retail pricing. System components and appliances 1) will be
replaced with units having comparable features, not necessarily
the same dimension, color, and/or brand; 2) must be in good working
condition on the effective date of the contract; 3) designated by
the manufacturer as commercial are not covered. Improper maintenance
of any covered system component or appliance may result in denial of
coverage for lack of maintenance. Not valid in conjunction with a
real estate transaction or current AHS contract renewal.
Limited time offer.

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is a renewable service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of system components and appliances.
Why do you need a home warranty?

Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments. Unexpected repair or replacement costs of covered items can easily strain your budget. Plus, finding a qualified professional to solve your problems can be stressful and inconvenient.
How do you get a home warranty?

* Fill out the contact form on the left.
* Our customer service specialists will call you to discuss what home warranty coverage is right for you.
* Unlimited number of service requests during your contract term.
* Call one phone number or go on-line to request service.
* A contractor will contract you during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

Mar 30 2010
Groupon California Expiration

Does anyone know what this really means for people buying Groupon offers and not using them by the expiration date?  It seems that this means if you paid for a Groupon and do not use it by the expiration date then for instance in California it never expires and you can use the voucher at the business you purchased it for at the value you paid, which in this case would be $10.

Legal Stuff We Have To Say:
Discount Voucher Expires On: Mar 17, 2010 Partial Redemptions: If you redeem the Groupon for less than the total face value, you will not be entitled to receive
any credit or cash for the difference between the face value and the amount you redeemed, unless otherwise required by law. You will only be entitled to a
redemption value equal to the amount you paid for the Groupon less the amount actually redeemed. Redemption Value: If not redeemed by the discount voucher
expiration date, this Groupon will continue to have a redemption value equal to the amount you paid ($10) at the named merchant for the period specified by
applicable law. The redemption value will be reduced by the amount of purchases made. This Groupon can only be used for making purchases at the named
merchant. It cannot be redeemed for cash or applied as payment to any account unless required by law. Neither Groupon nor the named merchant shall be
responsible for Groupons that are lost or damaged.

Legal Stuff We Have To Say:Discount Voucher Expires On: Mar 17, 2010 Partial Redemptions: If you redeem the Groupon for less than the total face value, you will not be entitled to receiveany credit or cash for the difference between the face value and the amount you redeemed, unless otherwise required by law. You will only be entitled to aredemption value equal to the amount you paid for the Groupon less the amount actually redeemed. Redemption Value: If not redeemed by the discount voucherexpiration date, this Groupon will continue to have a redemption value equal to the amount you paid ($10) at the named merchant for the period specified byapplicable law. The redemption value will be reduced by the amount of purchases made. This Groupon can only be used for making purchases at the namedmerchant. It cannot be redeemed for cash or applied as payment to any account unless required by law. Neither Groupon nor the named merchant shall beresponsible for Groupons that are lost or damaged.

Mar 30 2010
MediaClub LA Drinks @ Haute Hollywood – Thursday April 8th
MediaClub LA
Haute Hollywood, Thursday April 8th, 7 to 10pm
665 N Robertson, West Hollwood, CA 90069
Haute HollywoodMediaClub LA
Dear Victor,

Join LA’s largest Business Networking Organization for Media Professionals and see you at our next event at Haute Hollywood (Facebook reminder here)

Come mingle with top industry professionals in Media and Technology. Attendees work at companies such as CAA, Disney, Dreamworks, Fox, ICM, MySpace, NBC, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, William Morris, YouTube, etc.

This month we are heading to one of the most beautiful clubs in Hollywood, Haute. Haute was formerly known as Apple and was recently redesigned which makes the place even prettier.”One part nightclub, one part lounge, this WeHo hot spot revamps the former home of celeb-packed Apple with three different music rooms, two smoking patios/lounges and a sexy interior. Clubbers who can get past its tight velvet ropes will find a stiletto-packed scene filled with eye-popping chandeliers, artsy columns and plush earth-toned seating. Aside from the couture vibe, the club offers a small sampling of upscale bar bites to satiate post-dance cravings like fried Dungeness crab stuffed with summer squash, jidori chicken and prime beef skewers, and bruschetta.” More reviews here

Ask for the drinks specials, there will also be an after party at the end of our event


($12 until April 5th, then $15)

Pictures from past events click here

Mar 30 2010
Backup Options for WordPress Blog

Automattic is launching VaultPress.


Your application bits are now stored safely in The Vault.

Soon we’ll start a pseudo-random process of picking tickets. When yours is chosen we’ll send a magic link that will allow you to get secure with you to get secure with VaultPress and sleep soundly at night.


The VaultPress Safekeepers,

John, Matt, Mit, MT, and Paul


WordPress is an open source CMS hosted at and is NOT the same as Automattic who uses WordPress the CMS to power it’s blogging service.

But you forgot BackupBuddy, our premium WordPress plugin that does this too (but it also does restore and migration of self-hsoted sites) and has been out for about a month now ….

Why in the world would you want to pay an ongoing monthly fee when you can utilize the power of BackupBuddy. It allows you to backup, migrate, restore, and do it on your own schedule. You can have it save to backup wherever you want and even have it emailed to you. It’s a one time fee and is in the form of a plugin you can add to whatever site you need.

And BTW, nobody self-hosts a blog. You self-host a WordPress blog. These are two different things.

i’d rather use my existing off-site backup account with Syncplicity (or Mozy) to backup my blog files as well.
Besides there are free plugins that could do most of above backup tasks – it’s just a bit more work.

Might be a bit of a stretch to convince most people to pay extra $15+/mo for blog backup on top of ~$10/mo hosting.

There are tons of great, free backup plugins.

VaultPress does more, though:

1. It can handle any amount of stuff. For example my site ( has about 30,000 photos on it, totaling about 33 gigabytes.

2. It’s an all-in-one package. You don’t need one thing to back up your database, one thing for your files, one thing for your themes, et cetera.

3. It’s real-time. You make a post and it’s in the cloud seconds later.

4. It’s enterprise-grade and not reliant on one provider, including us. Your site is stored on no fewer than 2 cloud services in addition to our own copies.

5. It going to do more than just backup. The VaultPress engine will be able to push hotfixes to zero-day security vulnerabilities, for example.

6. There’s even more I can’t talk about yet. :)

It’s a complete solution — once VaultPress is running you don’t have to worry about anything except creating a great site.

Title: Automattic Creates VaultPress, A Safe Place to Back Up Your WordPress Blog
Over the past few months, Automattic has taken an in-depth look at the ecosystem for the popular blog platform WordPress and realized that one of the major pain points for the 12.1 million users who self-host their WordPress blogs is security and restoration. Automattic’s service backs up all of the blogs that it hosts, but those users who self-host their WordPress-powered blogs need to download plugins, such as this one, or use backup services like Mozy or Backupify to protect their data and content. Today Automattic is changing that with the launch of its own blog protection and restoration service for self-hosted blogs, called VaultPress (note: the site isn’t live yet).
Currently in private beta, VaultPress is a plugin users can download that acts as a backup service for your blog. Not only will the software help keep your blog up and running, but it will also soon monitor your site to alert you if their is suspicious activity or a hacking. Alternatively, VaultPress will eventually update your blog with security hot-fixes automatically. VaultPress will be a paid service and will probably be in the ballpark range of $15 to 20 per month, according to Automattic VP of User Growth Paul Kim. At first VaultPress will be extended on an invitation only basis and will eventually be open to the public in the near future.
While users can still use outside services or plugins plugins, VaultPress will be the only Automattic branded offering. And the plugin is tightly woven into’ infrastructure, promising greater operability, says Kim.
WordPress co-founder and Automattic President Matt Mullenweg says VaultPress is one of the most advanced technologies that he’s seen interact with WordPress. The vision of the service is to ensure that every piece of content on WordPress-powered blogs and sites are safe, with, real-time, multi-cloud backups.
VaultPress as a product makes sense for WordPress and frankly, I’m surprised that Automattic didn’t roll this out earlier.

Mar 30 2010
ZooLoo Adds Facebook Fan Page Posting and More

ZooLoo sent you a message on your ZooLoo site.

Subject: ZooLoo Adds Facebook Fan Page Posting and More


We hope you are enjoying your ZooLoo micro blog.  We added several new features including:

1)  Anonymous Commenting.  You can enable this feature from your Settings page.

2)  Facebook Fan Page Publishing.  You can now post updates to your fan pages you own from your home page and share button.  To enable this feature, click the “add Fan Page” link from your Facebook feed on your home page.

3)  Post Archives now appear on the right column of your Graffiti page.

Please clear your browser cache or try refreshing your page if you are having any difficulty viewing our update.

Sign in now at

Mar 30 2010
Somali Pirates Strike again : Capture 120 Indian Sailors

Armed Somali Pirates

A little time, they are away from the news and they hit the field again. Somali pirates have struck again. As reported by some news websites, this is the biggest hijacking ever. The Somali Pirates have captured 8 boats taking nearly 120 Indian sailors as hostage. The trapped sailors were on their way from Somalia to Dubai when the pirates attacked.

The relatives of the those hostaged by the pirates have appealed to the Indian government for help to ensure their fast ans safe release.

In the meantime, sources have reported that the hijacked Indian vessels have been traced near Seychelles.

Among the sailors that are hostage to the pirates, they belonged to the Saurashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat in India. They had anchored last in the rebel territory of Kismayo in Somalia where they loaded cargo into their boats. Just moments after they left the port, the pirates hit again and captured them.

Sources in the Indian Navy have confirmed the news of the hijack and have said efforts are on in full swing to contact the pirates and get the Indians back safely. According to the sources, the pirates have not demanded for any ransom as of now.

If we talk of the Somali pirates, for that matter, India has remained a target for the pirates. On December 23rd last year, an Indian ship named M T Agrasen was attacked by armed pirates off the Indian coast of Maharashtra. The 41 member crew, however, managed to fight off the attack and thwart the attempted seige.

The Somali Pirates have many a times attacked Indian ships and taken Indians crew members hostage. On December 15, pirates seized Indian vessel Laxmi Sagar off the Somalian coast and took 10 members on board hostage. Indians were taken hostage on October 24 along with two Burmese nationals when a Panama flagged ship Al Khaliq was hijacked. The ship was however released later after receiving a ransom of 3.1 million dollars.

Mar 30 2010
4 HOURS SOLID at ART CENTER of Design Pasadena
Mar 30 2010
Fight your fears with acupuncture

I’ve heard several stories about how affective acupuncture can be, but have never attempted it myself due to a very real fear of needles. Apparently a short treatment with several strategically placed sharp pins has the ability to numb certain areas of the body, so that surgery can be performed without the use of medication.

There are many skeptics to this ancient Chinese form of medicine, but after years of research and development acupuncture is now being taken seriously and is even used regularly in western hospitals and doctors offices. Practitioners of this treatment believe that the body is made up of ‘Qi’ or energy and when this energy is disrupted or put out of balance, we begin to feel the symptoms of sickness. It is believed that our life force flows through lines and channels around our body and in order for an acupuncturist to heal someone they must place needles along certain lines, this blocks the energy and rebalances the bodies system.  

Of all the different functions that acupuncture has, doctors today are most interested in its amazing ability to anesthetize specific parts of the body. Recently dentists have been using acupuncture to relax patients that are petrified of going in for a check up. Instead of using strong sedatives to knock out a patient, two needles are inserted into acupuncture points on the forehead, which helps calm them down. So far the trial runs of this treatment have worked with 20 patients who prior to the acupuncture could not be dragged into a dentist’s chair. The use of acupuncture in the dentists office has raised so much interest that it is now compulsory for dentistry students to learn the basics of this ancient art form. The benefits of this form of anesthetic are wide, and now doctors are considering using it on the operating table in the near future.

Mar 30 2010
A mobile ringtone that makes you feel better

The Japanese have always been known for their innovative and zany inventions, but the latest craze to come from the East has caught the attention of people from around the globe and it’s called ‘ringtone therapy’. A company named ‘The Japanese ringing tone laboratory’ has developed a range of specialized ringtones for your mobile phone, which they claim can help people to deal with several illnesses and emotional conditions. One of the conditions that these tones can alleviate is hay fever; the idea is that a sufferer of this condition holds his or her hand set in the normal way and plays the ringtone on loud. The frequency of the sound resonates at a level strong enough to shake the tiny pollen particle from the person’s nostrils. If your phone is a more up to date version, you also have the option of adjusting the vibration rate to fit to your facial type, so that the treatment is more affective.

It doesn’t end here; there is a list of ringtones that are supposedly able to help with different forms of ailment. Do you feel a little overweight? 30 minutes of listening to a specific selection of sound is can substantially reduce your waistline and loosen your belt buckle. Are you a woman feeling less than adequate in the chest region? Well not to worry, Dr.Hideto Tomabechi, one of the first researchers involved in the project believes that women are more sensitive to certain frequencies of sound and he has designed a ringtone that can stimulate growth.

However far fetched these claims may sound to you, millions of Japanese and other people from around the world are buying these ringtones in large numbers. Mr. Matsumi Suzuki head of the Japan ringing tone laboratory, admits that there has been limited testing, but comments that there must be some positive affect from his products otherwise why would so many people be purchasing and using them?

Mar 30 2010
BidSystem: text ad solution at 30% off rate

Yes, BidSystem is the right company for you if you are growingly worried over your advertising cost. They can minimize your advertising expenses on the basis of cost per click. Now you have ways to judge which text advertisement is getting more clicks and you are not capable to determine a better effective and efficient advertising budget for your campaign.

Advertisers now can have look at ad network to maximize their online marketing performance. Your ads will be published to highly targeted traffics network and channels like search display, email and social advertising. Some 50000 advertisers are showing their ads in the BidSystem network everyday.

By signing up with BidSystem you will get a single site to check all the statistics of your ad performance. You will enjoy the reliability of click scoring technology that protects and prevents click fraud. This great feature can keep you cool.

You will save money with advertising in BidSystem. They charge unbelievable 30% off than google and yahoo networks. They have their own technology that will help your ad to get maximum exposure and clicks on different medium based on the ad content.

Driving traffic to your site was never so easier! Get the traffic you want with astonishing 30% off text ads and cost per click advertising network with BidSystem.

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