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Jun 30 2012
Salvage World Buy Salvaged Cars Trucks Boats Bikes and more

Salvage World was founded in 2004, by a group of entrepreneurs seeking to expose the salvage industry to the General Public, which was once only available to licensed salvage dealers and junk yards who re sold these vehicles at high premiums. With over 85,000 vehicles being offered weekly, Salvage World has managed to open strategic facilities in North America, Europe and the Middle east.

Salvage has also evolved from over 20 years of experience in the Automotive and Salvage Auction industry in the United States.

get started today to buy - Insurance Auctions Worldwide

Jun 30 2012
Lifebooker premier online marketplace for health, beauty, and lifestyle deals

Founded in 2006, Lifebooker is the premier online marketplace for health, beauty, and lifestyle deals. The site delivers high-quality beauty services at unbelievable prices.

Lifebooker offers over 10,000 different services—from haircuts and manicures to chocolate body scrubs and Brazilian butt lifts (yep, those exist).

Affluent, loyal, and beauty-obsessed, Lifebooker’s beauty junkie female members spend an average of $514 a year on the site.

Once they buy their deals, members can print out their vouchers and redeem them whenever they choose. Become part of Lifebooker’s premium experience and high-end clientele.

Jun 30 2012
LivingSocial Deals – Start Saving Today

With new and diverse offerings each day, discover everything from family aquarium outings to weekend excursions to exclusive gourmet dinners and more.

LivingSocial offers a wide variety of deals:

Local: Offers encouraging local discovery by connecting consumers to great merchants at significant savings

Escapes: Distinctive travel experiences crafted to inspire easy exploration of destinations across the street and around the world

Families: Valuable kid-and-parent-approved offers that help families get out and play together

Adventures: Unique activities that encourage members to try new things. From Shooting and Drinking to River Tubin’ and BBQin’, life with LivingSocial is an Adventure!

Gourmet: High-end culinary experiences available exclusively to select members

National: Offering members significant savings for nationally recognized brands

At Home: Encouraging members to discover unique home décor and service offers

Live Events: Offering premium entertainment offers and experiences at a great value
Products/”General Store”

Jun 29 2012
CRAFTED At The port of Los Angeles @craftedport_la
Grand Opening Today!
CRAFTED AT THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES sparkles as the crown jewel in Southern California’s emerging Handmade Movement. Set adjacent to a picturesque marina and just steps away from the ocean, it is planned to be the nation’s largest indoor craft marketplace. In our first phase, artisanal food makers stand side by side with designers and craft-artists to create a bustling intersection of art and commerce.

Grand Opening June 29th – A permanent Craft Marketplace at the LA Waterfront in San Pedro. 52 weekends a year of handmade happiness! 112 E. 22nd St., San Pedro

at the port of los angeles ·             



Jun 29 2012
2nd Annual Fermentation Festival Santa Barbara WAPF Fermentation Festival
From our friends at Culture Club 101

2nd Annual Fermentation Festival

Santa Barbara WAPF Fermentation Festival

Sunday, July 15th, 2012 from 12 to 4 pm

Tom in a Farm FieldTom Shepherd’s Farm and CSA

6701 Casitas Pass Rd
Carpinteria, CACome enjoy an afternoon on the farm and hear from area experts on the benefits of fermented foods, why you should incorporate them into your daily routine and how you can easily make them in your very own home.

Featured Speakers
Hannah Crum – Kombucha Kamp
Mark McAfee – Organic Pastures Raw DairyCulture Club 101 will be there with root beer and root beer kits for sale.

Tentative Schedule
12pm – Rainbow girls live music
12:30pm – Your Inner Terrain – Hannah Crum [Kombucha Kamp]
1:15pm – The Magic of Fermentation Demo – Monica Ford [Realfood Devotee]
1:45pm – Feeding your Genome – Mark McAfee [Organic Pastures Raw Dairy]
2:15pm – Fermented Kefir Demo – Mark McAfee
2:45pm – Sourdough – Jack Bezian [Bezian Bakery]
3:15pm – Coconut Kefir/Yogurt Demo – Amy Bacheller [Scent from Heaven]
Vendors and food will be available 12pm-4pm
Bring your blanket, a hat, your picnic ware and come ready to enjoy a day full of live foods education, delicious treats, networking and entertainment.
FREE entry, CASH ONLY for food, DIY kraut station, raffle prizes, and vendor sales
[bring a cooler/ice to keep purchases cold]
Jun 29 2012
Love Online Video – Get Yourself to VidCon 2012

First there was video tape and we all marvelled at the prospect of watching something that wasn’t being screened live on the television. This was followed by the invention of DVD’s and we all “oo’d” and “ah’d”, loving the technology but not really understanding how the oily looking disks actually worked. When Blu-Ray arrived I sighed at the prospect of having to update my movie collection…..again, (whatever comes next I’m boycotting!). What I can understand and something that is more and more prolific everyday however,  is online video.

With faster servers, processing power and improved technology; live streaming or quickly downloadable content makes for the easiest media communicaiton tool ever and best of all we can access it anywhere, anytime with all manner of applications from laptops to phones.



VidCon is an industry conference with a difference and while it allows people from all aspects of the industry such as creators, enablers, makers, viewers and supporters to make important business contacts and find out all that’s new with the medium, it does so light-heartedly and in a manner that truly reflects the diverse nature of online video.

This year VidCon is into it’s third year and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, from June 28th – June 30th. The increased size of the venue reflects the popularity of previous years events so that far more people can enjoy the convention and not be disapointed by ticket unavailability due to selling out, something that has been a problem in the past.

Whether your there for the latest news and reviews, the guests, speeches, presentations or anything else, if your into online video you’ll find what you’re looking for at VidCon





Jun 29 2012
Nissan Leaf EV Warning Lamps

If you have experienced the warning lamps/lights indicators on your Nissan Leaf, you probably worried that you might be stranded.
Some reports are that if you turn the Leaf off and back on it will solve the issue, the other relates to an interrupted charge. Not sure what is an un-interrupted charge?
Anyway we experienced our first EV Warning lights, and drove the Leaf all the way home without incident and once in the garage turned it off and then back on and the lamps no longer came on.

But just in case keep these Nissan Leaf numbers handy as if they come back on, call the Roadside assistance number so that you can get some help.

Nissan LEAF Customer Support: 1-877-664-2738 (1-877-NO-GAS-EV)
Nissan LEAF Roadside Assistance: 1-800-801-6161

Jun 28 2012
Jamba Juice Buy 1 Get 1 Smoothie Free! @JambaJuice

Buy 1 Get 1 Smoothie Free!       
(Fri 6/29 through Wed 7/4) 
From Friday (6/29) through Wednesday (7/4)
Print and bring this coupon into stores for a free smoothie when you buy one!

Jun 28 2012
Google Nexus 7 Tablet + $25 Credit to the Play Store: 16GB $249, 8GB $199 + Shipping

Google Play has a Great Deal on Google Nexus 7 Tablet + $25 Credit to the Play Store: 16GB for $249 or 8GB for $199. Shipping is around $14.

Quad-core Tegra 3 processor
8GB or 16GB Internal Storage
7” 1280×800 HD display w/ 1.2MP Front-Facing Camera
WiFi N
4325 mAh Battery
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Order here

Jun 27 2012
Skirball Cultural Center Sunset Concerts 2012 Season Not To Be Missed

Skirball Cultural Center Sunset Concerts 2012 Season Not To Be Missed.

See the line up of concerts planned this season here.

Jun 27 2012
Cooking For Your Dog
Jun 26 2012
The Valence Group – Expert Chemical M&A Advisors

Are you a company or an investor looking  for a specialist investment bank that offers M&A advisory services exclusively for the chemicals and materials sectors? Perhaps you need advise and you operate in the various associated sectors? If so, then The Valence Group might be the ideal business solution for you.


With many years experience in the Chemical M&A Advisory sector, The Valence Group offers a wide range of service and a broad and deep transactional experience in:



Joint venture

Private companies

Public offers

Corporate carve-outs


Management buy-outs

Fairness of opinions


The founder and senior members of the group have over 150 years of transactional experience and have been working together as a team for over 10 years. This allows them to be uniquely skilled in these highly specialised sectors so that clients benefit from first hand experience of the economic, contractual, liability and transactional issues specific to these sectors.

Where your business is highly specialised, the specialists and advisors you need at your side need to be similarly specialised and the more general banks and advisros are simply not sufficiently familiar with the key issues you might be faced with such as:

Environmental contractual provisions

Carve-out issues

Ongoing supply arrangements

Sector regulation and the players in each sub-sector

If you’ve established yourself in these highly specialised sectors and are making a reputation for yourself based on your quality and experise, don’t try to settle for budget options and a generalised advisor. Do it properly and appoint an advisor fully versed in Chemical Investment Banking  and Chemical Mergers and Acquisitions . Appoint The Valence Group and get the business advisor you and your business deserve.

Jun 26 2012
Tesla 3rd Street Promenade Grand Opening June 29 – July 1

Tesla 3rd Street Promenade Grand Opening June 29 – July 1


Tesla 3rd Street Promenade
1229 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Grand Opening Weekend Hours
Friday, June 29th, 10am-9pm
Saturday, June 30th, 10am-9pm
Sunday, July 1st, 11am-7pm

Jun 26 2012
Enjoy Bonnie B’s Smoking BBQ at Taste of North Lake on Thursday, June 28th

The North Lake Village Business Association presents the inaugural Taste of North Lake event on Thursday, June 28th from 6pm to 9pm at 1174 North Lake Avenue.

Food from several North Lake restaurants will be offered, including our Chamber member Bonnie B’s Smokin’ BBQ Heaven. For $5 visitors can sample food and learn what North Lake Avenue has to offer.

For more information visit

Jun 26 2012
Early bird tickets end this Friday – Twiistup

Early bird tickets end this Friday – Twiistup

Are you ready to learn how to build, promote, distribute, scale, and monetize your mobile app? MobileAppCon, by Twiistup, covers every aspect of the Mobile-App life cycle.
Hurry up and register, as Friday is your last day for early bird ticket prices.
We have a great lineup of speakers such as Sam Shank of Hotel Tonight, Chris Ovitz of Viddy, Ron Conway, and Travis Kalanick of Uber.
Register today before the prices go up.
Jun 26 2012
Alan Turing – A Genius Born Into A Society Not Ready For Him

Anything important about June 23rd? It’s two days after the Summer Solstice and……..? Pretty insignificant right? Wrong!

June 23rd is a date that should be etched on your brain as it was the events of that day, a little over a century ago that meant you are able to read this blog.

Alan Mathison Turing was born on June 23rd 1912 and began a truly remarkable life that would earn him an OBE, FRS and universal recognition and aclaim. Although he died in 1954, aged just 42, his list of accomplishments is truly astonishing.:

Aged 16, after encountered Albert Einstein’s work; not only did he grasp it, but he extrapolated Einstein’s questioning of Newton’s laws of motion

He was influential in the development of computer science

He developed the ‘Turing Machine’ which played a significant role in the development of the modern computer and is still used today as a central object of study in the theory of computation

Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence

He devised a number of techniques for breaking German ciphers, including the method of the bombe, an electromechanical machine that could find settings for the Enigma machine

Turing created ‘ACE’, one of the first designs for a stored-programme computer

He wrote a paper on the chemical basis of morphogenesis, and predicted oscillating chemical reactions such as the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction


Turing achieved more in 40 years than even the most brilliant amongst us could hope to achieve in several lifetimes, yet he wasn’t heralded for his genius as he so richly deserved, he was persicuted by a society that didn’t know any better, purely because of his sexuality. Homosexuality was illegal in the United Kingdom in 1954 and after being convicted of gross indecency for having a relationship with another man, Turing was given the choice of chemical castration or imprionment. He chose the former and as a result of his conviction, he lost his security clearance, meaning that he couldn’t continue with the work he loved so much. Unable to cope with his punishment, he was found dead on 8th June 1954 having poisoned himself with cyanide.

Uncertainty surrounded his suicide and it wasn’t until 2009 that the government issued an apology for the way Turing was treated, but it was clearly a case of too little, too late.

Turing was an incredible man and deserved to be remembered for the astonishing things he achieved and not his sexuality, or untimely death. Hopefully society has learnt from the mistakes of the past and will never again make such an ill-advised mistake.

As we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of his birth, I urge anyone reading this to learn a bit  more about Turing and never forget that genius should always be recognised, even if it doesn’t always conform with the recognised ‘norm’

Jun 26 2012
Cell Phones For Kids – Peace Of Mind For You!

The kids are growing up…..your fridge is constantly empty, communication is restricted to a series of grunts and huffs and every item of dirty clothing they own makes it as far as the bedroom floor and no further. Their birthday requests have also changed from Pokemon and Barbie to touchpads, tablets and cell phones.

What do you do? Some cell phone contracts are prohibitively expensive, (as are the phones themselves) and the kids could be building up huge bills, talking to people they really shouldn’t be and the less said about what they are downloading from the internet the better!

Kajeet offer prepaid, kids’ cell phone solutions that will satisfy the surliest of children and the most paranoid of parents and are the leading children’s cell phone, smartphone and tablet provider, basing their core offerings on no contracts or termination fees.

 To get started simply:

1) Select a Kajeet phone from the range of cell phones, Androids and other brand name smartphones, and tablets

2) Select a service plan

3) Receive and activate your phone


As a parent you also have the benefit of Kajeet’s award winning Parental Controls package which is now completely free with every one of their call plan options:

Picture Messaging – turn it on or off as you think appropriate

Downloads – determine whether your kids can utilise downloads, wallpapers and games

Mobile Web – choose which websites your kids can access

Contact Manager – list contacts to allow and not to allow

Time Manager – limit when your kids can use the phone, so you can restrict access during school time, or at bedtime, although you can also set exceptions for special events or holidays etc

There’s even a GPS phone locator option!

All of this and a range of plans from just $4.99 a month makes Kajeet pretty hard to beat.

Give you kids the present they want, but with the security and piece of mind you need. Go to Kajeet

Jun 26 2012
Gartner Next Big Cloud Technology – iPaaS – CLOUD-CON: Integration (June 28th)

“Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) . . . is a key component of any comprehensive cloud application infrastructure [and] Gartner expects iPaaS adoption to grow significantly during the next five years”

** Yefim Natis, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

CLOUD-CON: Integration – Online Conference

Hear Experts From:
Dell Boomi ** Informatica ** Red Hat ** SOA Software

Register Here – an Online Conference – June 28, 2012 (1pm ET / 10am PT)

Attend & Learn Valuable Lessons:
* The exploding options for iPasS, cloud integration

* Share and synchronize enterprise data with SaaS, mobile users

* How wizards, tools, REST and other APIs speed cloud?s time-to-value

* Ensure data quality across cloud and on-premise systems

* Ways cloud is changing the economics of B2B, B2C and mobile

* Deliver real-time data updates to business users

Register Here – an Online Conference – June 28, 2012 (1pm ET / 10am PT)

Jun 26 2012
Caltech Earthquake Study Volunteer Program Free Device Pasadena Area

Caltech Earthquake Study Volunteer Program Free Device Pasadena Area

To sign up for a seismometer, go to the Community Seismic Network’s website.

Please email:
[email protected] and include the following information:

1. name of responsible party at the address below (an adult, if you are under 18)
2. street address of proposed location, truncated to nearest 100, as in: 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, 91125. (rather than 1234 E California)
3. computer operating system, as in Windows7 or XP or Mac OS X or Linux Ubuntu 12, etc.
4. type of connection to your Internet Service Provider, as in DSL, cable modem, dialup, etc.
5. is your computer normally operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year?
6. is your internet connection normally operational 24/7 also?

Jun 25 2012
NextDayFlyers – Online Printing in a Flash!

Professional print solutions can make the difference between a potential customer walking past without a second glance, or stopping to peruse the eye catching offering and enquire further. Every business wants to look the part, but not every business can afford the cost of such marketing and promotion, however much they understand its importance.

What if there was a way to get business specific, high quality, affordable print solutions that were available online,  so that the you could enjoy additonal speed and convenience… you can with NextDayFlyers

NextDayFlyers boast the slogan ‘In Today – Out Tomorrow’ and to make good on that boast online ordering and printing couldn’t be easier.

1) Download the graphic templates and instructions

2) Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to add your own graphics and create your own business specific documents

3) Upload the completed files to NextDayFlyers website with your print instructions

That’s it!


You also get the piece of mind that working with a professional and competant company affords and they are happy to back that up with; a 100% money back guarantee, 33 different quality checks, 99.8% on-time delivery results, printing on both coasts to ensure reduced shipping costs and accelerated delivery times and an impressive customer service team, after-sales service and commitment!

NextDayFlyers offer printing in 23 different categories from Booklets and Bookmarks to Stickers and Tickets as well as everything inbetween and they even help the environment by using certified recycled materials!

If you are looking for a cheap, professional printer that can offer you fantastic quality results at a very reasonable price, look no further than NextDayFlyers



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