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Dec 31 2008
Time Warner taking Dora off the air

Big ad in the LA Times.

Why is Dora crying?
Time Warner is taking Dora OFF the air tonight!
ALong with 19 of your favorite channels.
Call 1-888-892-2253 NOW
Demand that Time Warner Keep Nickelodeon and your other favorite channels on your TV.

TV Land
and other shows

What the ad fails to mention is that the cost to Time Warner is 22 cents per subscriber. This may not seem like a lot, but if you are paying for all these shows, it adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for all your subscribers. Beyond what Time Warner is already paying. If they pass these costs on to customers, many will balk and probably cancel. It is a trend that continues with paid television, a trend that has started ever since we started having HBO, Select TV, etc… now it is dozens of cable companies and a few satellite tv services.

Dec 31 2008
Concert Share Diamond Bar Info

Concert Share is Thursday, January 15, 2009

Postcard says to “Look for program flyer in November”

Diamond Bar Center
1600 S Grand Ave
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Vendor Fair is from 10am – 1pm (probably arrive at 8am to check-in/set-up)
There will be a registration period and a fee to pay (around $25, I think), but doesn’t mention it on this postcard. Then, you want to bring about 50-100 promo packs with CDs/DVDs for the attendees to take back to their committees.

Contact info…
Andee Tarazon

This is where many cities come to see who they might want to hire for their summer concert series. It has worked for us…however, we have been doing these concerts for many years, and word-of-mouth from city-to-city has worked at least as much as Concert Share. Concert Share is not a guarantee you will get hired, but it is a good place to start to learn who the contacts are. It’s also a fun day to meet some of the other bands/musicians, exchange info, and gossip. We hung with Eclipse in the same room last year…California Jammin’ was just outside the door. Nice to hang with those folks for a few hours….lots of other recognizable local bands from around So Cal, too.

January 15, 2009 – Concert Share 2009 Promotion Seminar, Diamond Bar, California 91765 Dates for future concerts and shows for 2009 To Be Announced

My wife, Claire, and I attended the Community Concert Share meeting
in January and picked up promotional packages about bands that perform
in Southern California summer park concerts. I am pleased to announce
that every Wednesday between June 20 and August 22 is now booked for our
annual “Music in The Park” series of concerts. Of course, we will continue
our tradition of beginning and ending the series with the classic rock ’n roll
music of The Answer, and we were again fortunate to secure The Fenians,
the great Irish band that has proven to be such a crowd pleaser at The Park
for a number of years. We’re also planning some surprises that we hope
you’ll enjoy. Watch future issues of Heights Life for details.

Dec 31 2008
Increase Value of your Home

1. Kitchen Cabinets – if they contain formaldahide get rid of them. Bamdoo is great.
$300-1000 per foot

2. Paint your house, VOC free, make sure you use a paint that is environment friendly.

3. Insulate – 10% or more by insulating, recycled newspaper, denim, cullulose, caulk seal around windows.

4. Lawns – don’t use pesticides on your lawn. Takes 3 years or so.

5. Appliances – upgrade your applieances, Energy Star, don’t look for rock bottom prices, make sure you buy a energy star. You can save lots of money on your electricity.

Future Proof it to sell it.

Dec 31 2008
Stealth Bombers b-2 Pasadena

Two stealth bombers have arrived in the southern california area to make a display during the new year’s day events in Pasadena.
One will fly over the rose parade and the other over the rose bowl on January 1, 2009.

The 2 billion dollar planes are awesome to watch.

Dec 30 2008
invisibleSHIELD G1 iPhone iTouch

Scratch proof your cell phone, buy the invisibleSHIELD

Use the Discount Code: SITEWIDE30 to save 30%!

The invisibleSHIELD is made from a unique material originally created for the military to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades, the invisibleSHIELD™ offers protection that other screen protectors, covers, skins, or cases just can’t match. With over 2,000 copyrighted, precision-cut designs for a variety of gadgets, including iPods, smartphones, and cell phones, you can protect all your devices from scratches.

The invisibleSHIELD isn’t just another screen protector. Custom-cut Full Body Shields, available for many devices, offer protection for your entire device. With this patent-pending full-body contour wrap, your device will always look like it did the day you bought it.

Can’t find an invisibleSHIELD for your device? No problem – we’ll custom design one for you.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the coverage of the invisibleSHIELD, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. And if the invisibleSHIELD ever scratches, we will replace it for free, for life. So what do you have to lose other than those unsightly scratches?

Use the discount

Dec 30 2008
FLIP HD video camera

The Flip 400x400 Blogger Media

One of the most on-demand products in the electronics market place today! The Flip Video camcorders and The Flip Video camcorder accessories!

Dec 30 2008
Manny Ramirez Talks Resume with Dodgers

Boras(Manny’s manager) contacted Ned Colletti regarding Manny Ramirez  being signed. Manny is the Dodger’s first choice of free players.

Dec 30 2008
Google /T-Mobile Battery Replacement?

Word is coming down that T-Mobile and Google are going to offer an extra G1 battery pack to all G1 owners in about a month from now.
This from Chris over at MobileWhack:
T-Mobile is cooking up an extended battery project which will address customers complaints regarding the current battery status.

T-Mobile doesn’t have an official statement for this whole event but we should expect one in the future. G1 owners should be notified if they qualify for the free battery pack. Which brings me to my next question. Will all G1 owners get the free upgrade and if not what’s the criteria for getting one?

Some options in the meantime: promises up to 15% more battery life with a 1400mAh battery for only $42.95. Even it it doesn’t last as long it might be nice to have a second battery to be able to swap out.
Direct link:

Another option is a HTC battery from FocalPrice, you can get a G1 battery for $5.74!!!

Dec 30 2008
Android Market News
Android Market Update


Thank you for your participation in Android Market!

Since we launched a couple months ago, the team has been working on
several significant updates to Android Market. I’d like to let you know
about these upcoming changes and what they will mean to you and other
members of our developer community.

Many of you have asked about international expansion plans. I’m happy to
inform you that Android Market will become available to users to download
apps in additional European countries starting early Q1 2009. Some of the
countries we will initially support are Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
and the Netherlands. As we add support for additional countries in Europe
and Asia, we will send out subsequent notifications to you. In
mid-January, we will update the Android Market publisher website to enable
country targeting. Please start thinking about which countries you want to
target and begin preparing your products accordingly (e.g.,
localization).  Note that your apps will not become available in these new
countries unless you specifically select them in the publisher website,
after we update it.

Additionally, I would like to confirm that Android Market will support
priced applications starting early Q1 2009, as we’d originally stated last
fall. Given the country-by-country work required to set up payment support
for developers in different countries, we will enable priced app support
in Q1 for developers operating in these countries in the following order:
(1) United States and UK; (2) Germany, Austria and Netherlands; (3)
France, Italy and Spain.  By the end of Q1 2009, we will announce support
for developers operating in additional countries. Developers operating in
the above listed countries should begin finalizing their priced
applications, including determining the appropriate pricing strategy.

Finally, please note that our team may need to occasionally contact you
via email or the publisher website to collect necessary product
information (such as screenshots and descriptions). This information would
be used for the Android Market website, found at, which gives applications a second channel of
exposure via the web in addition to the normal on-device access.

We will send out additional details on all these items in the coming
weeks. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to continue working
with you on Android Market.

Eric Chu,
Android Market

Google, Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA  94043

Dec 30 2008
Artisan Cheese Gallery

There is a great little cheese & sandwich shop called…
The Artisan Cheese Gallery
12023 Ventura blvd.
Studio City, CA
Its just east of Laurel Canyon

The Artisan Cheese Gallery
12023 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: 818-505-0207
Fax: 818-505-0282
To contact us:
Store Hours
Mon-Sat 10:30AM—7PM
Sunday 9AM—5PM

Cheese, Wine, Sandwiches, Salads, Gift Baskets, Private Events, Catering, Wine & Cheese Tastings


On any given day we have between 250 and 300 cheeses, with 700 in rotation. If we don’t have the cheese you’re searching for, we have something very similar or we can order what you’d like, no problem.

About Us

We are local family run business, purveyors of fine cheese, dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality artisan cheeses we can find, and food items that complement these world class cheeses.

We offer unique cheese plates, tasty gift baskets and intimate evening cheese tastings.

In addition we sell fresh made award winning Panini sandwiches from 11AM to 4PM. They include Toledo Ohio’s world famous Tony Packo’s Pickles and chocolates prepared exclusively for Artisan Cheese Gallery by Spano Chocolates.

We also offer a variety of different flavored Peanut Butters made by PB Loco and several other products from world famous Tony Packos .

Artisan Cheese Gallery was started in August of 2005 by Melody Dosch and her parents, Fred and Kay Heinemann. Melody walked away from a successful law practice to open the store, as the enticements of cheeses multifarious were too great to resist. Fred is a former Air Force helicopter pilot and engineer, and Kay ran a very successful real estate business prior to their cheese-laden existences.

Thanks to you, our customers, and your loyalty, we have grown and grown and continue to bring in new cheeses and add new menu items to keep you interested.


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