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Feb 22 2022
Nissan EV&Services 3G, 4G, 5G? Nissan LEAF Telematics

If you have a Nissan LEAF from 2011 and you upgraded the telematics you are probably wondering if the AT&T shutting down 3G will affect your services.

Sprint/T-Mobile are also in the process of shutting down 3G.

Nissan had offered an upgrade from 2G a few years back that was supposed to add improved connectivity, but we are not sure that upgrade was to 4G.

From the previous post.

It appears that Nissan chose the 3G as the cheaper route, for the end of life 3G network, as another way to get its customers tp pay more for the services.

With all the problems Nissan has had with their EV, and now a renewed effort to try to prove they are takng EV seriously with the Ariya, it’s a little late.

It is clear that Nissan had knowledge that the 2G network was being dismantled and that when the 3G was being offered that it too was being discontinued, Under the recall.

2011-2017 LEAF; Telematics Service Information – NHTSA