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May 13 2024
Tragic Pasadena Accident 3 Dead 3 Critically Injured, in Tesla Model 3 Accident, FSD a factor?

Tragic Pasadena Accident 3 Dead 3 Critically Injured, in Tesla Model 3 Accident

Details are still not 100% confirmed but so far what we know.

Three are dead. Tesla Model 3, traveling at over 100mph on Foothill Blvd. collided into corner building and crushing the vehicle and knocking out power to 500 for approx 12 hours on Saturday in early morning hours at 2:30am.

The factors besides speeding, include possible alcohol and not wearing seatbelts and six passengers in the vehicle.

Some high school students and Pasadena Community College involved in the accident.

It’s sad and tragic that vehicles can travel so fast and that people can be so reckless with such a powerful machine.

One reported mentioned that FSD was being investigated as being on of off, or even being a factor.  Most likely this was not a factor, and I hope that Tesla is getting in front of this quickly to dismiss any rumors that may blame FSD, and explain why it’s not possible that FSD was a factor.

May 1 2024
Pasadena Bike Month May 2024 Activities
Pasadena Bike Month is a month-long campaign of fun and healthy bicycle activities that Pasadena residents and visitors can experience in the month of May.
Activities will include National Bike to School Day, Bike to Work Day, Pasadena Public Art Ride, E-Bike Expo, social gatherings, a film screening, and guided tours.
Cycling not only benefits individuals by improving their fitness and reducing their carbon footprint, but it also helps to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in our city. So, grab your helmet, hop on your bike, and join the Bike Month festivities!
Pasadena Bike Month is made possible by the City of Pasadena, Day One, and Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.