Jan 8 2013
Simple.TV OTA HD

I am just happy to see products like this getting publicity. There is such a market for good, non subscription based OTA DVR’s. Right now, Tivo has the corner on the market, and it’s disappointing that there aren’t more options that don’t require a subscription.

I just bought one of these TVIX, otherwise I would probably pledge.

This TVIX box is being discontinued, so there won’t be future support, and it has one big flaw, when it tries to download any program guide info from the ION networks, it shuts down. Essentially you can’t watch ION, Qubo, or ION Life. Other than that, it’s amazing.

Yes. From my original story: “The biggest limitation as it stands now remains the single tuner, which means you can’t record two programs at once. The Simple.TV does have an antenna-out connection, which you can run to your TV’s tuner if you want to watch a different live program while the DVR records, although you won’t be able to pause live TV.”

If you are looking for an OTA- Over the Air DVR solution. It seems the best option is to go with one of the top solutions from Tivo and include the the Premiere Lifetime service, then you never have to pay for a subscription.
Here’s some that are available on ebay.
Tivo Lifetime Premiere HD DVR ebay

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