Jan 8 2013
Professional Level Teeth Whitening! @PowerSwabs

Welcome to the first effective tooth detergent and whitening system!



Power swabs is unlike any other teeth whitening product on the market!

Fast and easy – no more bulky trays or messy strips. Power Swabs® easy-to-use whitening and stain removing swabs takes only two minutes each.

It also works on all surfaces – Power Swabs® works on all surfaces unlike others.

See visible results in less than 5 minutes!


 See 2 shades of improvement after just 1 treatment!

Consumers who purchase and use the highly innovative Power Swabs® System can expect to receive many short-term and long-term benefits.
After the first five-minutes of use, they will see immediate, noticeable results without any procedural teeth sensitivity. The product even works to remove stains from crowns and other cosmetic restorations.

See 6 shades of improvement in less than 1 week!

After 7 days of system use, consumers can expect to see a smile that is much whiter and healthier looking. Because Stain-Out Swabs® work to pre-remove stains and prevent teeth sensitivity, teeth will remain whiter longer, and feel great.

Here’s what users of the PowerSwabs system have to say:

“I have my teeth bleached two previous times before my dentist started using Power Swabs and I experienced a lot of pain and low results. I have found that when my dentist added your product (Power Swabs) into the whitening treatment, for the first time I experienced absolutely no pain. Amazing! I also noticed that my teeth seem to be more thorough clean and the whitening effect seems to last longer. My teeth are now extremely white and I am soon attending my high school class reunion. I’m looking forward to seeing what my former girlfriend notices.”
M.R., Patient La Jolla, CA

“I am a dental hygienist and I am amazed when I clean and polish my patients’ teeth. I tend to have many patients with staining problems, which requires major work on my part to remove. However I have found that simply pre-treating the stains with Power Swabs before I begin my scaling, allows me to complete the task of stain removal in under 5 minutes. Thank you for this wonderful new product.”
A.G., RDH Miami, FL

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