Jan 7 2013
Huell Howser, California TV Legend, Passes Away RIP

Huell Howser, California TV Legend, Passes Away RIP

Huell Howser has died at age 67 NBC Los Angeles has a report here

Huell’s television first!!! Will it be a hit or will dogs be howling all over our viewing area? Will Huell be the next recording star to come out of Nashville?

Well, after his visit to the Musicians Institute (Visiting episode #1805), Huell was so inspired that he grabbed the mic and recorded his own version of “California, Here I Come” accompanied by the students who also produced the rock video.

I had the pleasure to meet Huell Howser in Pasadena at the Pacific Asia Museum where he was part of a luncheon that had been raffled off at a fundraising event for Pacific Asia Museum. He was just as much fun in person as he was on the TV. Lots of great stories.

California’s Gold #10004 – Pacific Asia Museum

In this very special episode of California’s Gold, host Huell Howser tours the museum and discovers its many wonders.

To learn more about Huell’s travels visit KCET.org. You can also visit Huell’s official site at CalGold.com.

Huell visited Pasadena on many occasions including for a segment on Pacific Asia Museum and several other locations around the city, including the Bunny Museum.

Here’s the teaser:

Share your thoughts and memories with us.

If it’s in the great state of California, chances are Huell has been there. Check out this interactive map of Huell’s California!

More details here

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