Aug 20 2020
Letter From John Kennedy to the Community Concerning the Officer Involved Shooting of Mr. Anthony McClain

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Mr Kennedy makes some very legitimate points that should be taken seriously.  Many are very upset and the consequences of actions could lead to embroil the city into a crises that could make the climate for healing and moving for possible and make it very difficult. Living a few blocks away from the scene is not only disturbing but concerning.  And the need for Pasadena Police Dept oversight and community involvement is critical.  Yes, there are officers that make mistakes and yes there are officers who react to situations.  I encourage all community members to participate in the Citizen Police Academy this is a crucial program to learn how the dept works and the challenges it faces.  This incident must be investigated swiftly.  How is it that the officer with the body camera was able to turn off the camera?  Why is it taking so long to release footage from and a preliminary report of the incident?  The incident took place on August 15, 2020, is there a deadline being set by those who are in charge?  Are the mayor and city manager helping to expedite? Is the city council putting pressure on the those who can move this forward putting pressure?   Lots of questions, hopefully there will be answers soon.



August 20, 2020

Dear Pasadena,


I have viewed what videos and photographs that were shared with me by City Manager Steve Mermell of the Offìcer-Involved Shooting of Mr. Anthony McClain that took place on Saturday, 15 August. Mr. McClain’s death is tragic.

Some may seek to demean Mr. McClain to dehumanize his existence. But the fair-minded will acknowledge Mr. McClain’s humanity and deep connections to Pasadena. Mr. McClain literally may have hundreds of relatives in The Greater Pasadena Area. Mr. McClain leaves behind 2 young children. I have spoken to Mr. McClain’s 89-year-old grandmother and his stepmother. Quite naturally, both are upset and desire a comprehensive investigation of what happened. I provide my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Anthony McClain’s Family.

The facts surrounding the shooting are unfortunate and extremely troubling to me. There are many unanswered questions and the shooting, policies of the police department, body-worn cameras, and training of our police personnel must undergo thorough and impartial examination.

I do not have all of the facts at this point. However, please know that I urged Police Chief John Perez and City Manager Steve Mermell to release and publish prominently, with all deliberate speed, all audio and video of the incident in the possession of the Pasadena Police Department.

The Pasadena Police Department will investigate the officer-involved shooting and facts that pertain to the shooting to determine if the shooting was within or outside of policy. The District Attorney’s office will decide whether the actions of the officer involved in the shooting were justified or not. The District Attorney’s office is the only agency tasked with making such a determination on criminal charges, unless the Federal Bureau of Investigation has an active role in investigating the matter.

City Manager Steve Mermell will engage outside professionals to review the findings of the Pasadena Police Department concerning the incident and will make the report public.

The investigations of the officer-involved shooting have already begun. They will take time and I am requesting that the processes be expedited, but thorough.

It remains my hope that the City Council will, without delay, swiftly adopt meaningful and real community oversight of the Pasadena Police Department.


Respectfully yours,

John J. Kennedy, Chair (Speaking for myself.) Public Safety Committee

100 North Garfield Avenue, Room S228 • Pasadena, California 91101 (626) 744-4738 • Fax (626) 744-3814


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