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LegalZoom to Assist Americans in all Legal Affairs

 For any of your corporate or non corporate needs, Americans have to spend million dollars to fulfill many legal requirements. Whether it is for starting any corporation or fixing trademarks or getting their wills prepared or any other purpose, people have to undergo many legal…

Passing the Bar! A game of Legal Reasoning- Learn More about it

 Attention law students! Are you seeking for better grades? Do you want to pass your exams without having any problem? If yes, then here is a supplement for you “Passing the Bar”. Passing the Bar, a game of legal reasoning, the only bar exam trivia…

Prints for 10¢ from Kodak.

 10¢ Prints are back at the Kodak Gallery! Coupon code: PRINT150. Kodak will be releasing a coupon code for 10¢ prints. For those customers that still have not printed up those holiday photos or just want to make their memories tangible, the Gallery is offering…