Nov 3 2011
LegalZoom to Assist Americans in all Legal Affairs

For any of your corporate or non corporate needs, Americans have to spend million dollars to fulfill many legal requirements. Whether it is for starting any corporation or fixing trademarks or getting their wills prepared or any other purpose, people have to undergo many legal formalities and spend extravagantly. This makes them totally disgusted and de motivates them to the extent that they put off having any legal requirements or such legal documents.

Here the role of LegalZoom comes in. They as a team of attorneys adopt another much easier and cheaper way to accomplish the legal needs. As one of the best minds in the legal arena, they understand each and every requirement of client so as they can adopt proper procedure or method to meet their needs. As an online legal documentation service, their duty is not merely to set new standards in the service for people but it is their mission to make it very convenient for people to create their last will, incorporate a business or trademark a name and look forward to other legal affairs.

If you would like to start corporation of your services or product, incorporation packages of LegalZoom will solve all your purpose. In all the incorporation packages are included personalized bylaws with special provisions to protect your personal assets against any of your liability. This can allow you to form corporation. You only need to fill their questionnaire form, answer few simple questions like name of your corporation etc with nominal requisite fees and the rest of the work will be done by the company. Filling out the form is free and will take you only 15 minutes for the same.

Even if you would like to register for DBA which is known as “doing business as”, LegalZoom is all there to assist you. To obtain your proprietorship as DBA, you can easily open bank account and legally conduct your business using your business name. Registration of DBA can take place in 50 states. LegalZoom also can get your TradeMark registered very easily and conveniently. You can have your own rights over your trademark wherever you would like to do business and establish a record of ownership to your logo, name of business or slogan.

As the old process of getting all legal proceedings done is very lengthy and costly too, LegalZoom came as a boon. It has taken law to the reach of millions of people so as they can smoothly fulfill all legal requirements and run their business and other activities at peace.

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