Aug 19 2010
Passing the Bar! A game of Legal Reasoning- Learn More about it

Attention law students! Are you seeking for better grades? Do you want to pass your exams without having any problem? If yes, then here is a supplement for you “Passing the Bar”. Passing the Bar, a game of legal reasoning, the only bar exam trivia board game designed to help law students studying for the bar exam. If you want to Study For The Bar Exam without reading text books then this Bar Exam Study Game is for you.

Passing the bar is a very simple board game and is not less than a Gift For Law Student designed by Caryn Pincus (Attorney practicing in Florida State) to help the students boost up their legal reasoning and to  review their studies again and again in a rejoicing, interactive and stimulating environment. This game includes 350 multistate bar examination questions, which needs to be answered correctly to advance around the board.

If you are a law student and are really interested in passing your multi-state bar examination perfectly then you must play this game. This game has been played and verified by Regularly practicing attorneys from different states and many of them were amazed and gave nice compliments as well. This game not only focuses on your examination but also helps you in your core first year and second year classes.

Are willing to buy this game then you must pay a visit to their official website. There are lots of exciting offers currently available on their website (limited time offer). Therefore, don’t waste your time and get your own passing the bar game. They are not only offering discount but a set of 450 former multi-state bar examination questions for free as well. So, grab this opportunity with your both hands and play the foolproof and well designed game to pass the multi-state bar exams with flying colors.

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