May 2 2013
Calls From Telemarketers with Disconnected Numbers Annoying

Are you receiving calls to your phone, and either answering and nobody responds or better yet you call the number that is displayed and the number is disconnected?

Recently I have been receiving more of these calls and have decided to share them. Now I have requested all my numbers to be respected on the Do Not Call List, but many of these unscrupulous telemarketers do not respect or abide by any of the do not call.

For instance just yesterday I received a call from these numbers:

(818) 824-6933 – called the number back and it is a disconnected number

(682) 730-8993 – called the number back and it is a disconnected number

I answered the call from the (818) number and there was silence and then the call disconnected, which makes it suspicious that it is surely a telemarketer.

So how do you block and prevent calls from telemarketers? Even if your number is not listed, and you are on the National Do Not Call List, most people still receive calls from unwanted solicitors.

I hear it all the time, people complaining about receiving calls from unwanted callers.

Perhaps there should be a way to have only calls from numbers you have authorized ring through, and others go directly to a voicemail. Where you can check it once you get the message that a real message is left. Most of the telemarketers do not leave messages.

You have to be really careful who you give your number to, as many companies share or even sell your number with a profile related to what you may have purchased or even inquired about.

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