May 2 2013
Get an Unlimited US & Canada calling subscription from Skype – Only $2.95/month

Unlimited US & Canada calling from skypeDo you remember how high your mobile phone bill was last time when you were attending a conference or traveling ?  These are the times in life when you have to rethink and make the right decision quickly.

Skype offers you just the right solution at the right time. Skype invites you to open an account with it through its two-click away registration process and makes you the proud owner of a Skype account showing your smiling face at the top of the page to your friends. Now you can also take photos of your friends talking to you online and share their photos with them on the spot through the zip and send feature in seconds. You can also send them huge files like videos or full length movies using immense speed that comes with your package. Skype can also make your boss really happy when he can take long vacations at Hawaii and join you for video conferencing anytime of the day for any duration. He may also mention to your CEO how tech-smart you are! There is more!

You will have this unlimited chatting option through Skype for Australia and Asia very soon since Skype will be offering the same package at competitive rates for these two continents as well.

So you will be soon talking to your friends and family living there through Skype. And would you believe getting all these at $2.95 / month ? That is exactly what you are hearing. So don’t delay. Get an unlimited US & Canada calling subscription from Skype at $2.95/month.

The next time you find yourself talking on the phone for long periods get the  Skype unlimited package and be a hero.

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