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Jul 27 2012
Window Decal Prevent Wild Bird Strikes

WindowAlert manufacturers a window decal that helps prevent wild birds from striking windows. The product is popular with birding enthusiasts, gardeners, bird feeders, women, and the elderly.

Millions of wild birds are killed each year flying into windows.
Now you can save the lives of the beautiful birds you love.

Save Wild Birds with New High-Tech Window Decals


P.O. Box 1710, Bend, OR 97709
Toll-free: 877-733-2753

Jul 27 2012
EA CPE Courses With The Fast Forward Academy

It’s perfectly natural to assume that as soon as we have passed our exams and qualified for whatever profession we have chosen for ourselves, the formal teaching and hard work is done and we can breath a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, for a lot of us that simply isn’t the case and in order to progress and remain completely up-to-date in our chosen field of expertise, we need to maintain our Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

This is especially true of the legal profession, where things can be constantly changing and Enrolled Agent CPE is not only important, but also crucial. Fast forward Academy is a leader in Enrolled Agent CPE and offers a huge range of online courses that deal with all aspects of taxation.

Each and every course is registered with the IRS, as is the company itself that has been recognised as an Approved Continuing Education Provider which is proof of it’s quality and worth.

Courses typically start from $15 an hour, (although selected free courses are always available) and they all come complete with a 30-day money back guarantee and free pdf’s should you want them. Also, the more courses you buy, the greater the discount that can be offered.

Perhaps the most useful course in satisfying the necessary EA CPE requirements is the ability to undertake highly realistic ‘mock exams’, such as CPA Practice Exams to Simulate the Real Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (2012). Not only can you benefot from the necessary courses, but you also get a realistic means of testing your progress.

If you are a Quality Enrolled Agent and need to maintain your CPE, make life that little bit more straightforward and visit the Fast Forward Academy!

Jul 27 2012
Let The Credit Pros Fix Your Problems

In light of the current economic climate, are you finding that it is getting harder and harder to get credit for the services, items and resources you need? Perhaps it is even worse than that and you have a bad credit rating, but have absolutely no idea why.

Credit ratings can be seen as something of a black art and for most of us we would have no idea where to turn to analyse the disparity and better still, rectify it. Luckily for us, the growth of the internet has made a plethera of services available to us at the click of a button and credit repair websites are one of those services that can make a very real difference to our daily lives.

The Credit Pros is one such site, where invaluable legal assistance can be secured, with extremely resonable rates and very competative deals.

Unlike most lawyers that charge you buy the minute, The Credit Pros will only charge you for the offending items deleted from your credit rating and they will only charge you AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN DELETED OR UPDATED!


You can also benefit from:

An industry leading LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Free consultation

A highly professional BBB accredited, licensed and bonded company

Utilization of the widest range of tools available on or off the web to ensure the very best set of results possible

Live Chat facility

A bonus offer that states every enquiry for more information will secure the individual requesting the information with a FREE copy of Jason M. Kaplan, Esq’s eBook, “Credit Problems 101”


The Credit Pros  are easily accessible, great value and highly competant in everything they offer and could really make a difference to your credit rating today

Jul 27 2012
Stock Trading Has Never Been Easier with @Kapitall

We’ve all seen the films where the mega rich New York City traders live the life that we can only ever dream of. The fancy cars, the beautiful partners, the stunning apartment, designer suits, exhilarating risks…..okay, you get the picture! Surely trading in stock is only for three kinds of people; the risk taking thrill seekers, the naive and stupid, or the extremely rich and intelligent…..once upon a time this might have been true, but now it is so easy anyone can do it.

Kapitall have bucked the widely accepted image of stock trading and made it available ‘for the rest of us’, infact it couldn’t be simpler.

Register for free, log in and everything as at your fingertips. Still not 100% sure about how to proceed… problem, simply create and build free practice portfolios to grow your investing skills or test drive your ideas, risk-free. When you’re ready to trade; open a free brokerage account, decide how much you put in it, then it’s just $7.95 to trade stocks and funds (ETFs) with absolutely no hidden fees. You even receive fresh market insights delivered daily, and intuitive tools to help you find and choose your stock picks, completely for free.

Kapitall make sharing your successes and failures simple with a host of social networking links, while maintaining personal information security with state-of-the-art encryption, activity monitoring and automatic sign-out facilities.

Finally, Kapitall promote a ‘Happy Hour’ every day where the member can trade commission free for the whole hour.

Whether you are curious and merely want to test the waters, or are committed to some serious trading, Kapitall has something to suit you.

Jul 27 2012
‘Tired’ Of Tradition? Go Sustainable With Your Playground And Landscape Surfacing

One thing you can’t help but acknowledge in this day and age is the focus on sustainability and the fact that resources will not last forever. There is a real drive to safeguard the planet and all she has to offer and the simplest method of achieving that is through reducing, re-using and recycling the things we use.

Rubberecycle is a company that has not only embraced this spirit, but has taken it a whole lot further and created an entire business around the concept! The company has spearheaded the use of  Rubber Mulch as an alternative to traditional mediums in a variety of different applications for playground surfaces and landscaping applications.

Essentially, Rubber Mulch is a granular product created from recycled tires, so that it is 100% sustainable and extremely good for the environment, whilst still delivering an attractive and effective solution. Whether you intend to use it as a playground safety surface, or simply as a decorative, eye-catching landscaping finish, Rubber Mulch is a safe, economical, long-lasting and environment-friendly product.

The rubber chips conform to all CPSC safety guidelines and the product has earned ADA approval, making it’s use as a safety surface in playgrounds even better.

With a lifetime guarantee and so many possible applications including; playgrounds, equestrian arena footing and attractive, unique lanscaping you’d be hard pushed to find a more versatile and sustainable material. Rubberecycle have even created solid rubber curbing to complement the loos rubber chips and finish your project elegantly and safely!

Whether you want to look at wholesale rubber mulch, or prefer a bulk option, Rubber Mulch could very well be the product you have been waiting for.

Jul 27 2012
Roku Streaming Player – Tiny Box, Big Entertainment!

First there was video, then DVD, then Blu-Ray and now as twenty-first century technological advances yet again push the boat out, there is live streaming to your PC, laptop, tablet and even your cell phone.

We have never had some much choice in the way that we watch our favourite programmes, but that still wasn’t the end of it. Companies such as Roku have realeased compact, highly affordable streaming players so that the very best of live streaming can be enjoyed on our televisions.

Roku launched the first product ever designed to stream movies from Netflix instantly on TV. Since then, its best-selling Roku streaming players have become synonymous with amazing choice, control, and value in TV entertainment.

For just $49.99 you can have access to a whole host of channel screening movies, TV programmes and games. There’s no monthly fee, just the one-off cost of the Roku box and you merely manage your regular subscriptions as if nothing had changed at all.

Whatever your individual requirements, they’ll be a Roku box for you. Roku LT, Roku HD,  Roku 2 XD and Roku 2 XS boxes are available and range in price from $49.99 to $99.99. All boxes offer over 500 entertainment channels, the ability to interface with practically any TV, HD video in at least 720p and extended-range Wireless N (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible). With the more expensive boxes, you’ll also receive enhanced 1080p HD quality, enhanced remote with motion control for games, a free, full Angry Birds game, ethernet and USB port, (facilities are dependant on the type of box you choose). You can even receive a 25% discount if you opt of r a reconditioned Roku box!

Why not make full use of the technology at hand at get yourself a Roku box today.

Jul 27 2012
Need A Costume? Get A Bargain!

Unless you are some kind of social recluse, at some point in your life your will be invited to a party. It might be a family affair, a work related function, perhaps a charity fundraser and the dress code could be anything from smart-casual to black tie. Then again, if you are really lucky… might be fancy dress! As much fun as this can be it opens up a lot of problems. Do you make the outfit yourself? If so have you got the time, creatvity and talent? Do you buy a ready made outfit? If so do you go for a budget option, or a high end costume and do you have the funds to finance what could be a one-off wear? Get it wrong and you could be the butt of the joke for some time.

The Wholesale Costume Club can take the stress out of getting exactly the right costume for you with over 20,000 costumes and accessories at wholesale prices.

You can choose to become a member for free, (at present a free one year membership is on offer with the promo code SAVENOW) or if you’d prefer to remain unattached you can also buy as a non-member.

There are no maximum or minimum orders

There’s a flat $5.99 shipping fee no matter how big your order is

Members can enjoy a whole host of benefits including super low SuperBuy Prices

Whatever you need the costume for, and whatever you want to dress up as, if they don’t have it at the Wholesale Costume Club, the chances are that it doesn’t exist!

Jul 27 2012
All The Data You’ll Ever Need

I often hark back to the good old days and wonder what happened to the things I used to take forgranted, the things that I valued as important and the things that I assumed would carry on unchanged forever. One of those things was the professional car mechanic, a man, (sorry ladies, but it is my rememberances) who had the talent and skill to look at a car and work out what was wrong with it, but fixing it for me. Nowadays mechanics are undoubtably still skillfull, but a lot of the hard work has been done for them as computers link, diagnose and even fix the problem with minimal human input. The handier amongst us might even have the talent to make the repairs ourselves, but who has the computer diagnosis software at home? I’m willing to bet, not many of us!

Now you can at least have the next best thing as gives you the industry’s leading source of online factory diagnostic and repair information used by 200,000+ automotive technicians everyday. offers you access to the same information used by the professionals as an easy to access VEHICLE SPECIFIC subscriptions.

A one year subscription will cost $26.95 for the first vehicle and $16.95 for each additonal vehicle, but it is subscriptions taken over five years that see the real savings, with costs of $44.95 for the first vehicle and $29.95 for each subsequent vehicle.

Finally we can recapture our youth, work confidently on our vehicles and save a boat load in the process!

Jul 26 2012
How to Be Money Smart in Your Most Toughest Times

Many Americans go through added anxiety and stress about their financial future considering the expensive cost of living, increase in consumer debt, decline in retail sales, and falling property prices. All these factors together are affecting the economic health of the nation. Money is the only thing on the minds of most of the people in America due to all such reasons.

It is very important to become money smart and learn money management techniques to face tough economic times. The following are five ways to avoid financial difficulties during rough times:

Get Rid of Debts

People are often reluctant to pay for discretionary expenses when they are paying in cash. But since it is easier to pay back the money, people go reckless using plastic for discretionary purchases. Using credit cards and other form of loans is the first thing that should be eliminated. Keep your credit card for the purpose of emergency only. Look for different debt settlement options and get rid of your additional payment every month. Make higher repayments to wind up your card without paying excessive interest. Also note that expenses for personal interest are not tax-deductible and therefore will not reduce tax liability.

Get more information and debt advice at the Consolidate Credit website.

Follow Strict Budget

To follow a strict budget, it is essential that you design a very strict and detailed budget as well. Figure out your total income and assess how much you spend every month. Apart from this, highlight things and activities that are necessary and cannot be avoided. This will help you realize how you can reduce your monthly spending. Perhaps you may forgo eating out at luxurious restaurants and other expensive entertainments. Obviously, this will require a lot of patience and discipline from you, but the results will be worth the sacrifice. Construct a proper budget and carefully analyze what you can do to control your spending without taking a wrong decision that you regret in the end.

Safeguard Your Job

Stay enthusiastic and engaged, keep network operating and stay high profile. During economic down turns and financial crisis, it is very important to protect something that you have. Therefore, safeguard your job by performing your duties and role in the best possible manner. Make yourself visible and show the enthusiasm to become a part of the team. Value yourself and analyze how much you produce or save for your employer.

Stay updated with the latest trends and developments, continuing technology and education in your respective field. Become visible by participating in at least one local professional organization. Your connections will safeguard your job and will also help you find another one in case you lose the job. Being a part of a local professional organization, you can immediately rely on the professional network with your new job research.

Diversify Your Portfolio

You can deal with the risk of financial crisis and loss on investments to a great extent if you diversify your portfolio. Many investors who were entirely dependent on their stock market investments are still sitting and waiting for the time to reverse since 2008. Do not make this mistake. Instead, create a diversified portfolio and take into account the potential rewards of profitable investments as well as the inherent risk of the market. If you are retired or are near retirement, the time horizon shouldn’t be a constraint for you. On the other hand, adopt a more aggressive approach if you belong to a younger generation. Seek assistance from a professional adviser for a diversified portfolio as well as useful suggestions on debt settlement. You can also collect more information and debt advice at the Consolidate Credit website.

Keep Up With What You Possess

Look at the latest economic development and learn your lessons. Admit that you can’t rely on escalating home prices and bull markets for the security of your future. Make sure you have enough knowledge about the appreciating and depreciating nature of assets that change with time. Make sure you are secure with emergency funds to help you get through tough times. According to financial experts, it is ideal to keep saving reserves that can help you survive up to six months without a job. However, if you are not comfortable with it, do whatever you can.

Professional advisers may guide you best on these areas. Explain your personal situation to them and you may get better recommendations.

Jul 26 2012
New. Artisanal. Now. Food Biennial | July 28th 12-6p

New. Artisanal. Now Food Biennial
Saturday, July 28th Noon-6p
6020 Wilshire Blvd | Los Angeles

While we’re on hiatus, check out the For Your Art(isanal) Pop-Up Shop this Saturday, showcasing some of the city’s finest food crafters including Artisanal LA favorites curated by culinary insiders  Krista Simmons, yours truly (Artisanal LA’s Shawna Dawson) and Michaele Musel. Featuring 12 local producers who will be selling and sampling their goods, the event will also feature libations by our friends Greenbar Collective and will offer special
edition tote bags to benefit local food charity, Food Forward.

Local Producers include:
S.H.R.U.B. Drinking Vinegars | Creme Caramel LA | De Vamore Bacon & Date Spread | Peddler’s Creamery | Le Bon Garcon Caramels | Morning Glory Confections | Z Confections | Laura Ann’s Jams | Choc., Gluten-Free Goods | Orgasmo de la Boca | Grace & I Preserves | Roma Chocolates

Hope to see you there!


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