Jul 27 2012
All The Data You’ll Ever Need

I often hark back to the good old days and wonder what happened to the things I used to take forgranted, the things that I valued as important and the things that I assumed would carry on unchanged forever. One of those things was the professional car mechanic, a man, (sorry ladies, but it is my rememberances) who had the talent and skill to look at a car and work out what was wrong with it, but fixing it for me. Nowadays mechanics are undoubtably still skillfull, but a lot of the hard work has been done for them as computers link, diagnose and even fix the problem with minimal human input. The handier amongst us might even have the talent to make the repairs ourselves, but who has the computer diagnosis software at home? I’m willing to bet, not many of us!

Now you can at least have the next best thing as ALLDATAdiy.com gives you the industry’s leading source of online factory diagnostic and repair information used by 200,000+ automotive technicians everyday. ALLDATAdiy.com offers you access to the same information used by the professionals as an easy to access VEHICLE SPECIFIC subscriptions.

A one year subscription will cost $26.95 for the first vehicle and $16.95 for each additonal vehicle, but it is subscriptions taken over five years that see the real savings, with costs of $44.95 for the first vehicle and $29.95 for each subsequent vehicle.

Finally we can recapture our youth, work confidently on our vehicles and save a boat load in the process!

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