Jul 27 2012
‘Tired’ Of Tradition? Go Sustainable With Your Playground And Landscape Surfacing

One thing you can’t help but acknowledge in this day and age is the focus on sustainability and the fact that resources will not last forever. There is a real drive to safeguard the planet and all she has to offer and the simplest method of achieving that is through reducing, re-using and recycling the things we use.

Rubberecycle is a company that has not only embraced this spirit, but has taken it a whole lot further and created an entire business around the concept! The company has spearheaded the use of  Rubber Mulch as an alternative to traditional mediums in a variety of different applications for playground surfaces and landscaping applications.

Essentially, Rubber Mulch is a granular product created from recycled tires, so that it is 100% sustainable and extremely good for the environment, whilst still delivering an attractive and effective solution. Whether you intend to use it as a playground safety surface, or simply as a decorative, eye-catching landscaping finish, Rubber Mulch is a safe, economical, long-lasting and environment-friendly product.

The rubber chips conform to all CPSC safety guidelines and the product has earned ADA approval, making it’s use as a safety surface in playgrounds even better.

With a lifetime guarantee and so many possible applications including; playgrounds, equestrian arena footing and attractive, unique lanscaping you’d be hard pushed to find a more versatile and sustainable material. Rubberecycle have even created solid rubber curbing to complement the loos rubber chips and finish your project elegantly and safely!

Whether you want to look at wholesale rubber mulch, or prefer a bulk option, Rubber Mulch could very well be the product you have been waiting for.

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