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Jul 27 2009

What is Xylitol?

Birch Tree

Xylitol is a good-tasting sweetener that is reduced in calories, is dentally safe and that features a host of other health benefits. Xylitol has the same sweetness and bulk as sucrose, but with one-third fewer calories and no unpleasant aftertaste. It dissolves quickly and produces a cooling sensation in the mouth. In more than 35 countries, Xylitol is approved for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and oral health products.

Discovered in 1891 by German chemist Emil Fischer, Xylitol occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables and is even produced by the human body during normal metabolism. It is a white, odorless crystalline powder with a pleasant, sweet taste. Produced commercially from plants such as birch and other hardwood trees and fibrous vegetation, Xylitol has been used as a sweetening agent in human food since the 60s.

It continues to gain acceptance as an alternative sweetener due to its scientifically proven role in reducing the development of dental caries (cavities) as much as 80%. Other health benefits include the remineralization of existing cavities, the hardening of tooth enamel and repair of small emerging cavities, the cessation or retardation of plaque formation, and the increase of saliva secretion to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel.


1500 Gardena Avenue
Glendale, CA 91204
TOLL-FREE 800-505-3895
LOCAL 818-553-1552
FAX 818-553-1974
[email protected]

Jul 27 2009
HD Video Production
Jul 27 2009
OriginOil Announces Breakthrough Process for Live Algae Oil Extraction

OriginOil Announces Breakthrough Process for Live Algae Oil Extraction

– Algae ‘milking’ promises new efficiencies as part of a combined production cycle –

Los Angeles, CA July 27, 2009 – OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform algae, the most promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum, today announced that it has succeeded in extracting algae oil on a continuous basis without cell sacrifice. This new ‘milking’ process will join the company’s Cascading Production™ technique to create a combined cycle promising new efficiencies.

Live Extraction™, or milking, is inherently efficient because it achieves continuous production of algae oil without destroying the algae cell. Therefore a single algae cell can produce more oil during its lifetime using lower amounts of energy. Unlike other approaches to live extraction, OriginOil’s process does not employ expensive consumables such as reverse osmosis membranes; furthermore, it is not limited to oil-bearing algae strains, such as Botryococcus braunii, that are known to excrete algae oil naturally.

Algae typically protect their oil behind a tough cell wall. The challenge of live extraction is to harvest the oil without causing permanent damage to the cell. This goal has been achieved in the laboratory at bench scale and is now being scaled up to OriginOil’s intermediate 200-gallon tank size. A diagram illustrates the process at
The company recently filed for patent protection of the new Live Extraction process, its ninth patent application, entitled “Procedure for Extraction of Lipids from Algae without Cell Sacrifice.”  “Live Extraction works by stimulating the algae cells through specific electrical modulations,” Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil’s CEO, said. “The challenge is how to keep the cells alive while continuously extracting the oil, and we have achieved this.”
“We are pleased with the results we are getting from conventional harvesting,” said Vikram Pattarkine, PhD, OriginOil’s CTO. “We expect the new Live Extraction process to coexist with our daily ‘destructive’ process to create an even more efficient combined cycle.”
Aside from any production gains, combining the two processes is desirable because algae cultures must be refreshed regularly to remove waste toxins. Cascading Production supports Live Extraction by removing a percentage of the culture every day, refreshing the environment and giving the algae culture space to grow.
Following Exxon Mobil’s recent announcement of a $600 million investment in San Diego-based Synthetic Genomics, Paul Reep, senior technical adviser and one of the inventors, noted: “Live lipid extraction is especially beneficial when used with algae that have been genetically engineered for faster growth rate or higher lipid yields. By integrating Live Extraction into our process, we are providing a technology platform for companies like Synthetic Genomics that are experimenting with genetic improvements.”

Jul 27 2009
Generating Value from your Online Ad Inventory Part II

Generating Value from your Online Ad Inventory Part II
This presentation will begin on July 28, 2009 at 02:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time.

Generating Value from your Online Ad Inventory Part II
How Publishers Can Survive & Thrive in an Ad Recession

In 2008, Datran Media partnered with New York Magazine, eHarmony and SKI Magazine to engage in an important discussion around what publishers must do to maximize their online monetization opportunities. With consumers continuing to abandon print in favor of digital publications, it has never been a better time to revisit this topic and learn how to unlock the true value of your online inventory!

In part 2 of this ongoing webinar series, Datran Media will again address digital monetization, this time alongside executives from The Examiner and Fox Digital Media | Beliefnet. Join us to hear directly from publishing experts facing the same unique challenges and learn how they are reaching targeted consumer segments and maximizing their monetization efforts. The 50-minute panel will close with a 10 minute Q&A opportunity.

You Will Learn to:

* Leverage email in your monetization efforts
* Use audience targeting to increase value
* Utilize co-reg offers
* How to utilize social media
* Employ the use of integrated placements

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
2:30 PM EST / 11:30 AM PST
Duration: 60 Minutes

Dave Hendricks,
EVP, Operations
Datran Media

Mark Kiven
Chief Revenue Officer

Julie Rutherford
VP, Marketing & GM
Fox Digital Media |

Dave Hendricks,
EVP, Sales & Planning
Datran Media
Mark Kiven,
Chief Revenue Officer
Julie Rutherford,
VP, Marketing & GM
Fox Digital Media,
Register Now >>
Jul 27 2009
AltCar Expo Santa Monica

AC Propulsion
Action Products LLC
Advanced Battery Systems
American Bicycle Security Co
American Custom Golf Cars
American Honda Motor Company
Batteries Plus
Big Blue Bus
Bureau of Automotive Repairs
California Department of Consumer Affairs
California Green Designs
California Energy Commission
California Fuel Cell Partnership
Canadian Electric Vehicles
City of Santa Monica, Environmental Programs Division
City of Santa Monica, Green Building Programs
Coulomb Technologies
Columbia Par Car
Department of Consumer Affairs
e-ride Industries
Free Drive-Ev Inc
General Motors
Green Depot
Green Earth Electric Vehicles
Green Earth Waterless Car Wash
Hi-Performance Golf Cars, Inc
International Environmental Solutions
Invest Green
L/E Electric Automobiles LLC
Los Angeles County Bike Coalition
Lucky Earth Car
National Biodiesel Board
Plug in Partners
Prometheus Systems
Propane Council
Roush Industries Inc.
Society of Automotive Engineers
Solar Santa Monica
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas
So. California Transit Advocates
States Logistics Service Inc.
Sustainable Transport Club
Sustainable Works
Studio MFT, INC
Tellurian BioDiesel, Inc.
The Bikerowave
The Electric Car Company of Long Beach
The Transit Coalition
Union of Concerned Scientists


SPECIAL FEATURES > Find your best immediate option to reduce your petroleum use, carbon footprint and transportation costs > Exhibition Hall features extensive presentation of manufacturers representing the latest choices of Electric, Hydrogen, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, Propane, Hybrid, Plug In, Ethanol and Cycling transportation technologies > Ride & Drive Lot for a hands-on experience with all technologies > Explanation of tax rebates and credits for alternative technology choices > Most all vehicles displayed are available for purchase > Mass & Alternative Transportation, Urban Planning and Alternative Energy areas > Sign petitions and find out how to support pending legislation > Special Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA) Fleet Event > Saturday speakers series includes some of the top decision makers in the State regarding our future transportation plans, legislation and all-technology debate > Free Bike Valet > Ecological Footprint Charting by Sustainable Works > Sustainable Foods Café
Jul 27 2009
Raw Foods Event Whole Foods Pasadena

Whole Foods Raw Event Sunday July 26, 2009
From 12-4pm Whole foods on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena held the Raw Foods Tasting Event.

1. Tonic Scene Raw
Karen from Tonic Scene Raw was sampling at Whole Foods on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena.
Samples of delicious chocolates sweetened with agave. She also makes tea sweetened with agave.
You can reach  Karen at:
[email protected]

2. Ice Cream and Chocolate
Mike with Vegan Traders ( was sampling ice cream and organic raw chocolate.

Cassidy was sampling kale and other raw snacks.

On the lower lever samples of sauerkraut made with organic salt.

Another rep was with Wellness Tonics – drink your way to great health one tonic at a time.
100% RAW enzyme rich
Supports anti-aging & digestion
Naturally Balances Body Alkalinity
Purifies Skin, Strengthens Hair & Nails

The tonics are bitter but the benefits appear to be well founded.
Wellness Tonics
5482 Wilshire Blvd , #232
Los Angeles, CA 90036
[email protected]

Jul 27 2009
7 – Eleven Opening 100 new stores

7Eleven – Southland Corporation is opening 100 new stores in the Southern California area in the next 3 years.

Jul 26 2009
AT&T Continues Bad Customer Moves – 4Chan

In what many are reporting as an uproar in the online community, AT&T has apparently blocked access from it’s cell network to 4Chan.

AT&T has filtered /b/. There have been multiple confirmed reportings that 4chan is not accessible by people using AT&T as an ISP. This is called censorship. AT&T does not have the right to filter what America sees. This isn’t for the lulz this time, it’s to save the site and stop these corporate jackasses from dominating the internet world.

Some details are sketchy but expect a total user revolt against AT&T soon.

4Chan is already getting organized and prepped for retaliation.

Check out this forum:


Visit the chat at

This board is GUEST FRIENDLY.

This is going to be huge. Just look at the level of planning involved. They’ve already got the CEO’s phone number and address.

AT&T own:

according to ARIN. Hope this helps. Those subnets will block almost all of AT&T.

Edit: updated with more accurate CIDRs.

Edit 2: completed the CIDR set. There are many smaller one-off allocations of /24 /23 and /22 in size, but those 5 appear to be the vast bulk of it.

Change your profile pic to:…t-deathstar.jpg

Link this vid on your facebook:
Favorite it and give it 5 stars, tell everyone you know to do it, make it the #1 vid on youtube.

AT&T has blocked access to to its customers…

I would have uploaded this on some hack anonymous account, but this is an issue that affects the internet as a whole, and isn’t just limited to We must move quickly before they believe they can simply take an action like this and succeed.

Use the video to spread the word along with these links………

This is not an issue that affects 4chan alone, it affects all users of the internet, as it provides a method by which users can be censored by their ISPs. As such, anyone who believes in the freedom of speech we hold so dear on the internet should consider this an affront to their rights.

This Video does not reflect the must current intelligence regarding the situation at hand. For the most up to date information on this growing story please visit…

1) No DDoS
3) Call tech support, KINDLY tell them your problem. Threaten NICELY to cut the service if this is not fixed
4) Once you’re done with that, WAIT. Shit will probably be fixed by tomorrow at best.
6) This is not Chanology

The most powerful weapon we have is information

Fresh off /b/

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
[email protected]
175 E. Houston
San Antonio, TX 78205

AT&T Executive Customer Service
MaryMichelle Timbang
AT&T Wireless, HQ – Office of the President
Executive Customer Service
[email protected]

AT&T Residential Service
Customer Service Available weekdays from over 9000 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Service Center:

Disconnect or transfer service:

Which oddly enough, I don’t know about their landline services, but I’m surfing /b/ and the rest of 4chan at the moment off their cellular service. (which blows btw, not recommended) Saying it’s on is not the same as saying it’s not slow as hell right now though…

Jul 26 2009
Why is the dow at 9000+

What most don’t see is that the reason for uptick is that many companies have been cutting back with huge savings.

Is the recession over? Where is it stabalizing? Unemployement is continuing to rise. Jobless recovery?

Jul 26 2009
Gluten-Free and Vegan Cooking Class with Nicci

This is just a reminder of our
Gluten-Free and Vegan Cooking Class with Nicci
Tuesday, July 28th from 6:30pm to 8pm.

The class will be held in the eating area on the first floor next to the Whole Body department.  Upon arrival, please make your way to the Customer Service desk (on your right, across from the Nut Roasting Station).  The $10 can be paid cash, check, debit card, credit card or with a gift card.

We are looking forward to a full house!  Due to the popularity of the class, all seats are full.  If there is anyone else you will like to bring as a guest, please e-mail me his/her name so I can put him/her on our waiting list.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you and see you soon!

Cindy Yamaguchi
Marketing Assistant
Whole Foods Market Arroyo
465 S. Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA 91105

tel: 626.204.2266
fax: 626.204.2277e-mail: [email protected]

Jul 26 2009
Honey Wine

In Wine Country

50-80lbs of honey can turn might be 50 gallons of wine
Sweet Meed

Drums full of honey
Orange aroma from the flower
Oak barrels
2-3 year aging some 7 years

Mead – take honey dilute with water, and add yeast and ferment, then like an other wine.

Mead has to be sweet is a misperception, can be very dry and sweet

The French Laundry – used his wine, real product not niche.

Chocolate Factory;
Brent Madsen
Annettes Choclate
Blends wines with chocolate – thriving business, chocolate truffles, infusing wine into chocolates, in Napa valley
love of deserts
Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory
Old favorites, brittle, mint truffle
1,000 truffles per tray
waterfall of chocolate
agie salinas

arrowood , grand archer

bear brittle – acne bear – peanuts into brittle raw, moving quicky onto markble , salted, hops in bear

try them all at Annettes in Napa

What is corkage – Fee for bringing your own wine – decanting, fees for glasses, air conditioning,

Rubs, Vinagers, etc..

Text WINE to 22911 to participate in the local wine groups and receive tips and more.

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen,
seans and rubs, grilled corn, bread, whole meal outdoors,

Catherine Bergen
Tulocay & Co., Inc.
101 S. Coombs St.
Napa, California 94559
tulocans, look inside first, think about what you like to eat, make it an extension outside,
you don’t have to spend as much,
sink and grill are key
appetizer – bagette,

veggie rub

Jul 26 2009
2010 LA Marathon Course Change- Santa Monica needs to hear you!

2010 LA Marathon Course Change- Santa Monica needs to hear you!

2010 Los Angeles Marathon
Santa Monica City Council needs to hear from you!

Dear Los Angeles Marathon Participant:

We’re almost exactly where we want to be with this great (and soon to be greater!) race. The Los Angeles Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 on a Stadium-to-Sea course. This route will highlight the icons of Los Angeles, and we’d like to include Santa Monica on that list.

This Tuesday, July 28th the Santa Monica City Council will vote on whether to allow the Los Angeles Marathon to run through Santa Monica. Would you please sign this petition urging the Santa Monica City Council to give their thumbs up to that concept? Santa Monica will be an important and great part of the new LA Marathon, and you can help us get there!

We appreciate your time and assistance and hope to see on the road!

Russ Pillar
Los Angeles Marathon

Jul 26 2009
Alexis Cohen Dead – American Idol Contestant

New Google Trend: alexis cohen american idol

Former American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen is dead. The 25-year-old from Allentown, Pennsylvania was hit by a car early Saturday morning in New Jersey in an apparent hit and run.
Read more about the plus and video of Alexis Cohen below.
Alexis Cohen

This is the AP Story:

Jul 26 2009
JK Wedding Entrance Video

Global Sensation

Youtube Video Stars

Our wedding entrance dance to Forever…yeah, forever.

It took place at a Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Category: Entertainment
Wedding entrance dance wedding entrance dance entrance wedding dance forever dance wedding procession fun wedding different wedding weird wedding fun processional wedding dance ideas creative wedding

Return engagement on Today NBC

Wedding Video – Homan Appeal

Juiced up feeling – Dancing

Unfettered happiness

5 million visits and counting

6 million now!

Chris Brown’s song – Forever is the song being played during the video.

Jul 26 2009
Top Food Trends – Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats – Top Food Trends fruit 2 day

Jul 25 2009
Los Angeles Tasting – rhone rangers

Taste 150 wines from maverick American winemakers:Viognier, Syrah, Grenache, more. Sun, Aug 9, 12-5 PM, Pier 59 Studios W, Santa Monica

Los Angeles Tasting

The Rhone Rangers ride into Los Angeles for our annual trade & consumer tasting on Sunday, August 9, 2009.  Please join us for an afternoon of tasting of over 150 Rhone Rangers wines, paired with antipasto appetizers by Food Fetish, at our newest venue, Pier 59 Studios West in Santa Monica.  Pier 59 Studios West is a private multimedia and photography studio servicing the Los Angeles & Hollywood markets, whose facilities have been used for photographing everyone from Victoria’s Secret lingerie models to Madonna.

Sunday, August 9, Consumer Tasting
Time: 2-5 PM, General Admission.  There are also a limited number of VIP Tickets available for consumers to attend the 12 noon – 2 PM Trade & Media event (see pricing below).
Who: 44 Rhone Rangers winery members will pour their wines.
Place: Pier 59 Studios West, 2415 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Cost: $35 General Admission, 2-5 PM $40 after July 31, $65 VIP Tickets, 12 noon – 5 PM.  BUY GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS NOW.

This is a rare opportunity to taste over 150 wines, speak to the winemakers and enjoy Hollywood’s most advanced digital arts/photography studios at Pier 59 Studios West.  At the conclusion of the event, head west to the beach (a short drive from Pier 59 Studios West), to watch sunset over the Pacific at the Santa Monica beachfront.

Sunday, August 9,  Trade/Media VIP Tasting
This is a trade, media & VIP-only event.
Time: 12 noon – 2 PM
Who: 44 Rhone Rangers winery members will pour their wines.
Place: Pier 59 Studios West, 2415 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Cost: Free to all qualified trade & media.  VIP consumer tickets available for $65 (only 50 consumer VIP tickets available). BUY VIP CONSUMER TICKETS NOW.

Trade & Media Registration: Contact Lauren Formicola of PR Matters at 206.281.5555, send email to [email protected], or register online.

Participating Wineries
10 Knots : Adelaida : Anglim : Arroyo Robles : Barrel 27 : Bink : Bridlewood : Calcareous : Cass : Clavo : Cline : Curtis : Eberle : Ecluse : Edward Sellers : Epiphany : Four Vines : Halter Ranch : Harrison Clarke : Hug Cellars : J Lohr : Jada : Justin : Kaleidos : Katin : Kenneth Volk : Koehler : L’Aventure : Lone Madrone : Meyer Family : Minassian-Young : Ortman Family : Outpost : Qupe : Rocca : Sarah’s Vineyard : Skylark : Tablas Creek : Terry Hoage : Treana : Verge : Vina Robles : Zaca Mesa : Zefina

More Info and Reservations
Have questions? Call us at 800 467-0163.
Winery Registration
Winery Registration takes place from May 11-June 22.  Registration materials will be sent via email to all current Rhone Rangers winery members.  If you’d like to become a member and pour at this event, please contact us at 800 467-0163.

Jul 25 2009
Coyote Grill Laguna Beach

Coyote Grill A State of Baja at the Beach.

Coyote Grill brings to Laguna Beach tthe ambiance and style of a Baja Eater. Our seafood and steak offerings are the frshest available and served in what we call “Baja Style” They are prepared simply and tastefully and with a “south of the border” flavor. We hope our home along the sea becomes yours as well. When we open our doors, we open our hearts.

Salud Amigos

Kim “Cayote” Bryant

949 499-4033

31621 Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA  92651

We Accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Sorry no personal checks

Extra plate charge $2.50. We use only pure vegetable oils, for health.

We Recycle – for planet’s sake

Breakfast served from 7am – 12 noon Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday as well.

Lunch – served from 12 noon – 5pm

Dinner served 5pm – 9pm

A gratuity may be added for parties larger than 6



Coyote Grill (Laguna Beach, CA)
You asked for it and you got it. Taco Tuesday starts next week. All tacos will be on our Happy Hour. We’ve also added Ceviche to the Happy Hour Bar Menu. Happy Hour is now happier. Come in and see Steve. More specials to come.

Jul 22 2009
Skype Headset Everyman

Only $22.88  Buy Now

Excellent Skype calls with the super wideband audio FREETALK® Everyman Headset Plug it in and hear the difference.

FREETALK® Everyman Headset
Super wideband audio headset for excellent Skype calls.

Buy Now One Today Only $22.88 with free shipping

The FREETALK® Everyman is a state-of-the-art, super wideband audio headset that has been custom-built to work with Skype to give excellent sound quality – every time.

Buy now. supplies limited   Click Here

* Developed with Skype for optimal performance.
* Super wideband audio.
* Unidirectional microphone helps eliminate background noise.
* Neodymium speakers for rich full range stereo sound 20Hz-20KHz.
* Innovative, light fold-flat design.
* Plug & Play instant use with excellent USB sound quality.
* Handy optional 3.5mm jack allows MP3 connection when travelling.
* Adjustable headband and microphone.
* PC and Mac compatible.
* Weighs only 124 g.

* Windows 2000® / XP® / Vista™ Operating System.
* MAC OS X 10.22 or newer.
* Available USB port.
* 256 MB RAM.

* 1 x FREETALK® Everyman USB stereo headset with fold flat feature.
* 1 x Instruction and care manual.

FREETALK® Everyman Headset

Super wideband audio headset for excellent Skype calls.

Jul 22 2009
Amazon Acquires Zappos

Video from Jeff Bezos about Amazon and

1. Obsess over customers!
Obsess over customers way ahead of obsessing over competitors! Work backwards. It will cover a lot of areas.
2. Invent – figure out a solution to a problem. believe you can get out of a box. listen to customers. invent on the behalf of customers.
Kindle, cloud, small things too.
3. Think long term: critical, any company that focuses on customers, have to be willing to invest. some initiatives may take 5-7 years. Take a long time to pan out for shareholders. Very useful foward thinking. Willingness to not be understood. Amazon.toast, amazon.con, some not appropriate, be prepared, if you think you are right, continue.

Zappos long admired by Jeff. Customer obsession. Key factor by Jeff.

It’s always day 1. It’s a new start every day!

Great video.
Video from Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Zappos

Jul 22 2009
CHEAP: The High Cost of Discount Culture


The High Cost of Discount Culture

By Ellen Ruppel Shell

296 pp. The Penguin Press. $25.95

Laura Shapiro is the author of three books including “Something From the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America.”


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