Jul 28 2009
Social Media Recommendations

– Embrace Free and The Freemium model

Chris Anderson – Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Free and the Freemium modem

– Embrace social media like twitter, facebook

– Montetize your newsletter Inventory

– Encourage site registration and audience measurement

– Don’t give away ad space to protect print

– create vehicles for your advertisers, like communities

– drive site commenting and interaction to drive page views

– be as local and topical as you can possible be

Generating Value from your Online Ad Inventory Part II
This presentation began on July 28, 2009 at 02:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Generating Value from your Online Ad Inventory Part II
How Publishers Can Survive & Thrive in an Ad Recession

In 2008, Datran Media partnered with New York Magazine, eHarmony and SKI Magazine to engage in an important discussion around what publishers must do to maximize their online monetization opportunities. With consumers continuing to abandon print in favor of digital publications, it has never been a better time to revisit this topic and learn how to unlock the true value of your online inventory!

In part 2 of this ongoing webinar series, Datran Media will again address digital monetization, this time alongside executives from The Examiner and Fox Digital Media | Beliefnet. Join us to hear directly from publishing experts facing the same unique challenges and learn how they are reaching targeted consumer segments and maximizing their monetization efforts. The 50-minute panel will close with a 10 minute Q&A opportunity.

You Will Learn to:

* Leverage email in your monetization efforts
* Use audience targeting to increase value
* Utilize co-reg offers
* How to utilize social media
* Employ the use of integrated placements

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
2:30 PM EST / 11:30 AM PST
Duration: 60 Minutes

Dave Hendricks,
EVP, Operations
Datran Media

Mark Kiven
Chief Revenue Officer

Julie Rutherford
VP, Marketing & GM
Fox Digital Media | Beliefnet.com

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