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Jul 28 2009
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Jul 28 2009
Twiistup Opens in 48 hours

Twiistup opens in 48 hours and just about everyone who’s anyone in Tech and Digital Media will be there. Will you? If you can’t make the Full program, come out for the 80s Tech Prom evening mixer with an OPEN BAR, Atari game room and our Prom photo booth. You’ve seen the people coming can you afford to miss it? This all opens Thursday morning, so get your tickets while you can.

Jul 28 2009
Destruction of Guns

Rancho Cucamonga 16, 000 weapons being destroyed.
Destroying a mass of weapons
Melt them down into rebar, for construction.

Jul 28 2009
Want to Investment Property?

No Cash, Now down payment required – 100% financing
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MAM – Magenett Asset Management

Jul 28 2009
TV Shoot on The Colorado Street Bridge Pasadena

Wondering what was happening Monday July 27, 2009 on the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena? The bridge was closed all day for the filming of the top tv show “The Mentalist” which airs on CBS.

The episode which was shot on the bridge will air Sept 24, 2009. Features the bridge scene and the bottom of the Arroyo Seco where a body is found.

A TV truck could be seen on the bridge KPJT along with other filming equipment, boon, etc..

The crew of the Mentalist in Pasadena.
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker)
Terasa Lisbon (Robin Tunney)
Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti)
Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman)
Kendall Cho (Tim Kang)

Jul 27 2009
HOA Legal Advice

Looking for some legal advice with this issue.

Our HOA consist of sixteen units.
The HOA board voted to have our complex tented at a cost of close to $25k. The president of the board signed a contract with Terminix as the vendor, which many believe was under duress as the salesman for Terminix was at the meeting where the contract was signed.
The Terminix contract has a 3 day cancelation period, which the board did not exercise. At the meeting where the contract was signed, I as one of the owners expressed my complete disagreement with the decision and asked for more time, the president of the board voted to proceed and sign the contract and to not put the vote out to the owners.
According to the CC&R’s the board should have put this for an association vote as the expense was not accounted for in the budget, and how it was going to be paid back to the reserves.
At this point there are approx 7 owners who are in completely against doing the tenting which 1, expensive, 2, an inconvenience, 3, and according to two of the three quotes unnecessary.
What is the best recourse from the board and association to cancel the contract with the Terminix vendor?
No money has been paid to Terminix. The tentative date for the tenting is less than one month away.
I and a few of the owners are looking for some advice with how to handle this situation, from a legal standpoint.
The board is looking for a way out of the mess they created as there is now a firestorm brewing.
Thanks so much.

Jul 27 2009
Restaurant celebrates National Cheesecake Day on Thursday

Restaurant celebrates National Cheesecake Day on Thursday

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory will celebrate National Cheesecake Day on Thursday with a sale and the debut of a new dessert.

The restaurant chain will sell slices of its cheesecake at half price on Thursday. Regular prices are $6.50-$7.95 a slice.

The new dessert, Stefanie’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake, will feature layers of red velvet cake between layers of cheesecake and a cream cheese frosting. Throughout the year, the chain will donate 25 cents for each slice sold to the charity Feeding America.

There’s a Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena and Glendale.


Jul 27 2009
The Clean Green Guy announces its Alpha Release

The Clean Green Guy announces its Alpha Release

The Alpha release of the Clean Green Guy’s website has been announced and is open to the public. It is in a limited mode, allowing users to get involved in their Thought Leadership section.

Jul 27, 2009 – LOS ANGELES, CA — The Clean Green Guy™ ( a socially responsible Triple-Bottom Line company which operates a B2B website focused on deal-making in the green space, announced that it is now in Alpha release. The first section opened to the public is Thought Leadership, where users can read articles written by experts, join in on discussions, and participate in making sense of the green economy. Additionally, a section featuring the company’s Logs, updated weekly, will be available for users to read. These logs, similar to “blogs,” are written by Clean Green Guy’s Thought Leadership experts, each of whom have a unique perspective on what impacting the Triple Bottom Line means and how we can all make sense of green.

When fully functioning, Clean Green Guy will set itself apart from other sites in the green movement with its Deal Marketplace, which has been designed as an online investor road show for clean and green companies. Furthermore, instead of operating solely a virtual service, Clean Green Guy is working on organizing and leading on-the-ground events featuring deal screening and paired with expert speaker panels on topics such as sustainability, cleantech investing and triple bottom line.

The company plans to capitalize on growing interest from venture capital and private equity firms that despite the current economic volatility are eager to find new industries in which to invest. Coupled with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which will spend US$70 billion on tax credits and grants encouraging clean and green technologies through 2010, Clean Green Guy’s executive team is confident that the site’s release is perfectly timed. Outside the United States, European Union mandates for increased development of non-fossil based fuel, and interest in clean and green technologies in emerging economies from Brazil to India, will groom Clean Green Guy as a resource for “green collar” professionals around the world.

“Entrepreneurs are actively seeking opportunities to enter the green economy. We are a platform in which they shall be able to use to launch their businesses and also connect with others in order to build successful ventures which will help in impacting the triple bottom line,” said Nikhil R. Jain, Clean Green Guy’s founder and CEO.

Clean Green Guy™ is an Artilient Labs™ company and has used the Labs methodology to achieve Alpha release. Artilient Labs has also participated in the Series A funding of Clean Green Guy. The company’s website is

Jul 27 2009
Affiliate Day September 14

As a result of spontaneous inspiration by the founders of Affiliate Summit, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, September 14th has been declared “Affiliate Day”.

Join the festivities for changes to win free passes to Affiliate Summit West 2010 in Las Vegas and to give Affiliate Marketing its day in the sun.

Celebrate the power of Affiliate Marketing!

Get in on the fun at:

Jul 27 2009
You’re Invited to Attend: The Femtocell State of the Market Telebriefing

You’re Invited to Attend: The Femtocell State of the Market Telebriefing

Date: July 30, 2009

Time: 11:00 AM EDT

Duration: One Information Packed Hour.


Click Here to Register today!

Telebriefing Summary

This Telebriefing will discuss the current state of the femtocell market as well as evaluate potential growth opportunities. Femtocells can provide IP broadband connectivity and backhaul to the home, simplify provisioning, and further reduce the expense of deploying and operating a wireless network. Recent discussions reveal that femtocells, and other “microcell” technology, will play a critical role in delivering in-building and ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage for consumers and business customers. This session will explore the current market dynamics, eco-system shifts, commercial offers, and expected technology trends in femtocell technology.

Our Featured Speaker:

NateNate Dyer

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility

Yankee Group

Nathan Dyer is a senior analyst in Yankee Group’s Anywhere Network research group with expertise in mobile device technologies, access devices and advanced RAN. Dyer’s research identifies partnership strategies, competitive differentiation and positioning and market impact of connected devices, mobile device software trends and disruptive mobile broadband technologies.

Click Here to Register today!

This Event is Sponsored by 4G World Conference and Expo 2009

4GWorld 2009 Conference and Expo is the world’s largest event showcasing next-generation mobile broadband technology solutions, including WiMAX, LTE, Mobile Backhaul and Femtocell Technology, and more. 4GWorld offers unrivaled business development, branding, sales, education and networking opportunities. And this year, Mobile Internet World will be part of 4GWorld for one inclusive, thought-leading event. To learn more, visit: 4GWORLD.COM

For information on how you can become a sponsor of a future telebriefing session please contact:

John Sellazzo, VP of Sales and Business Development, Trendsmedia.

We look forward to your attendance!


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