Apr 1 2008
Twiistup 3 Showoffs

AskMeNow Inc. (OTCBB: AKMN.OB) is an Irvine, Ca based public corporation specializing in mobile and desktop search. AskMeNow’s solutions for enterprises, advertisers and individuals provide single relevant answers through the most sophisticated natural language search. AskMeNow is the owner of and creator of askwiki.com, a natural language search engine created to provide individuals improved search of the Wikipedia.org knowledgebase. AskMeNow’s mobile search technology is available using SMS, client applications or the WAP 2.0 site askmenow.com/m. The company’s Enterprise Semantic Search Solution (es3search.com) offers any enterprise the ability to manage and extract knowledge with the highest degree of accuracy. For interactive advertisers AskMeNow offers a suite of unique solutions, including placement in its consumer brand properties and its Semantic Categorization Targeting tool, designed to leverage an understanding of language for more effective ad impression targeting. For more information on AskMeNow, please visit askmenow.com.
docstoc is a user generated community for sharing professional documents.
Find a vast quantity of high quality legal, business, technology, educational, and creative documents for free. docstoc allows users to upload their documents for all the world to share.
In addition, users can store their documents in their own personal online folders for anytime, anywhere access.
Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools give merchants the power to create ecommerce sites that are tailored to their unique business needs.
OfficeZilla allows you to centralize information in a single web-place and provides collaboration features that improve group work efficiency. Create and manage your own private intranet!Why use OfficeZilla.com? Most organizations are run by people working together. They communicate by phone, fax, email and by person to person meeting. Sharing information and keeping people ‘in the loop’ is a difficult and costly exercise: email discussions are clogging mailboxes, files are sent multiple times and multiple versions of the same document are used by different people at the same time! Centralize your data and users onto OfficeZilla.com, it’s a simple solution to a complicated problem.
PeopleJam is an online destination dedicated to empowering people to get more out of their lives!
At PeopleJam, you’ll have opportunities to connect with others who share your goals, ideals and values, as well as members who have been or are going through similar life experiences. You’ll also benefit from the diverse knowledge of hundreds of experts and life coaches who have joined PeopleJam to share advice and illustrative stories through video, articles and blogs on various life topics, including weight loss, relationships, personal finances and purposeful living. By participating in PeopleJam’s community and taking advantage of our easy-to-use features, you’ll be given the chance to act and build upon your hopes, dreams and aspirations.
the Rubicon Project is a group of industry-experienced, aggressive and passionate renegades dedicated to bringing a new level of efficiency to the fragmented Internet advertising space. The founders of the Rubicon Project shook up the online advertising industry in 1998 when they created L90/adMonitor, one of the most successful Internet advertising platforms that served over 3,000 of the web’s most recognized sites, reaching 65% of the Internet population before DoubleClick acquired it.
$27 Billion was spent advertising online in 2007, yet it’s still too hard for websites to sell their ad space online. While Internet advertising is an explosive market, it is an incredibly inefficient one with advertisers spending money with 300+ disparate advertising networks worldwide (e.g. Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Tacoda, HispanoClick and Adtegrity). the Rubicon Project’s web-based, self-serve solution gives any size website the most complete access to the total available advertising market and its smart matching technology does all the work to perfectly match each ad impression with the optimal money-making opportunity. the Rubicon Project is the new online advertising standard that makes it effortless for websites to generate the mad cash they’ve always dreamed of. And, it’s free to join.
SpeedDate.com is the world’s first online speed dating site. We are a free service that allows singles to have 3-minute online dates from the comfort of home using a webcam, microphone or instant messaging. SpeedDate.com saves users from the frustration of reading through lengthy profiles, surfing outdated photos, and interpreting vague emails, just to find out that there’s no connection when they finally meet. Using cutting-edge web-based video conferencing technology, SpeedDate.com combines the convenience of online dating with the personal connection and fun of a first date. We currently offer both online speed dating events focused on specific interest groups, and open speed dating that allows people to login at any time to date whoever is available. So many people today are looking to find someone special, and it is our mission at SpeedDate.com to provide the best way for you to meet them.
ThemBid is a free online marketplace that guides the most qualified businesses to your doorstep for general services like home repairs.With ThemBid, finding a plumber or other service provider is no longer a chore. Instead of searching aimlessly through local business listings, ThemBid lets you place a simple online job request, then sit back and relax as businesses bid for your work. Comments, ratings and reviews help you make the most informed and value-based decision, and you can add your own review once your job is complete.Businesses can make unlimited bids for free, and benefit from targeted advertising and inbound customer leads. By upgrading to a premium account, service providers receive greater visibility with a more detailed company profile and the ability to receive payments online using PayPal or Google Checkout.ThemBid. Stop searching. Make them bid!
YellowBot is essentially a local search site for finding and reviewing the places you go to in your community (and elsewhere). As an integral part of the site we are building ways for patrons and business owners to exchange tips and experiences. We’ve set our sights on “solving” Local because we just don’t think anybody’s done it right yet. We’ve worked at many of the big and small dotcoms that have receded from view in the rear-view mirror of the proverbial Information Superhighway and finally figured it was time to stop complaining and create Something Useful. Or at least something that we’d like to use ourselves.
We look at it this way: You live your life in the real world, at least as much as you have to. That’s where your house is, and where the people are who love you, and where you find the food that tastes good and the wine that has yet to be drunk. Oh yeah, and the
dry cleaner and the veterinarian and the gas station. Those places are the stage where the story of your life is unfolding. We just want to help you pull it all together a bit more and share it with the world.

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