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Twiistup 3 Showoffs

 askmenowAskMeNow Inc. (OTCBB: AKMN.OB) is an Irvine, Ca based public corporation specializing in mobile and desktop search. AskMeNow’s solutions for enterprises, advertisers and individuals provide single relevant answers through the most sophisticated natural language search. AskMeNow is the owner of and creator of, a…

More on Twiistup

  With the help of Mike Jones, Debbie Landa and Mark Jeffrey, we’ve selected the following Showoffs to share their new work at Twiistup 3 on Jan 16 2008. All about these Showoffs. • Askmenow – askmenow• Docstoc – docstoc• Magento – magentocommerce• OfficeZilla –…