Aug 12 2014
Top Rated Store Websites for Online Ordering and Store Pickup

The increasing trend is ordering online and being able to drive down to the local store and pickup your merchandise the same day.

Many stores offer this service but which ones really have it down and which ones are offering perks to those using the service.

Stores offering online ordering with store pickup:

Home Depot – offers a special parking place for those picking up online orders

Staples – have used them several times and it works, you can do ship to store for free if the item is not in stock at the store

Lowe’s – is improving their service, but as I have documented in the past, they have some things to work out. The online ordering and offerings do not match what is available in the store in many instances.

Walmart – offered

Sears – have used it several times and it works, they offer special curbside service for pickups at the store, although on a recent visit not only was the number not working, but the kiosk at the pickup area had crashed.

Target – go to customer service wait in line and pickup your order, pretty seamless.

Fry’s – ordering online is smooth, you go to one of the cashiers and show them your items to pickup and and they usually have it in the cage waiting for you.

There are many other stores offering online ordering and store pickup.  We will add to the list as we collect more data and experiences.

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