Jan 20 2020
Tesla Charging Adapters for CCS or Chademo @tesla @ElectrifyAm

For Tesla owners frustrated by the lack of options when charging their vehicles, it seems things are getting worse.  Here’s an example of what is happening in Pasadena. CA.  Where Pasadena officials are claiming that this EV charging facility is the largest west of the Mississippi.  It has been weeks since the Pasadena Water and Power chargers having been installed and they are still hit and miss, many of the chargers do not appear to work, some have credit card machines, some appear on the Greenlots app.  I attempted to charge a few weeks ago and the charger failed to start. I used on this past weekend and it did charge, although it stopped at approx 80%, which apparently must be part of the design?

What seems like a missed opportunity for the EV community is having the ability for Tesla owners to utilize these underutilized chargers like this one and others around, like the WalMart in Burbank where a week ago I was by and could not use the chargers because they are on CCS capable.  Electrify America made a decision to not support the Chademo charging adapter with only 1 out of 10 chargers supporting the Chademo.  It seems like an oversight on the behalf of those in charge of the initiative and basically managing the $2 billion as part of the settlement with VW.

Perhaps, if those in charge at Electrify America, CEO, Giovanni Palazzo and COO Brendan Jones, worked with Tesla to build adapters for customers to use.

An interview with Electrek has comments closed.   I would very much like to hear from Mr Jones and Mr Palazzo about the reasons for not having Chademo chargers at stations?  It sure seems like an issue for those who drive Nissan Leaf and other EV’s that use the Chedemo.


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