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Smoking Is Now Cleaner, Cheaper,…..And More Stylish?

 The number one reason that inspires us to pick up that first delicate white stick, light the tip and tentatively inhale is peer pressure. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you want to appear grown up, sophisticated, cool and trendy and the compunction is…

Make the Switch to E-Cigarette: Free Trial Offers & More!

 Electronic cigarettes are now becoming smokers’ new best friend.  With no tar, no smoke, no ash, no carbon monoxide, and no smell, e-cigs deliver the nicotine you crave for without the other dangerous elements found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you’re looking for free trial…

Electronic Cigarettes are the like the Lucky Strike of the New Millennium

 Electronic Cigarettes have been showing up more and more now with many states and establishments banning smoking inside buildings.  Nearly 50% of the United States has laws against smoking in bars, restaurants and non-hospitality workplaces leaving the new wave of electronic cigarettes (or ecigs) to…