Sep 3 2012
Smoking Is Now Cleaner, Cheaper,…..And More Stylish?

The number one reason that inspires us to pick up that first delicate white stick, light the tip and tentatively inhale is peer pressure. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you want to appear grown up, sophisticated, cool and trendy and the compunction is so strong that we work extremely hard to get past the initial sickness, coughing and nausea.

Although long-term smokers will tell you that peer pressure has been replaced by habit and addiction, it is still a common human desire to want to succeed and appear at the very forefront of what’s new and funky! For the cigarette smoker this is no easy feat as popular opinion, legislation and the medical industry have all changed radically in the post-war years, so that smokers are more likely to be vilified than ever before.

The invention of electronic cigarettes in the 21st century, (such as V2Cigs) brought with it a huge boost to smokers across the globe. Not only is it cheaper and less repugnant, but as you only expel water vapour instead of traditional cigarette smoke, it is perfectly legal to smoke in many areas that enforce smoking bans.

Further more, as the main body of these electronic cigarettes doesn’t need to be thrown away, it allows for a chance to personalise your e-cigarette and make an individual statement about yourself.

Vapor Couture  is a company that have seized this concept by the scruff of the neck and sought to harness the stylish, confident look of iconic female smokers in the early part of the 20th century. Indeed it has been designed exclusively for women and could very well lead the way to the creation of a modern female equivalent to the infamous Marlborough Man’.

Smokers can chose from a number of flavour combinations, matching accessories and even patterned and jewel-tipped cigarettes!

Quite simply, the e-cigarette could turn out to be the must have fashion accessory of the 21st century and by anyone’s standards, that’s one hell of a turn-around!

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