Oct 1 2010
Electronic Cigarettes are the like the Lucky Strike of the New Millennium

Electronic Cigarettes have been showing up more and more now with many states and establishments banning smoking inside buildings.  Nearly 50% of the United States has laws against smoking in bars, restaurants and non-hospitality workplaces leaving the new wave of electronic cigarettes (or ecigs) to be ever popular.

Like many people who smoke tobacco cigarette you may be wondering if it is even close to being the same. Luckily V2 Ecigs allows consumers to have a free trial. The ecigs by V2 give you the nicotine you crave without the tar, carbon monoxide, smoke, smell and ash. It’s like the better of two worlds. V2 ecgis allow you to get nicotine in a clean and odorless water vapor. It doesn’t burn and no lighter is required. It just vaporized the nicotine in a smarter way.

V2 allows you to try their ecigs for free with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty. All though many who have used the ecig are not completely sold on the idea of them many, thanks to ecigs, have quite smoking. Which means the electronic version works.

When we look at other products like patches, gum, lozenges and prescription drugs: electronic cigarettes are the overall winner. Less then 10% actually quit from using another substitute like the patches. Instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on products that have barely a success rate (or one that they shouldn’t be proud of) you could be trying the new electronic cigarettes by V2 for a free trial!

So what is all in the V2 starter kit?

–       5 volt long life battery

–       10 cartridges in your choice of Full, Light, Ultra Light or No Nicotine (one cartridge is equal to 1 pack of cigarettes)

–       Wall charger

–       Atomizer

And if you chose to keep the cigarette from V2 the standard starter kit is only $59.95 and a 5 pack of cartridges (equal to 5 packs of cigarettes) is only $9.95. Think of the money you will be saving and not to mention the health benefits of not getting the nasty tar and over 4,000 carcinogens from a normal cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use as well.  Start with all the pieces (battery, atomizer and cartridge). Pick up the battery and atomizer, align the threads and screw them together. Next, grab your cartridge and remove the rubber stopper and press the filter to a point where it sites just inside the cartridge. Finally, hold the battery with atomizer in one hand while pressing the prefilled cartridge into the opening of the atomizer. Some ecigs have manual switches to turn them on while others are as simple as inhaling for 5 seconds.

Now if you plan on getting the new electronic cigarettes you may want to know the proper lingo when talking about taking a “drag” off of it. Instead the ecigs have come up with the term “vaping” since the ecigs use a water vapor instead of smoke.

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