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Zika Virus – Get The Facts Right – Stay Protected!

 Every year, we get to hear and experience the impact of new viruses habituating in our environment. Early and mid-2016 is hit with Zika virus that resulted to fetal, children and adult deaths in the Americas and the Pacific. This article gives you an insight…

Stop The Hacker – Protect and Repair Hacked Websites

 Whoever owns a site knows how much frustrating it is when you open your website and find its not there, or it redirects you to some weird websites, or your site if filled with advertisements. Then it takes so much of your precious time to…

Kaspersky Universal Security Virus and Spyware Protection

    It’s a fact that is becoming better known as time goes by: we are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack as a society because of our reliance on our digital gadgets and computers.  The danger increases because of our false sense of security in…