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DNS Changer Infected Internet Cut Off July 9, 2012 Fix

 DNS Changer July 9, you may not be able to get on the internet, and many do not know that their computer is infected. About 300,000 computers are still affected. DNS Changer Check Up Go to the FBI site Takes you dns-ok.us Instructions to change…

Web Hosting from DotBlock

  If you are looking for web hosting then DotBlock has what you may be looking for. ┬áThey guarantee CPU share, web based console, VNC access, choice of either 32 or 64 bit platforms, KVM virtualization Technology, and RAID- 10 SSD storage, advanced management portal,…

How to Win the Lottery MegaMillions $640 Million and Growing Fast {updated}

 Lottery MegaMillions $640 Million and Growing Fast {updated} Update: March 30, 2012, the jackpot is now over $640 Million and growing, with some locations selling thousands of tickets in just a few hours. the MegaMillions fever has hit and is going strong, what are the…