Mar 29 2012
How to Win the Lottery MegaMillions $640 Million and Growing Fast {updated}

Lottery MegaMillions $640 Million and Growing Fast {updated}

Update: March 30, 2012, the jackpot is now over $640 Million and growing, with some locations selling thousands of tickets in just a few hours. the MegaMillions fever has hit and is going strong, what are the chances nobody wins tonight? And what happens at that point, it is interesting that as most likely quickpicks are the most popular that just pure random selection has not yield any winners!


Now by far the largest jackpot in MegaMillions history, the state of Illinois has become the first state in the nation to sell lottery tickets online, just in time to cash in on a jackpot topping half-a-billion dollars.

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Other states are watching to see if the experiment pays off and whether Illinois takes the next big step: launching online poker, blackjack and other casino games.

Could this be a way for states to cash in on the addictive nature of gambling and taking it online?

What makes buying a lotto ticket online different than playing poker at a Las Vegas casino?  You would think the special interest groups would be all over the state and protesting the selling of tickets, but perhaps it is just that the state is is endorsing the sale online that the gambling industry is stepping back, because it could in the long run prove beneficial to them.

Online gambling wether through a mobile device or website will be sure to grown in the coming years.

In order to buy online, you must register and prove that you’re over 18 and are in Illinois, your computer’s IP address is used for that.  Winnings will go into your online account automatically and there’s no physical ticket to keep track of, everything is digital.

But buying online does have its limits.

Only Mega Millions and lotto are being sold for now and you can only spend $10 dollars on any single drawing.

Approved in 2009 by legislators.

There are limits of $10 per user.

The official Illinois Lottery site

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